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If you don’t think “The Runaway Bride” is the best episode, you’re wrong because it’s literally The Doctor trying to get a bridezilla (of sorts) to her wedding on time while she bellows at him in fabulosity, he science nerds, and she threatens to sue for the first 15 minutes, then there’s “The Christmas Invasion” déjà vu, and then their new dream team kills spiders, gets rid of Donna’s jerk fiance , and enjoys some Tenrose feels that are considerably less painful than the previous episode (and somewhat healing) before the Doctor flies off. It’s hilarious.

Colin Morgan Mega Voice Sampler

I was inspired to create this by colinsvoice’s audio clip that showcased some of Colin’s different accents. After obtaining her permission to use her idea, I’ve compiled even more clips from varied sources into this mega-sampler.


  1. Colin Morgan - Audio Commentary, Merlin, 5x02
  2. John Leary - Catherine Tate Show Christmas Special
  3. Ariel - The Tempest, Shakespeare’s Globe
  4. Nothing to Confess - The Arches (RSAMD)
  5. Merlin - Merlin, Episode 3x12
  6. Colin Morgan - Titanic Centennial Commemoration Special
  7. Gary - Step in Time, 24 Hour Musicals, Old Vic Theatre
  8. Sean MacDiarmada - The Rising Movie
  9. The Dolma - Merlin, Episode 5x09
  10. Roger - Cry Babies, Audio Program BBC 4
  11. Cathal O'Regan - (singing) Parked
  12. Colin Morgan - American Accent (Interview)
  13. Calum MacLeod - Island
  14. Victor Richardson - Testament of Youth
  15. Colin Morgan - speaking French, Merlin Video Diaries, Series 1
  16. Jimmy Minor - Quirke, Elegy for April, (Episode 3)
  17. Jethro Cane - Doctor Who, Midnight, Episode 4x10
  18. Chris P - The Studio (RSAMD)
  19. Skinny Luke - Mojo, Harold Pinter Theatre
  20. Prince Hal - Audition Video, Henry IV
  21. Merlin - Dragonlord voice, Merlin, Episode 2x13
  22. Carlos - Our Private Life, Royal Court Theatre
  23. DS Tom Anderson - The Fall, BBC 2, Episode 2x06
  24. Newton Pulsifer - Good Omens, Audio Program, BBC 4
  25. Cathal O'Regan - Parked
  26. Colin Morgan - Commentary, Addicts Symphony, Channel 4
  27. Merlin - Dragoon the Great, Merlin, Episode 3x09
  28. Ariel - (singing) The Tempest, Shakespeare’s Globe
  29. Colin Morgan - Audiobook Excerpt, Falling Out Of Heaven by John Lynch
  30. Gary - Step in Time, 24 Hour Musicals, Old Vic Theatre

Christmas Special Sunday (Part Two)

Part one available here: [The Christmas Invasion] [Voyage of the Damned] [The Next Doctor]

In the lead-up to Christmas, I’ll be posting promo shots from the various Doctor Who Christmas Specials - a different special each week.

Here are many, many photos from The Runaway Bride


PHOTOS - Festive Throwback Thursday: David Tennant & Catherine Tate In Nan’s Christmas Carol 

Today’s festive collection of photos comes from David Tennant’s appearance as a ghost in the 2009 Catherine Tate Show special Nan’s Christmas Carol.

Originally shown on BBC One on Christmas Day 2009, the show focused on just one of Catherine’s comic creations, foul mouthed pensioner Joannie Taylor, aka Nan.

The comic retelling of the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol saw Joan casting her northern relatives out on the street on Christmas Eve after which she is visited by four ghosts overnight: her dead husband Jake (Dominic Coleman), the Ghost of Christmas Past (Ben Miller), the Ghost of Christmas Present (David Tennant) and the Ghost of Christmas Future (Roger Lloyd-Pack). David Tennant’s Ghost is a flamboyant, metrosexual blend of Russell Brand and Serge from Kasabian, wearing Giorgio Armani and Paul Smith, he’s “…up to the minute, constantly changing, ever evolving yet always on trend.” Needless to say, Nan is far from impressed.