catherine writes annoying text posts


  • trott - february 5th
  • duncan - march 1st
  • simon - march 14th
  • sparkles* - march 17th
  • martyn - april 7th
  • rythian - april 22nd
  • nilesy - may 8th (?)
  • smithy - may 20th
  • will - may 24th
  • hannah - may 25th
  • sips - june 5th
  • ravs - august 11th
  • ross - september 7th
  • turps - september 7th (?)
  • strippin - september 13th
  • minty - october 13th
  • ridge - october 14th
  • lewis - october 22nd
  • parv - december 1st
  • panda - december 14th
  • kim - december 15th
  • sjin - december 24th
  • zoey - ??
  • everyone else - ??

you ever wonder like if sips worked at yogtowers, he and sjin would be like the best of friends? like they’d eat lunch together ALL THE TIME, record dumb office vlogs together, tweet dumb derp pics and hang out in each other’s offices hehehe wow. i just think they’d be gr8 rl friends and like pull pranks on kim and everyone else too

  • yognau(gh)ts on lewis's birthday: wow! happy 30th birthday lewis! i hope he has a wonderful day with his friends and his family! and also that he recuperates well after getting his wisdom teeth removed! it's probably going to be a great day for him!
  • lewis on lewis's birthday: grumpy as heck after not being able to sleep, ran into fans with a swollen face, had to sit in a waiting room for 4 hours with his phone dying 30 minutes in, had less than mediocre birthday gifts, THE CHEESE WAS EVERYWHERE, also fired hannah and nilesy from the yogscast.