catherine meyer

If ever I get married, I want there to be romance, and passion. I want to fall in love.
—  Heartless, Marissa Meyer
  • Catherine: I became a heartless tyrant after the boy I loved died.
  • Levana: same here.
  • Catherine: I guess it's my fault for going back to Hearts.
  • Levana: I guess it's my fault for stabbing him.
  • Catherine: what
  • Levana: what

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

He tapped the spoon on the cup’s rim and set it on the saucer. “When pleased, I beat like a drum. When sad, I break like glass. Once stolen, I can never be taken back. What am I?”

She thought for a long moment before venturing, “A heart?”

Hatta’s eyes warmed. “Very acute, Lady Pinkerton.”

“It’s very good,” she said, “although I wonder whether it wouldn’t be more accurate to say, ‘Once given, I can never be taken back.’”

That would imply we give our hearts away willingly, and I am not sure that is the case. Perhaps we should ask Jest when he returns. I daresay he’s the expert.”