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AU - Last Tango in Holby City - Continued 
Everyone has gotten over their sapphic angst -everyone except Kate, she was fine from the start. Now, after finally finding a gap in all the schedules, a double-date has been planned. The double-date was obviously Kate’s idea, but Bernie was secretly very involved as well- not that she’d every admit that to Serena. During the planning of the infamous double-date, Bernie has been going on about how nice it would be to have a week-end of together with Serena, as they’re always busy. Kate, with the assistance of Caroline, has planned a week-end for them as an anniversary gift -allowing Caroline to find out what Kate would like. Serena tries saving her blushes by complaining about how she was planning to relax in the bath all week-end and “guzzle Shiraz until I can’t find the bottle anymore” ; not that anyone is falling for it. Caroline even threatens to buy up all the Shiraz in town if she refuses, which Kate thinks is a marvellous idea and gives Bernie a good giggle. They end up discussing their respective ex-husbands. John is a major source of entertainment of course, with Bernie threatening to set Serena on her husband being a close second. Caroline dryly comments that Marcus had much more success setting Serena on Bernie, as Bernie turns bright red Kate adds “not so macho now”.

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“Bill, no!” Kate grabbed the young companion by the shoulders, dragging her away from the Doctor’s crumpled form. Scanning the room for additional threats as Bill struggled in her arms. Only one Dalek, thank god, but one had been more than enough.

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As far as I can see there are seven “Bernie and Serena’s reunion in France” fics on AO3 so far and all but one of them mention that Serena’s not dyeing her hair any more or that it’s silver or grey.

I am just so tickled and thrilled that fandom is so invested in Catherine Russell’s lovely grey hair. I really hope she keeps it when she comes back to the show.
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The sky was low and grey like fresh ashes, snowflakes billowing ever so slowly into the almost still air before falling down on the already white landscape all around the castle. It was as if time itself had stopped to let the ice and snow take over the hills, the roads, the rooftops and the pavement in the courtyards.
The whole world was suspended in a strange stasis made of black, dead trees, old grey stones, some brown patches of mud and an immaculate duvet of pure white snow.

Cat sighed and teared her eyes away from the windows.

The inside of her study was a stark contrast to the outside world, glowing with warm nuances of orange and gold. The fireplace was roaring with the sound of burning logs and the high flames casted a welcoming light across the shelves of books and the wooden furniture spread across the place. Candles were strategically scattered along the walls and around her desk to chase away the cold shadows of the winter weather, adding more gold and more yellow flickers to the soft tones in the room.

She moved away from the windows and came to sit behind her desk, her fingers instantly starting to drum across the polished surface in a gesture that betrayed her impatience.

Finally, a knock on the door echoed across the walls inside of the study.
She briefly shouted an order to let the intruder know they were awaited, and soon enough, Carter appeared in the doorframe with his loyal dog sitting next to his right leg.

“You asked to see me, mother?” He took a few steps inside and closed the wooden panel behind him. The dog instantly came to lay down by the fireplace with his head on his pawns, turned towards his master.

“Yes, Carter. Please, have a seat.” Cat answered with a flourish of her hand, showing him one of the two strict chairs in front of the desk. He narrowed his baby blue eyes at the general disposition of the scene and he shook his head no.

“If it is alright with you, I would prefer to stay standing.” Cat arched a brow at him, but he quite literally stood his ground, without faltering in the slightest.

“I see. In that case …” Cat stood up as well and moved towards the small table located by the couches, near the fireplace. There was a silver plate atop it, with a crystal bottle revealing a beverage whose color changed with every flicker of the flames. The queen poured herself a glass and made it swirl between her fingers, gently, slowly. The amber of the liquid flickered with gold and dark strands of honey before she took a sip, humming appreciatively at the taste.

“I assume you know why I wanted to see you.” Cat’s voice was barely above a whisper, but she was staring at her son, not missing the sparkle of annoyance that shone in his eyes for a split second.

“I have an inkling, yes.” He answered and she had to give it to him, he was acting like a true Grant. He was calm, collected and poised like the king he would become, one day soon.

“Perfect. Now, you can explain to me why Kara is somehow refusing to look me in the eyes and why she always finds some terrible excuses to leave the room whenever you enter it.” Cat ordered with a pointed glare.

She was tired of Kara’s behavior and she had tried to give her space and time, but when it became obvious to her that the knight would never take the first step to talk about it, Cat had decided she would ask her son instead.

“What a strange question, mother,” Carter replied and she saw the shadow of a smirk across his lips. “However, here is something stranger. You’re asking me to explain Kara’s behavior … Shouldn’t you ask her?”

He knew exactly where this discussion was heading and he didn’t even try to hide it. Instead, he was confronting her already and a part of her was proud of him for being such an astute and clever interlocutor.

“Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? I know you have something to do with the way she is acting lately and I would very much like to know why. You said something to her, didn’t you?” Cat snapped and she gulped her glass of whiskey before pouring herself a new one.

As clever and astute he was, Carter only debuted in the art of talking like a politician and Cat had decades of training behind her. However, even if two could play that game, today she wanted answers, not to waste any time in a verbal joust against her son.

“I did. I warned her that should she break your heart one more time, I would banish her from my kingdom.” Carter was looking right into her eyes as he spoke.

The blunt admission took Cat’s breath away and she needed a moment to overcome her surprise. A handful of seconds was all she needed to realize the damage those words could have had on Kara’s mind.

Cat stayed silent for a whole minute before slowly, ever so slowly, walking up to her son.

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in an instant of great white gravity - ktlsyrtis - Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]
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Kate knew about regeneration. Had read all of her father’s notes, all of Osgood’s considerable research on the subject. She had just never thought she would actually see it.

Inspired by this incredible edit, this is the first in a series of vignettes in an AU where the Doctor’s 13th regeneration is played by actress Catherine Russell. Stories will likely not be posted in any particular order, but I’ll try to give some indication of how they all fit together.
Fullerton Parsonage - Chapter 19 - Sunfreckle - Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen [Archive of Our Own]
Rewrite from the POV of Henry Tilney, Regency Romance, 50k and counting...
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In this chapter full of regency fluff the hero of our story is an utter shameless flirt and there will be such activities as:

  • Henry reading history to Catherine and Eleanor
  • Eleanor and Catherine trying to make orange wine
  • Henry and Catherine rambling about the park and having Important Talks
  • Eleanor, Henry and Catherine singing and playing piano
  • Henry pretending to be philosophical whilst flattering Catherine until her cheeks burn
His Greatest Steal (Part One)

Fandom: Uncharted

Pairings: Sam X Reader, Rafe X Reader, Nathan X Elena

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my Uncharted 4 story, mainly following the plot of the game, but with you as an added character who the Drakes have known since the orphanage. It will probably have a few more parts/chapters than the actual game as you have a past too and your story will be told along side the others. Hope you enjoy!

(p.s For today, I’ll upload 3 parts, just so theres actually something to read)

Part 2

You were still only a kid when your life changed. You’d only been officially 17 for less than an hour when adventure came knocking at your bedroom window. You glanced at the clock on the wall, seeing that it was almost midnight, meaning it could only be one person. You tumbled out of bed and quickly crossed the room to open the window.

Sure enough, hanging from your window sill was none other than Samuel Morgan- your best friend, and first adventure.

“You gonna leave me hanging here, or can I come in?”

Realising You’d been blocking his way, you nodded and quickly stepped aside, watching as he pulled himself up, grunting with the effort it required, and then slid into your room, landing on his feet with an unnatural grace for someone so tall.

Before you could demand what he was doing there, he placed a hand over your mouth and grinned.
“Cute pajamas,” he whispered, nodding at the pink, bunny themed shorts and tank top you were wearing.

You blushed, regretting not grabbing a hoodie before letting him in. Glaring at him, you ignored his comment and crossed your arms over your chest. “What are you doing here, Sam? It’s the middle of the night, and if Sister Agnes hears us, we’re both dead!” You warned, but Sam just waved you off, unworried.

“That old bat can bite me. Besides, you think I’m gonna let her stand in the way of me giving my number one girl her birthday present?” He smirked, producing a small, wrapped gift from his backpack and holding it out to you.
You felt your heart swell in your chest as you looked at him. No one had remembered your birthday that day, not any of the Nuns, and none of the other 19 girls that lived with you in Sister Agnes’ Home For Young Ladies. Yet there Sam was, nearly two full months since you’d seen him last, holding out a present and beaming.

“Oh sam!” You laughed as you rushed forward and hugged him. “I can’t believe you remembered!”

His embrace was warm and comforting, even if you were both a little shocked at your reaction, and he held you close as he answered into your hair. “Of course I did! It’s not every day your future wife turns 17.”

You laughed and pulled away, pushing him playfully as you shook your head. “Sam! Stop being such a goofball!”

He laughed but shrugged. “What? It’s the truth. One day I’m gonna marry you. It’s just how it is,” he stated simply. Just as simply as he’d put it when he first said it to you after only knowing you for half a day, so many months before.

“I won’t even date you, what makes you think I’d ever consider marrying you?” You teased, prodding his shoulder, but he just winked and offered you the gift again.

Smiling, you took it from him and carefully removed the wrapping paper. Inside was a beautiful gold pocket watch, but inside it had a compass instead of a watch, and on the back it had the initials C.M.

You turned it over in your hands, inspecting it, and wondering what it’s story was. It was well worn, with hundreds of tiny scratches and little dents in it, but it still worked.

“It’s not new, and I didn’t pay for it… But I figured you should have it… It belonged to my mom,” he admitted, and suddenly your heart clenched.

“Sam…” You started, trying to hand it back, but he shook his head and closed his fingers gently around your own, keeping the compass in your hand.

“I want you to have it… Something to remember me by while I’m gone…”

YOU blinked slowly, wondering if You’d heard wrong. “Wait, what? What do you mean remember you? Where are you going?” You rushed, praying he hadn’t done something stupid and wasn’t in some sort of trouble.

He just sighed and sat down on the window sill, looking a little sad. “I got a job. Working away for some time. It’ll suck to begin with, but after a year, I’ll be able to take Nathan and we’ll have…”

“A year?” You cut in, your mind whirring as it struggled to process what he was saying. He was going away. Sam. Your Sam. He was leaving and You’d be alone again… it took all your willpower not to beg him to stay. You wanted it more than anything, but he needed to do it for him and his brother, so you kept your mouth shut. That didn’t stop the tears from stinging your eyes though, so You quickly turned away from him and walked to your wardrobe to get some clothes.

“So is that why you’re here then? To say goodbye? I’m getting used to them now, so don’t worry about me. Do what you need to,” You whispered as you threw the clothes on your bed. You weren’t going to be able to sleep now, so no matter what Sam did, you’d be leaving your room too.

You heard him take a deep breath before answering you. “No. That’s not the only reason I’m here. What say we go out with a bang, eh? One last job?”

That peeked your interest. You and Sam had been on a few ‘jobs’, mainly looking for some journals of his mom’s, but occasionally you’d stolen things to sell on to raise money for your separate ventures.

You were planning on running away from the orphanage, and Sam just wanted to make his brother happy. You were a strange trio, but you understood each other, more so than anyone else ever did. Which was why it was so hard to know that Sam was leaving. Maybe that was why you decided to take the job that night, to ‘go out with a bang’ as he’d put it. But that was the decision that changed your life in such a way that there was never any going back. And so began your first adventure.

“He’s getting good at this,” You whispered to Sam as you watched Nate sneak out of a window and climb around the side of the building. Even you could hear the hint of pride in your voice as you watched him. You loved Nate like he was your own brother, which was why you knew you should be getting used to the layout of these roofs. When Sam was gone, You’d be making sure to come visit Nate whenever you could. No way in hell were you gonna leave him alone in the orphanage. You’d been through it yourself before you met the two of them, and it wasn’t something you were gonna let someone else feel, especially if that person was Nathan Morgan.

“Well he did learn from the best,” Sam whispered back smugly, and you snorted softly and nudged his shoulder.

“Oh please. If you’d have taken any longer to get up here, he’d have been asleep!” You teased, smirking at him. He blushed slightly, making you laugh more. The two of you had raced up to the roof, and You’d beaten him by a good 30 seconds.

“I was being a gentleman. I let the lady win… Besides, you’re lighter than me, so it’s easier to pull yourself up!” He tried, but you pulled a face and took off running, clearing the distance between the buildings before turning back and answering him.

“But you’re taller so you can reach things easier. I have to look for other paths…”

Sam landed beside you and dusted his jeans off. “Fine. You win. But when I get back, you and me are having a rematch. Then we’ll see who’s the best!”

Chuckling, you took his outstretched hand and nodded. “Challenge accepted.”

Though it wasn’t. You’d be gone long before he got back. This might be the last night you ever saw him, a thought that made you sad, so you put it out of your mind and focused on getting to the roof where you’d be meeting Nate.

When you were stood there, Sam dumped his pack and torch before grabbing your hand and pulling you into the shadows to hide from Nate. You shook your head at him but played along.

“Sam?” Nate called from across the roof as he headed towards the light, bending to pick it up. Suddenly Sam was moving, running up behind him to grab him and pick him up.

“You gotta learn to watch your back!” He laughed as Nate grinned and twisted out of his grip, so you took that as a sign to say you could come out too. When Nate saw you, his face lit up even more, but before he could say anything, you frowned and gently touched the bruises on his face.

“What the hell happened?” You demanded, your blood boiling at the thought of someone hurting Nate. Only made worse when he explained what had actually gone down and what Sister Catherine had said. Sam was the complete opposite, telling Nate not to worry about what people said about them. Your anger got the better of you though and you took Nate’s hand.

“You want me to kick their ass? Because I will. No one touches you and gets away with it!” You promised, but Nate just laughed and shook his head.

“They’re all away at some bible retreat. It’s just me, sister Catherine and Father Duffy now…” He explained, and you shrugged.

“I’ll fight the nun. She sounds like a bitch anyway. I bet she’s got some sick ninja moves too, and she just pretends to be a nun. That okay?” You asked, a smile creeping back into your voice despite your anger. Nate just laughed again before turning back to Sam who had been watching the conversation thoughtfully.

“I’ve got a surprise for you. Let’s get out of here!” He announced, leading the way across the roof and to the next climb. You brought up the back, just in case Nate should slip, You’d have his back.

It didn’t take long for you to reach Sam’s bike, you and Nate often having to find different routes to Sam, due to your short reach. But you made it, and there was across brief moment of joy before Nate figured something was going on and demanded Sam tell him.

You stepped away to give the two of them some privacy, crossing the road to inspect the sign above the orphanage gate. You could still hear Nathan freaking out that Sam was leaving, and hear the older brother try to calm him down before promising him another surprise in the form of their mothers lost belongings. You already knew of course, but you were still excited about finding them. It meant so much to the two of them, and you just prayed you found them that night.

A couple of seconds later and Sam was gesturing for you to come over and get on the bike. It was a tight fit, but the three of you were off, heading for the adventure that would change everything.
Wish you were here - AutumnHobbit - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
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It’s been years, decades. A lifetime ago, honestly. He doesn’t even know how the fuck he remembers it in the first place, because if he was two or three at the time he was being generous. But somehow the incident is seared into his brain, has been since it happened. It’s been one of his most common dreams, let alone nightmares. Sometimes the people change, sometimes the subject matter or the locations change, sometimes the ending changes. But the beginning is always the same.

Four hours. Berena Fic!

My setting for this would be after the first kiss, perhaps a month or so later but before/instead of the second kiss. Serena has a migraine and Doctor Wolfe steps in to take care of the stubborn little cinnamon roll. Looking after turns into something a little more… Enjoy! Inspired by the prompt by @inspired-scribbler , I hope you like it! XXX 

 Serena sat in the dark office, head in hands, gently massaging the top of her head in slow steady motions. Migraines. The bane of anyones life, especially an extremely busy, overworked consultant’s on AAU. “As if I needed anything else today.” she muttered to herself irritably amongst deep breaths. Paperwork towered around her, the looming deadlines weighing down on the atmosphere. Emails to answer, patients to see too, and most stressful of all - Jason’s girlfriend was coming to dinner. A home cooked dinner at 6pm sharp. “Exactly 6pm sharp Aunty Serena, everything must be perfect” he’d declared earlier that day. No pressure. She sat dreading facing the rest of the day. At this point in time she couldn’t even fathom turning the lights on. 

The office door opened and closed briskly, and with a flick of the switch the whole office was painfully illuminated with a bright light. “Serena?” Bernie said quizzically, surprised to find her colleague sheltering herself in the dark room. Serena groaned, wincing at the brightness. Bernie flicked the lights off, edged over to the brunette and placed a warm hand on her shoulder. “Serena?” She asked again. “Migraine.” Serena answered matter-of-factly, subtly very pleased Bernie’s long slender fingers were clutching her aching shoulder. “Oh bless you” Bernie whispered gently, crouching to the side of Serena. Her hand slipped to Serena’s upper arm, rubbing it comfortingly. “Can I get you anything? Water? Have you taken anything?” she asked. Serena inhaled deeply, “I’m quite all right, or at least I will be,” she groaned - “My head is throbbing, and all I can see are these bloody stacks of paperwork!” she waved her hand motioning to the neatly placed folders, that were indeed looming somewhat. “Ohhh dear,” Bernie said soothingly, “Perhaps home might be best?” she suggested. “Out of the question.” Serena responded sharply. “I have 101 thing to do here. I’ve taken medication which makes driving home out of the question, and to be honest home is out of the question anyway as Jason will have one bloody hundred questions as to whats the matter and whether I can still make dinner for 6pm bloody sharp.” she explained in one go, failing to take a breath. “Hey, hey, its okay.” Bernie cooed, sensing the stress Serena was under. Jason hadn’t shut up about his big date night all morning. Bernie’s comforting hand and tone was enough to make Serena well up, she was too tired for all the crap she’d had thrown at her that morning. A pain shot across her forehead, causing her to sink further into her hands. She winced. Noticing just what a genuine state this poor woman was in, Bernie decided it was time to take charge. 

She stood up abruptly, “Serena” she said firmly. “You need to rest. Now you know that as well as I do, so home it is Ms Campbell.” she unhooked Serena’s coat from the stand next to her. Serena exhaled. “I told you. I can’t drive having had my medication, and Jason will be home before long and quite frankly I cannot handle the poor boy today. So, unless you have any other marvellous suggestions Ms Wolfe” she answered tiredly. “I do. I will drive you home…” Serena opened her mouth to argue her point about Jason, but Bernie swiftly cut her off. “My home. No arguments. Its quiet, Morven and Raf have the ward under control. They can manage perfectly well without you and I for a few hours, and anyway, we both know we worked complete overtime last night. So, come on. No excuses.” she finished. Serena turned to look up at the blonde, who was already clutching her coat, touched she cared so much to formulate a plan. She felt herself welling up again, but quickly brushed it off and allowed sarcastic, stubborn Serena to take centre stage again. “Are you giving me orders, Major Wolfe?” she asked, raising her eyebrows cheekily. “If thats what it takes to drag you from this office,then yes I am Serena Campbell. Yes I am.” Bernie held out Serena’s coat and gestured to the door. Serena sighed, still unconvinced. “Serena.” Bernie said authoritatively, giving the brunette her best stern glare. Serena rolled her eyes. “Very well. Very well.” she took her coat from the blonde’s outstretched hand and put it on, adjusting her scarf over the top. “Meet me out the front in 5, okay? I’ll just clear everything with Mr Di Lucca. No slipping paperwork into your handbag either. The deal is you rest.” Bernie ordered, before smiling smugly and exiting the office. 

Bernie turned the key in the door, pushing it in to expose her sparse hallway. “Come in,come in.” she beckoned Serena in, taking her own coat off first before helping Serena out of hers. Bernie bent down and picked up the post, casually flicking through the letters as she made her way to the living room. Serena stood in the hallway, attempting to wrestle her impractical boots off, fascinated by the random shoes and umbrellas discarded around her and the little silver dish set on the side holding a mess of keys. Bernie set her post to one side and cast an eye around her apartment, suddenly reminded of just what a tip she’d left it in. She whipped around the room as rapidly as her long slender legs would allow her too, throwing magazines and strewn blankets into baskets, rubbish into the small waste bin, collecting up all crockery in sight. Serena entered the room, filling it with that familiar rich cinnamon smell, her whole presence making the characterless living room light up with a warmth Bernie was unaccustomed too. “Excuse the mess,” Bernie said sheepishly, plumping the sorry looking cushions on the sofa, “Sorry. Not many visitors, as you can imagine.” she added. “Not at all. Its lovely, very…. serene” Serena assured, glancing around at the rather sparse living space.  “Is the sofa okay? I have blankets.” Bernie suggested, gesturing to the long grey couch. “I could have fallen asleep on my desk the way I’m feeling so the sofa is a welcome luxury” Serena answered with a soft smile, sitting down delicately on the scratchy grey fabric. “I’ll put the kettle on. Cup of tea? Coffee?” Bernie offered, heading for the breakfast bar and small modern kitchen. “I’m fine thank you, I’m just going to have a lie down if thats okay.” she said, grabbing a pillow and placing it under her head, stretching out across the sofa before curling into a ball. “Of course. Doctors orders after all” Serena laughed faintly at Bernie’s little quip. “Majors orders more like. You have quite an impressive glare, I have to say” she giggled. “Well, I like to think there’s life in the old soldier yet. Try and sleep now, Serena, it’ll make you feel much better.”  she replied. “Yes Ma’am.” Serena said drowsily. “Please wake me up in an hour or so, we can get back to the ward - I’ll be right as rain after a few minutes shuteye,” she concluded before closing her eyes. “Of course.” Bernie answered, absent-mindedly making herself a cup of coffee. “Oh and Bernie,” Serena started, her voice already muffled with sleep, “Thank you. For bossing me around.” with that, she was seemingly adrift in much needed sleep. Bernie smiled broadly to herself, sipping her coffee and admiring the brunette curled up on her sofa.  

It was a good three or four hours later, and Bernie herself had dozed off in the great armchair that she’d refused to part ways with in the divorce. She woke abruptly, jerking her long limbs and shaking her fringe out of her sleepy eyes. She yawned, her attention quickly diverted to Serena who lay elegantly still, her breathing steady and rhythmic. She sat watching the brunette for a moment before rubbing her own eyes and gently drawing circles on her temples. Serena groaned softly, beginning to emerge from her slumber. She groaned again, stretching out her legs and slowly fluttering her eyelids open. Bernie looked up and caught the brunettes beautiful brown puppy dog eyes, misted with drowsiness. “Hello you. Nice sleep?” she asked softly. “Mhmm,” Serena mumbled contentedly, “I could ask you the same thing by the looks of it.” she added cheekily. Bernie stood up, “Busted,” she said, stretching her arms above her head, causing her shirt to rise and expose her naval. Serena found herself suddenly rather distracted. She closed her eyes again, sighing. “What time is it?” she asked. “Just gone four, tea?” Bernie answered. “Four?!?!” Serena exclaimed, sitting upright rapidly, causing her head to surge with pain once more. “I told you to wake me in and hour, Bernie! Its been four. Oh for God’s sake, that paperwork won’t do itself - and what on earth must Raf and Morven think!?” she barked. Another stab of pain travelled through the left half of her head, she winced, clutching at her scalp. “Hey, hey.” Bernie perched on the strip of sofa next to Serena, “You are not well, Serena. You needed to sleep it off! Dr Digby and Dr Di Lucca know that too and are not expecting you back in. You needn’t stress, it’ll only make things worse.” she affirmed, placing a hand on Serena’s arm. “Deep breaths now, or you’ll go lightheaded” she soothed. Serena exhaled deeply, “I’m sorry, I am sorry. I know I’m a stubborn old git. Thank you,” she conceded, eyes closed as she focused on her breaths. 

“Do you want to lie down again?” Bernie encouraged. “Better not, I’ll nod right back off and I fear I’ve overstayed my welcome already,” Serena chuckled half heartedly. “Never.” Bernie promised, admiring Serena‘s long dark eyelashes whilst her eyes rested shut. Serena opened her eyes, she was very aware they were now rather close. “Bernie, I, thank you… I mean, for..” she stumbled over her words, much too distracted by the soft blonde curls tumbling around Bernie’s delicate face, and the deep, smouldering eyes she was met with. Bernie looked at her so innocently, scanning every corner of her face, restraining herself from moving forward like she had that day in theatre. She searched the brunettes eyes, should she move away? She’d promised Serena they’d say no more about it. She couldn’t move, she didn’t want too. “Serena, I, its…” she started, unable to finish. Serena breathed in that subtle smell of vanilla, intoxicating. She leant forward, caught up in the moment, and began to kiss Bernie, softly then vigorously. She’d waited for this moment, longed for it. Bernie hesitated, then curled her hand around Serena’s neck, stroking the brunettes soft cheek with her thumb. Serena wrapped her arms around the blonde, clutching the back of her neck and twiddling the blonde straw with her little finger. They pulled apart, gasping as they took an overdue breath, nervously chuckling as they rested nose to nose momentarily. “I’m sorry..” Serena giggled breaking into a beaming smile, which Bernie could feel against her own lips. “Serena…you must be joking” she rasped. She leant in to kiss the brunette again, biting her lower lip and tracing her hands over Serena’s neat little ears. Serena’s hands meanwhile made it further into the blonde hair she loved so much, ruffling the tousled curls as she clung to Bernie’s lips. Bernie gently lowered Serena back onto the sofa, skilfully not breaking contact in the process, then gracefully lowered herself just above Serena. Serena entwined her leg into Bernie’s causing the blonde to fall on top of her, pulling her down and grasping her tight. The brunette rubbed her leg up and down the blonde’s as she adjusted her hand to cup Bernie’s sharp cheekbone. They remained lost in each other, barely stopping to take a breath. The phone rang. Bernie jumped slightly, and Serena groaned underneath her as they broke apart. Serena ran her fingers through Bernie’s hair as they rested momentarily, their faces slotting together perfectly as they both caught their breath. A few jumpy breaths later, Bernie nuzzled Serena’s nose with her own. “I’m sorry, I’d better get that incase it’s Raf, I said I’d be contactable if they needed me.” she explained breathlessly. Serena moaned, “Very well.” she agreed. Bernie pecked her on the lips once more before peeling herself off the brunette’s torso, dashing to answer her mobile. Indeed it was everyone’s favourite Scottish nurse. 

 Serena sat up, running her finger along her bottom lip, which had been so tenderly bitten by Major Wolfe. She listened as Bernie spoke to Raf on the phone, a marvellous air of authority in her voice, yet something reassuring about the words she spoke. She had a knack for that it seemed,reassuring people. Serena watched her as she gestured to thin air, admiring the beautiful woman who stood before her. 

Bernie had never before wanted to get off the phone so quickly, but she knew Raf had genuine motives. She caught Serena’s eye and the brunette winked cheekily. 

 "Ms Campbell? Oh Ms Campbell is just fine, I can assure you Raf.“ Bernie smirked down the phone, “The migraine seems to have disappeared quite miraculously.” - Via :)


Awesome Under-Appreciated Recurring Babylon 5 Characters

those wonderful characters that only appear in a few episodes, or only have a few lines, or who just need more love from the fandom at large
A Mother's Struggle
This started as a headcanon of mine (i.e. Jason only turned to thievery after his mom got into trouble with loan sharks) then evolved into a short story exploring Catherine's relationship with young Jason and her struggle with addiction.
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Written by theunavenged (sulahnnehn) / @theunavenged

Words: 4053, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Catherine held the burning cigarette between two trembling fingers, shaking free bits of ash onto the table below. The word was out: Willis was dead. The bastard left her with nothing but his gambling debts, and now the sharks were circling. Two of her late husband’s associates were standing in her kitchen, their appetites whetted for either cash or blood.

She looked up at the men, trying her best to hold back both tears and vomit. “I’ll get your money, I swear. I just need more time. Please.”

Vinny, the elder of the pair—a short man with a greasy black ponytail and a leathery face made for scowls—lunged forward and gripped the table with both hands, causing Catherine to jump back with a gasp and nearly spill from her chair.

“Do we look like we represent a charitable organization, lady?” he snarled, his upper lip curling to reveal crooked, nicotine-stained teeth. “We ain’t in the habit of offering leniency to junkies and degenerates.”

“Look around,” Catherine said, waving her hand at the dilapidated apartment. “I’ve got nothing to give you.”

She and Willis were never well-off but there was a time when this little apartment of theirs had a touch of class. She decorated it herself, kept it spotless—she desperately wanted her Willis to be happy and proud. She was a naive child back then, still wrapped up in a schoolgirl’s fantasy of having a “gangster” as a husband. But over the years their apartment’s upscale facade chipped away, much like that of their marriage. Now the home they had once shared was run-down and filthy. The plaster walls were full of cracks and yellowing from the years of cigarette smoke. The hardwood floors were covered in scuffs, scratches, and layers of grime. Rats and roaches brazenly scurried about from their holes in the woodwork. Most of the furniture and decor had been sold off to pay bills… or to feed her addictions.

“Please, you have to understand,” Catherine pleaded, her voice faltering now. “Willis left me with nothing. Not a dime. I’m a single mom with a kid to feed. Please give me a break.”

Vinny suddenly lunged at her again, grabbing her by the wrist. Catherine yelped as he yanked up her arm and ripped back her sleeve. The inside of her elbow was dotted with needle holes, marking her attempts to escape the pain of the present and return to those happier days when a well-kept apartment was her only concern.

“A kid to feed, huh?” Vinny scoffed. “Looks to me like you’re shooting most of his meals into your arm.”

Vinny’s partner laughed, and Catherine’s eyes darted toward the second man who hung back behind Vinny with his arms crossed against his chest. She didn’t recognize the tall, 30-something man, but those hawk-like features and twinkling, dark eyes of his sent a chill racing down her spine. Vinny had a reputation for his hot temper, but this other man with his calm demeanor and evident amusement for her situation seemed far more dangerous.

Catherine swallowed hard, hoping to hide some of her fear from these animals, but when she spoke her voice was a frightened squeak. “I’m gonna stay clean from now on, I swear. I’ll… I’ll go back to work. Whatever it takes. I’ll have your money soon, just please don’t hurt me.”

“Mom?” a small voice asked warily.

Catherine’s heart leapt into her throat and she let out a strangled cry. Vinny dropped her arm, and both men spun around to face the interruption. Behind them stood a 10-year-old boy, hands stuffed into the pockets of worn, school-issued khakis, suspiciously eying the strangers. There was no hope in holding back her tears now, which trickled down her cheeks at the sight of her son. Why? Why did he have to come home now of all times? She slid out of her seat at the table and pushed past Vinny, hurrying toward her son. The scrawny boy, with his mop of black hair and icy blue eyes, was a shadow of his late father. Even his casual stance and mistrustful frown reminded her of the man she once loved. Catherine kneeled in front of the boy. She pushed a curl behind his ear and forced herself to smile at him, but the boy glared through her, his eyes still fixed on the two men.

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Author: supernatural-saltrings

Character: Kevin

Warnings: fluff

(Kevin’s POV)

“So Kevin, what is (Y/N) doing anyways?” Sam asked me as we were sitting around in the bunker, “She’s been in the room laughing hysterically for hours.”

“She’s addicted to some kind of game she got yesterday. I haven’t seen her come out of the room since she started playing it. I don’t think she’s eaten anything today. She really is addicted,” I said as I stood up, “Maybe I should go check on her. You know, bring her food or something.”

“You do that, loverboy.” Dean said, smirking at me as I walked towards her room.

They’ve been picking on me for weeks about having a crush on (Y/N). I mean, she’s an amazing girl; beautiful, intelligent, great personality. I know she’s not perfect, because no one is, but she seems pretty close to it to me. I really like her, I just don’t think she’s the type of girl who would go for a guy like me.

When I got to her door, I knocked and waited for a response.

“What do you want?” she yelled from inside.

Taking that as permission to enter, I opened her door and went inside.

“Are you hungry or anything? You’ve been in here all day. I just came to check on you,” I said to her, trying to sound confident enough to even look at the side of her head.

“I’m totally fine. Just… peachy.” she replied.

She turned to look at me while the game was loading, and she looked completely exhausted. Her eyes were red and hazey with dark circles under them, and her face held no real expression.

“(Y/N), are you… okay?” I asked her, concerned, “How long has it been since you’ve slept?”

“Umm, well I’ve been playing the game since I got it, so I slept this morning.”

I looked for the time, and it read 10:17 PM.

“You do realize that the morning you got the game was about thirty-six hours ago, right?” I asked her, shocked at how long she’s been awake, “You need to go to sleep. You’re completely exhausted.”

“Well, you see,” (Y/N) said, “I can’t go to sleep. I just can’t.”

“Are you not tired?” I asked her. Surely she must be tired. I can tell just by looking at her that she’s about to fall asleep in her chair.

“It’s not that. I’m just… scared. I don’t want to die.” she said with the look of fear in her eyes.

“What do you mean you don’t want to die? What happened?” At this point, I was genuinely freaked out.

“I mean, the people in the game all die in their sleep. Whenever the people are found, they have a horrified look on their face. I’ve seen enough and heard enough from Sam and Dean to know that supernatural things like this aren’t impossible. Whatever killed the people must have been extremely terrified because of the look on their faces. I want to die peacefully at an old age, not young and scared.” she explained to me.

“You do know that’s just a videogame right?” I said, trying to comfort her, “There’s no need to be scared, it’s not real.”

“Anything could be real, Kevin. I know that now. How could I know for sure that this isn’t real, especially when Sam talked about the thing they encountered that killed people, and almost killed Bobby, in their sleep? How do we know this isn’t the same thing?” she stated.

She had a good point. Sam and Dean had faced something like this before. She wasn’t going to fall asleep thinking she could die from it, and I wasn’t going to make her believe that this thing wasn’t real. I guess my only option now is to convince her that this thing she’s so afraid of wouldn’t come for her.

“Okay, (Y/N), tell me all about this game. I’ll need everything you can tell me about the victims so we can see how they’re connected.” I said, trying to treat this like I was interrogating someone like Sam does.

“Well, in the game, all the guys die in their sleep. The rumor that’s spread around through people is that if the person who is asleep dreams that they’re falling, they have to wake up before they hit the ground, or they can’t wake up and they die.”

I thought about this for a moment, thinking about what I could use to convince her that she isn’t like the other people who died.

“(Y/N), you said the victims were all guys right? What else did they have in common besides their gender?”

“It hints that all the guys cheated on either their wives or girlfriends, other that that, I’m not sure.”

I think I can work with this.” I thought to myself.

“So, all the people were male, and they all cheated, and, unless you’re hiding something, you’re not a male. But, have you ever cheated on anyone?” I asked her, pretty sure I already knew the answer.

“I haven’t… In fact, I’ve never even had a boyfriend.”

“Then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.” I said, smiling at her.

“Kevin, I’m still scared.”

“(Y/N), do you want me to stay and keep you company while you sleep?” I asked, hoping with everything that I was that she’d say yes.

“That would be lovely, thank you so much!” she said, practically falling onto the bed, “but, if I start to look like I’m having a nightmare, please wake me up so I don’t die.” she told me, in all seriousness.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right here with you. You’re perfectly safe with me.” I said, holding back a smile.

“Thanks again, Kevin.” she whispered, right before her eyes drooped closed. She really did look beautiful. Angelic, even.

As I watched her sleep, the way she breathed, the little noises she made, and the memories of everything that’s made me have a crush on her since I met her made me realize that, I really do like her. More than that, I think I might even be beginning to love (Y/N).

Steve/Cath, Navy Bath Time.

“Now this,” Steve says, curling his arm under the baby’s head and shoulders, “this is a Barquentine.”  He holds up an intricate model of a ship, complete with finely woven sails and collapsible masts.

It’s obviously not designed for sea-faring, or – as the case may be – bath-faring, ideally destined to sit on an eighty year old’s musty office shelf as they talk about the good ol’ days.

Bath time, it seems, is serious business in the McGarrett-Rollins household.

Steve dips his head low, pressing his nose to Sophie’s cheek so that he can gaze at the ship from her angle.  “It’s important to establish a good understanding of different ship-names from an early age.”

The baby gurgles, tiny chubby fingers reaching forward with want.  Steve takes it as a win. 

“The Barquentine,” he continues, “can be easily identified by its size, speed, and the formation of its sails.  See the way all three masts are square-rigged?”

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