catherines an idiot

“Have you got a lookalike?!” boggles David, between roars of laughter.
“Well I imagine so,” shrugs Catherine.
“Oh God,” David grins, excitedly. “I might hire them for a party.”
“I can probably do it cheaper,” laughs Catherine, before turning to DWM. “I’m so sorry,” she says. “We’ve not been out much.”
“I love the idea,” David persists, “of having your lookalike sitting in the corner of my house at a party. ‘Oh yeah, no, I know Catherine Tate. She comes to my house and everything. Doesn’t really look like her…’ I might get my own lookalike as well.” He frowns apologetically at DWM. “This is of no use to you at all,” he says. “I’m terribly sorry. No, I just think we thought –”
“– it would be fun,” they both say, in perfect unison.
—  Doctor Who Magazine - March 2016

Heard a Trump supporter make a joke about how everyone’s protesting today over “fake sexual assault”

She thinks the only reason the Women’s March is happening is because of Trump’s “grab her by the pussy” comment

Let me repeat

A female Trump supporter thinks these women are marching all over the world

Just because of one (disgusting) comment made by Trump