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Did anyone else burst out laughing when Claude and Charles tries to convince Narcisse to help them revive that noble girl from drug overdose?

This is almost as good as Henry and Catherine trying to cover up the body of a dead girl that Henry accidentally killed while having sex.

This show I swear….

The counts on which Valerie [Solanas] is usually convicted of failure are the following: she was not a lesbian, she was a lesbian, she didn’t comb her hair, she was a hooker, she was poor, she held extremist views, she was humorless, her humor was inappropriate, she picked on an artist who would become important, she was clueless about the workings of the art market, and she missed. She did not, fortunately, kill Warhol, or anyone else. By the time she got to him, William Burroughs had already shot his wife, and Norman Mailer stabbed his. Louis Althusser had yet to strangle his. Let us not even begin to speak of Carl Andre. The only woman to survive her man was Mailer’s wife. Did the critical reputation, credibility, or perceived contribution of any of these men suffer more than a temporary glitch?
—  Catherine Lord, Notes On Beatification: The Case For Valerie Solanas

Lola and Narcisse’s marriage is in ruin. She knows he is not there when he’s laying besides her. His throughts are elsewhere and she loves him too much to ask why. It kills her inside to know she’s not the strong independent woman, advisor, she used to be. All that just because she fell in love and is afraid of losing another husband. So she lives her life in the castle with her queen and her son. 

One day a knight from spain arrives with the looks of a pirate and the heart of a lion. He is quite handsome and intrigued by the sad look on the lady’s face. But he tells himself to stay away, she is married after all and he is honorable. That is until he sees her husband with Catherine de Medici which makes him understand her sadness. So he takes the risk to get to know this gorgeous lady with the haunted smile. She deserves more, so he thinks. She is a strong one - He can tell from watching her with Queen Mary. So he  wants to bring a radiant smile back to her beautiful face. Lady Lola is quite happy with the attention, feels drawn to him by whatever reason and opens up day by day. He brings out a side in her that has been burried for a while. 

They just match beautifully. Even if it is just for a short while. 


“I was thirteen. I was having a history lesson with Lehzen. She showed me the family tree and I looked at it for a long time. And then I realized I was next.” 1.01 (Victoria)

I thought i was safe...

“Shipping Lorcisse is alright” i said.

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 “He’s fighting for her and he’s being honest, they love each other and they will never betray each other”.

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“I won’t be disappointed never again. MY SHIP WILL NEVER SINK!!”

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Oh, but now…

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…I think my ship’s fate is to sink.

RIP Monde, Frola, Frary, Greith and Kennash. I will always love you no matter how many canons there are.


❝ You hear the sound of of me asking for your help. Your skills of treachery are great, but your love of country is greater. You would never have betrayed France in that way. And people like you, people who will protect this country at any cost, those are the people that I need around me now. ❞

Reign 2x22 – “Burn” Initial Thoughts

Alright folks, it finally aired. That long awaited season finale. Whether you wanted to laugh or cry, we can all agree that it squeezed all kinds of feels from us (good or bad, that’s up to you). Personally I thought it was a pretty good finale. Things are beginning to turn around, dare I say it may be a little bit sunnier for the beginning of season 3 (despite the bombs that were dropped with some characters.)

Mary’s Shining Moment

They wasted no time in having Mary almost single handily (with some help from Greer’s ladies) bring down Conde’s army. Atta girl! Talk about efficiency! And surprised but not so surprised that she tricked Conde into believing she was pregnant with his child and then stabbed him almost dead. It was ruthless, it was cold, but it was necessary. She first tries to get Conde to “run away” with her as one more last ditch effort, probably to avoid bloodshed and send his troops packing. Despite that, I love seeing Mary fraught with emotion, because it tells us that it was something that she didn’t want to do, but something she need to do. And her face just says it all, the guilt that she had to betray Conde, the guilt that everything that was happening was born out from her affair, the sadness that she hurt Francis and Conde both. Major props to Adelaide for expressing all these emotions in one setting. It really shows the contrast between Catherine and Mary later on in the episode.

Conde’s STILL Seeing Mary’s Halo Effect?

Yeeeah… I don’t know what to say to this. Conde is still obessed over Mary even though she stabbed him and have him chained up in the dungeons. If that doesn’t get a guy to let go, I don’t know what will. Some may call it romantic that he still loves her despite all of that, I kinda call it creepy. It seems like he’s living in some dream world. Dangerous illusions where he thinks he can take Francis’s throne and spare everyone from the Valois line, Mary included and have her all to himself. When we all know the bottom line is that since he’s allied with Elizabeth’s army AND Protestants who hate them all with a passion there’s fat chance of that EVER happening. The fact that he keeps believing it doesn’t show great rational or diplomacy skills very much. To be fair Mary also had an abysmal lack of understanding but once she saw all the shit happening in front of her face, that’s when she finally had the light bulb turned on.

John and Lola’s Kidnapping Conspiracy

My god, this was some A+ acting from Tobey right here. After hearing about the “death” of his son and see the blood on the baby blanket he gave him, Francis just breaks down as any father would. My heart really went out for him in those scenes. The rage, the grief, the tears spilling from his eyes. It was so wonderfully acted, that it made me have tears in my eyes too. And also from that scene it brought out some of the most beautiful Frary moments in a long time. Mary comforting Francis as he wept in her arms. As much as Frary turn sour for me in the last couple of episodes, this moment recharged my heart again more than their “reconciliation” afterwards.

The Lorcisse Rescue

OK readers, here goes my incoherent weepy noises on Lorcisse. If you’ve been following my posts, then y’all know how much I love my Lorcisse scenes. So forgive the muffled happy sobs under my tissue and skip to the next section if it’s not your thing.

BUT….. OMG!!!!

I’m telling you this ship has fully left the dock now. Watching Narcisse charging to Lola’s rescue made my heart soar and cry. Let’s just break down those scenes, shall we?

We get Narcisse literally barging through the king and queen’s private chambers and pleading with them to let him save Lola. 

“I know you don’t trust me, but trust that I care for her. Let me find her.” 

Secret’s out! No more secret glances or subtle gestures. Narcisse pretty much says out loud his feelings for Lola to anyone and everyone within hearing distance, and he couldn’t care less who knows, not when Lola’s life may be in danger. I love how he puts his scheming mind and resources to work immediately to try and find the culprit. Also the fact that he actually put aside his differences with Francis and Mary (cause lord know they have a long list of issues with each other) just so that he can rouse a search party for Lola. 

*You can hear the cheers of thousands of Lorcisse fans*

Next we get Narcisse breaking doors and slicing and dicing his way to find Lola, crushing the kidnapper’s bones if that’s what it took. Narcisse actually being the hero for once seems a bit strange at first but felt sooo right afterwards, especially after barging through another door and the look of relief on his face, finding Lola safe and sound with her son. (He barges through a lot of doors in this episode doesn’t he?) And the look on Lola’s face of shock and relief that Narcisse was the one who found her as she cried out his name, sends me on another round of sobs.

Another moment that’s somewhat poignant for Narcisse, that I wanted to touch on was his conversation with Mary. This was an actual civil conversation with Mary, perhaps the very first that is truly frank, honest and non-threatening with each other. 

Mary - “Why turn on your co-conspirator now? Catherine is your lover, your key to power at court.”

Narcisse replies - “Because as it turns out there’s one thing worse than being hated by Catherine de Medici. That is being loved by her.”

I find this touches on where Narcisse is now with his arc. This may be the early stages of his redemption. There’s no question that him choosing Lola (a girl who has nothing to offer him in terms of power and status) over Catherine (who is one of the richest most influential at court) says a lot on his growth as a character. Perhaps the idea of being under Catherine’s thumb was too much for him. But if he really truly wanted power that much he could’ve sucked it up and strung Catherine along for a while longer. She was fully infatuated with him. We know from this episode their minds are matched toe to toe. The fact that he turned Catherine over to Mary pretty much sealed the deal. When faced with the possibility of losing Lola again, he choose to find her and loose his grip on Catherine this time around. 

Here’s hoping for some full Lorcisse interaction in season 3. Kisses, snuggles, actual full intellectual conversations that lasts more than 30 seconds, maybe throw in some sexy time here and there. *wink* And I’m hoping since Lorcisse is seemingly in the clear, that they don’t drive another artificial wedge between them AGAIN just for the sake of drama. We’ve already endured the peusdo love “triangles” with Catherine and Claude. And the difference of opinion when they were working on opposite sides. It would be awesome to see them actually scheming together for the betterment of France this time. They both now have a common enemy, the English. And I’m sure they’re on Catherine’s hit list as well. Watching them do battle together would be a sight for sore eyes now that Narcisse seems to be ok with Team Frary. Also Narcisse saving Francis’s son might win him some brownie points. Now that Catherine is gone, they’re probably going to need his shrewd mind for some ruthless politics. And he would have his proxy Lola at his side to help convince Mary and Francis of some hard choices that I know they’re going to need to make, now that they’re on good terms.
Is it too much for me to hope?

Kennash’s Final Meltdown? 

To be honest their marriage have been through the runner this season and yet a very small part of me hasn’t let go of them. They’re complete opposites and they can be at their worst when thrown obstacle after obstacle. And at their best when having no one else to lean on but each other. Suffice it to say I haven’t given up on them even though Kenna lied to him in the worst possible way and Bash says they’re finished. Kenna has always been my least favorite of the ladies, but she owns up to who she is and doesn’t pretend she’s anything else. Therefore she has my respect. I did crack up at her attempt at charming the young soon to be king. Leave it to her to turn a horrid situation to her favor.

Delphine’s Voodoo Craziness 

???????? This just leaves a whole slew of WTF moments from me. Nothing was really explain. Is it part of some grand pagan scheme? Have the Darkness risen back from season 1? Everything about this plot is sort of baffling to how it ties to everything else going on. I guess this will be explored in season 3.

Nostradamus back and Francis’s fate

It was certainly a nice surprise to see Nostradamus back in the season finale. I missed his council from season 1. And I think everyone is going to need it not to mention he probably has a connection to all the pagan storylines.
Francis’s fate is revealed that he is a dying man. Is anyone hoping that they write Francis an alternate ending this time around? Raise your hand.

Catherine vs Mary 2.0

The two lioness battle with each other. I really love Mary’s confrontation with Catherine. And I find their dynamic is the most interesting when they’re butting heads and duking it out, just like season 1. It was epic. And they both have good points to their arguments to each other. I love that Catherine threw Mary’s mistakes and betrayal to her face and we can sympathize with Catherine reason for doing what she did, but Mary also has great points as well on Catherine’s ruthlessness and her ease with manipulation and harm to get what she wants. Catherine is the wild card, who would easily turn on you at the drop of a hat if things doesn’t go her way. So I wasn’t at all surprised that Francis banished her for her transgressions. Which I personally feel have been a long time coming, since it’s clear that Catherine is just too embedded in her way of dealing with things to be fully trusted by Francis. Perhaps if Catherine was more remorseful it might have spared her, but the fact that she has no remorse and would do something similar again was the tipping point. It also bring Catherine’s hatred of Mary back in the forefront with good reason. And Catherine being Catherine is still cooking up schemes to bring Mary down. Even allying herself with Queen Elizabeth. You know what they say. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Queen Elizabeth!

I won’t lie. I was a bit on the fence after seeing the promo of her striding in and plopping down like a little girl, with over teased red hair as if she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I steeled myself for the worse, thinking they’ll make her into some whiny, raging, child against Mary’s calm and cool. But I was pleasantly surprised once she spoke. It had all the calm, collectiveness and refinement that I would imagine she would have, plus a pinch of sass in her tone like the chess player that she is. After seeing that 30 second scene, I have hope for season 3. I can actually believe she’s a force to be reckoned with. Let’s not make her some cookie cutter villain shall we? They’ve done a pretty bang up job making Catherine and Narcisse both sympathetic and heartless (despite some cringe worthy moments) so giving Elizabeth some of the same attributes would be interesting as well. Of course I fully expect that Reign’s Elizabeth will be an antagonist to Mary. They’re rivals after all. But here’s to hoping there’s the same balance that they found similar to Catherine and Narcisse. I can’t wait to see her in action, but she’s needs a better fashion stylist ASAP… bed hair is so yesterday…