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Does the glamorous Catherine have a banshee mother? What does she look like?

Catherine doesn’t have a mother, since she….comes from nowhere, but she has sisters! She’s the youngest of this set of three. We won’t be seeing Liadan and Moira for quite a bit, as Cat’s avoiding them at the moment. But she’ll have to come home to Ireland and confront her demons someday.

Catherine Wicket!
Normally I would write a detailed description of my characters whenever I draw up their pictures, but I think I am keeping that for the ‘Cast’ page that I was thinking of setting up later for the blog here.

Anyway, to sum Catcat up: she’s an Irish banshee! As banshees normally are, she’s a shapeshifter, but she alternates between two forms: her old lady self, and her lanky, gangly young lady self. She’s meant to blend in with the Daydwellers, so her presence doesn’t automatically mean death. She knows when a specific someone within a certain radius (or if she mentally zones in that area) will die though, starting from a belching feeling in her throat (in the same way you would if you felt like vomiting/had gastric reflux), followed by the traditional banshee wail. Hospital areas are not exactly a favourite for her.
Despite that terrible, horrible connection with Death, she’s a lively flowergal! She’s very laid-back and optimistic about living, and I don’t want to say too much (because Cast page! And I want to reveal her character through her mannerisms in the comic when she appears), but her tendency for happiness is infectious, and our good dear mister detective will not be spared…