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So in other news my headcanon about Papyrus not sleeping is actually confirmed in canon

As is my headcanon that the reason he doesn’t sleep is because he doesn’t want to lose time being productive

So…that’s pretty cool

Also, I hope it’s okay to tag @papyrus-knows in this? I know this blog hasn’t interacted with you but I follow you on my main and I feel like if you haven’t seen this it might be interesting to you?


Tokyo 4013 on Flickr.

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Visions [ of ] Gold by Hamad Darwish
Via Flickr:
This was captured at the Emigrant Lake in Ashland, Oregon. the sunset appearance was enhanced using a cicular polarizer, and dark yellow HOYA filter. Two exposures were taken, and manually blended in Photoshop CS2. Enhancement to contrast, levels, and saturation were also made.

Right around the corner from a daycare I think. Speaking of Boston, I’ll be there again in late august. i’m hoping to be able to go to some more different places & keep on capturing night shoots. Not sure if there’s something great about boston in particular or if it’s just urban areas in general & boston happens to be convenient for me to visit.

Devoured by Fire

Raven couldn’t remember a time where she hadn’t been motivated by anger. That primal emotion. Her familiar companion. Burning in her heart. Spiralling deeper and deeper into her bones as life went on. Sometimes she found herself shaking with the injustice of it all. This was her life. At the bottom of the pile. Unloved. Unvalued. Unwelcome.

First, it was resentment at her mother for never being there. Whether it was physically or mentally. It didn’t matter. She couldn’t rely on her. She couldn’t trust her. Then, came the bitterness at not even being wanted. She had a father she didn’t even know. He’d never even bothered to see his own flesh and blood. She used to imagine he had a whole other family and that was why he couldn’t come forward and claim her, but as soon as she was older he would let her know and she could join them. Now she knew better. No-one cared about anyone other than themselves. She couldn’t count on anyone coming to rescue her. She had to rely on herself.

These feelings burned slowly in her heart until they consumed it. She felt like she kept herself going out of pure spite. The teachers expected her to fail. Well, she would succeed. She had to. It was her only way out. When her food stopped coming, she refused to collapse. She stole food to keep going. She took sick delight in taking from Nygel. After all the woman had took from her, she deserved her revenge, no matter how small. The rage in her soul ate away day by day, until she felt like she was just a hollow shell. A vessel for her anger.

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I’m a emo metalhead hipster. I guess.

QOTD: are you going to any fun festivals soon?

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