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Fanfic written by a 9yo. Evan x Reader

The things in parentheses her things she has actually told me while writing.

You are very savage. You said “hey Evan I found the most ugliest tree today. It looked like your face.”

Evan said “well I guess that makes you a (ponders while eating fruit snacks) a lumberjack… because you just destroyed the happiness in the room”

You said “oh yeah at least I did t kiss Zoe Murphy on her dead brothers bed”

Then Zoe Murphy walks into the room.“ Hey guys what are you up to!”

Evan said “we were just talked a-”

You said “ how Evan kissed you on Connors bed.”

Evan elbows you and mumbled “really dude!”

Then the two friend started rambling on about Connor.

(Wait what if we went to connors house stole food and LEFT!!! *giggling*)

Zoe said “yeah I heard we got really good chips”
Then they snuck into the house like four year olds. Evan turned around and whispered.

“Tiptoeing in my Jordon’s”

And then you said “ok seriously stop” and then Evan kept repeating it and repeating it until they left the house. Once they left they took the chip bags and put them in the microwaves and set them to three minutes when it got to one minute it caught the house on fire and they ran out arms flinging everywhere. Once they ran out none of them had phones yet and they were all in college (me: how did they get to college 9yo: uh they graduated elementary.)

And then connors spirit said “yoooou muuusssrtt gooo ttoooo thheee fiiirrreesstttaiittiiionnnn!!!”

Then they all grabbed their scooters and scored to the fire station and then Evan turned around and said to you

“Skert skert skerting in my sketchers”

Once they got to the fire station they said “ mr fireman our house burned down!” (Me:they said it insync? 9yo: yeah all together) the fireman said “ok you guys to the pool while we put your house back together”

Then you said “wait, lets live at the pool, there’s a snack bar at the pool” and they all said.

“Wait but they don’t have the SLIDE” so they all ran out of the pool, jumped the fence and ran to another pool across the street which had the worlds biggest water slide.

Once they got there Evan said “where da rafts at????” YOU say “why do we need the rafts?” Zoe said “Zoe can sleep on them”

It started to get really dark out. Zoe said “I think we should go to sleep now.”

And then you said “wait I think I found something in my pocket”
And you took it out, it was a hundred dollar bill, two of them. And Connors spirit said “let’s go buy a hooouuussseee” so they found a house for $2 it had a bad pool with bacteria, and Zoe said

“Oh no I’m late for class because my car got burned down.” So they ran downtown and stole a car, then they all died in a car wreak and they were one with connors spirit.


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