Guys, I love all this labor and delivery chatter. It was a thing I never thought about until I was pregnant, and then it was all consuming, and I was so so so grateful for my girlfriends who would text me reminders that cabbage would help sore boobs and their various catheter issues or whatever. Sisterhood, you know? 

So if you are the first of your friends to be pregnant, or just are a squeamish to ask real people but not to ask internet people, feel free to send me asks about the icky parts of childbirth! I am here for you!

Uterus Up!


Well, every part of this sounds terrible.

These poor bears were rescued from unimaginable horrors. Thousands of these moon bears as well as sun bears are used for #BearBile farming across #China and #Vietnam as well as South Korea, Laos and Myanmar. They’re often called battery bears because they’re kept in captivity to harvest their bile for use in #TraditionalChineseMedicine
They’re locked in cages so small they can’t sit upright or turn around while their bile is stolen via catheters for use in bogus medicines. They’re typically starved and dehydrated and the painful, invasive methods used for bile extraction can cause them to lose limbs and go blind. They suffer from extreme physical, mental and emotional abuse all their lives. Some bears are caught as cubs and may be kept in these conditions for over 20 years. Thank you @AnimalsAsia for rescuing so many bears from this horrific abuse.
Caption @a_lallie
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