I just had a little memory from 2012 when my mom had major abdominal surgery. (She’s fine! :)). She had to take off any jewelry she wore for safety reasons and infection control and all that. Mom isn’t much of a jewelry person, just her Cross and her wedding ring.

I remember how she walked into my room the night before the surgery, took the Cross off from around her neck and put it around mine. She said, “I want you to hold onto this for me.”

I wore it without taking it off until I could place it around her neck again. 

My mom could have put her Cross in her jewelry box with her wedding ring, but she entrusted it to me instead. I never forgot that and I never forgot how special it made me feel. I could feel how much she loved me while I wore it, so I kissed and cradled it a lot and I wonder if she felt the love I “put into it” when I gave it back to her. 

Something next month

Yesterday someone said “You’re getting ordained as a deacon next month, right?  Are you nervous?”

And I thought to myself “I am now.  Thanks…”

The surprising part?  Not the smart ass response.  But that I was able to keep my snark to myself.  For once. 

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Instead, I found myself recognizing the genuine concern.  And receiving it as the kindness that it was meant to be. 

Which is soooo out of character for me. 

Almost like God’s been working on me.  To get me ready for…something next month. 

“There is nothing better than God. And sin separates us from God. 
Therefore, there is nothing worse than sin.

Nothing but sin can separate us from God, in time or in eternity. For sin is departure from God’s will, and God’s will for us is nothing but our own happiness. In fact, it is to share his own divine life in unimaginable joy. 

Once you realize how great God’s love is and how great the joy he wills for us, there is nothing - no pain, no failure, no horror - that can be worse than the one and only thing that can separate us from that end: our unrepented sin.

- Peter Kreeft, The Forgiveness of Sins

Corpus Cristi

My Lord! Thank you for giving us the greatest gift.
Thank you for giving us the greatest love.
Thank you for giving us Your mercy.

Corpus Cristi as a celebration has many traditions, and there are amazing processions taking place - especially in villages.

The Real O'Neals | Kenny’s Gay Storyline | Watch all 13 parts
Part 13 - openload | thevideo.me | netu.tv
Season Finale. The school prom approaches, Kenny tries to think of who the best guy would be to ask as his date. With time running out, Kenny and Jimmy try to come up with the perfect “prom-posal” for the classmates they each have set their sights on.

‘The Real O'Neals’ return for a 2nd season in september.

In the Mass the act of immolation or consecration requires the exercise of Divine power. 

It is a miracle transcending all human and created power. 

God has been pleased to employ the Sacred Humanity of the Eternal Son as His instrument for the performance of this this stupendous miracle, making Jesus Christ in His Sacred Humanity a sacrificing Priest until the end of time.

Msgr. George J. Moorman, The Latin Mass explained


The Bride and the Bridegroom are concretely represented in Our Lady and St. Peter, and both are necessary in order for new life to be generated in the Church. Just as Mary personifies the subjective holiness of the Church; Peter personifies the Church’s objective holiness.

As Virgin, Mary brings Christ into the world;
as Bride of Christ, she cooperates in the birth of the Church; 
as Mother of the Church, she forms the members into Christ. 

based on writings of Hans Von Balthasar (1, 2)


Made this map this evening! Innse Gall/the Western Isles (my homeland) is one of the most religious communities in Scotland with 89% of the population being religious. 32.4% are affiliated with the [Presbyterian] Church of Scotland, 15.9% with the Catholic Church and 5.5% being affiliated with other Christian groups, predominantly the more orthodox Calvinist Free Church.

This map shows the % of each religious dominion in each inhabited island within the archipelago.