catherine watson

Trying to watch a British movie
  • me: omg she was on Doctor Who
  • me: wait he is from Harry Potter
  • me: that guy was on Sherlock
  • me: hey, I know her from Game of Thrones
  • me:
  • friend:
  • me: look, it's Tom Hiddleston

John wanted to name the baby Catherine (before Mary denies him any right to a decision).

Catherine means “innocent”, “pure”. It could potentially be the name of John’s mother. Notice Mary refuses the innocence and potential symbolism - her daughter is a reflection of herself.

Interesting, the name begins with “Cat” and could be a drawback to Kate (John & Mary’s neighbour, possibly Mary’s lover) ; and Kitty Riley (the journalist who published “the truth” about Sherlock).

My research on a Catherine Watson or Catherine Holmes have been fruitless, I don’t know if anyone knows something about this?

Link with ACD

Catherine Doyle was Arthur’s older sister who she died in infancy. Er, doesn’t look too good for Rosie, I don’t know?

A maid named Catherine appears in The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, she provides a key element for Holmes. Interestingly, Watson is keen to spend the Christmas season with Holmes running around London, far from his wife. The end of the novel insists on the notion of forgiveness:

“I suppose that I am commuting a felony, but it is just possible that I am saving a soul. This fellow will not go wrong again; he is too terribly frightened. Send him to jail now, and you make him a jail-bird for life. Besides, it is the season of forgiveness. Chance has put in our way a most singular and whimsical problem, and its solution is its own reward. If you will have the goodness to touch the bell, Doctor, we will begin another investigation, in which, also a bird will be the chief feature.”

The importance of forgiveness is highlighted throughout BBC Sherlock, and it seems it will be key in series 4.

Interestingly, Mary refuses this link with Holmes’ forgiveness.

Saint Catherine

St Catherine is an important figure of Christianity. She is a Virgin martyr (Virgin, like Mary), supposedly dead at 18. There is serious doubt around her existence (lol), even the Church isn’t sure Catherine was ever real.

According to the legend, an image of the Madonna and the Christ persuaded her to become a Christian. As Christians were being slaughtered, she went to the emperor and rebuked him for his cruelty. The emperor summoned several pagan philosophers and orators to dispute with her, but Catherine won every debates, even converting the philosophers.

After torturing the princess to no end, the emperor tried to win her over by proposing marriage. Catherine refused, declaring that her spouse was Jesus Christ, to whom she had consecrated her virginity. The furious emperor condemned Catherine to death on a spiked breaking wheel, but, at her touch, it shattered. She was finally beheaded.

She is often represented with her wheel, a crown and a ring. She is regularly associated with Virgin Mary and Christ as a child (Mary & Rosamund).

Potential subtext:

  • St Catherine demonstrates the importance of faith, encourages you to never lose your faith and hold on to your beliefs. A message for TJLC?
  • Basically => the pain and disbelief is worth it in the end.
  • St Catherine is also the patron of knowledge => that would appeal to Sherlock.
  • Doubtful existence -> We don’t know if the baby really exists (the episode was wrong & crooked)
  • Crown -> England, Moriarty, drama Queens? Rings.

It is not innocent that Mary didn’t listen to John’s will to name their daughter Catherine. It even calls Sherlock’s attention at the Christening: it’s important. Well, of course, Mary named Rosie after herself, so it is important.

But I believe ‘Catherine’ was indeed extremely meaningful to John, and Sherlock knows it.