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egalitarian = a clever way to try and silence feminists while still pretending to be a good person, most societies classed as “egalitarian” in history books were still grossly unequal to women. list me 10 things that egalitarians changed for human rights in less than 10 years. come on show me that your shit works. where is the last time egalitarians give someone rights?

You could argue that the creation of Democracy was an egalitarian movement… We’re talking ancient Greece as well as the US. A constitutional republic even more so, since the point of representatives is to allow even the smallest minority voice to have a say as opposed to mob rule.

It certainly wasn’t a feminist movement.

You’re trying to put your arms around a group of people so you can label them as the enemy - and egalitarians aren’t that organized.. there’s no egalitarian version of NOW, no government funding or lobbyists. No “egalitarian studies” degrees. It’s not even a movement.

If there is any difference between the term egalitarian and YOUR PERCEPTION of feminism - which is wildly different than what feminism has actually done- is that “egalitarian” hasn’t really be polluted by the actions of many modern feminists. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t broadcast that it’s all about women in its name.

And ask the same question of today’s feminists. What have MODERN feminist of the ilk of Robin Morgan, Andrea Dworkin, Sally Miller Gearhart, Catherine McKinnon etc. ever done to make things more equal between the sexes?

Feminism has utterly warped societal perceptions of men. This has done nothing to make the sexes equal, it’s just vilified the gender you’re not a part of, and created preposterous levels of social concern and deification for the gender you are part of..

I’m not even an egalitarian and even I know better than to attempt this kind of comparison, lol.

If you feel “silenced” by people pointing out that feminism is bigoted, one-sided, toxic, corrupt, and seeks to solve everyone’s issues by only focusing on one group’s…ask why. Maybe you should shut up.


Two-minute background story on ‘Farewell to Nova Scotia’, with the clip that made Catherine McKinnon famous. From the documentary about Canadian folklorist Helen Creighton, ‘A Sigh and a Wish’.