catherine katherin

After re-watching The Tudors season 1 I’m blown away by how amazing Maria Doyle Kennedy’s performance of Katherine of Aragon was. She really is the reason to watch the show, as they don’t seem to invest much time into making Anne Boleyn a character with the exception of a few scenes. (thank god Natalie Dormer pushed for Anne to get a better storyline in season 2) Honestly, it’s such a good performance, even if she though she didn’t have Katherine’s famous red hair (which I believe she was pregnant at the time and couldn’t dye her hair) she still gave one of the best performances of Katherine of Aragon to date in my opinion. 

  • Catherine: I became a heartless tyrant after the boy I loved died.
  • Levana: same here.
  • Catherine: I guess it's my fault for going back to Hearts.
  • Levana: I guess it's my fault for stabbing him.
  • Catherine: what
  • Levana: what
« Lo sai qual è il tuo problema?
Non sopporti l'idea che qualcuno possa andarsene. Sei così dannatamente terrorizzato dall'idea che qualcuno possa mollarti, che tutta la tua cazzo di vita è costruita intorno al non rimanere solo. Beh, non funziona, perché così non sei un buon amico o un buon fidanzato, così stai solo pensando forse-non-gli-piaccio-forse-non-gli-piaccio, e sai cosa?
Quando fai così, non piaci a nessuno. »
—  Teorema Catherine

“After the examination of religious texts and much debate, Henry decided that their marriage was invalid, had never been legitimate and therefore had never existed. She was stripped of the titles of queen and wife, her daughter declared a bastard, and was condemned as having been living in sin with Henry as the Dowager Princess of Wales, his brother’s wife. And yet the Pope, along with a significant number of European universities, doctors and leading thinkers of the day, declared that the marriage was completely valid and endorsed her as Henry’s true wife. Under oath, in the confessional, in private letters, in court and upon her deathbed, Catherine never wavered from her conviction that she was the true wedded wife of the King. (…) Yet Catherine was not one to choose the easy road. Wearing a hair shirt under her cloting and rising at dawn to hear Mass, she saw her steadfastness as a crusade to save her husband’s soul. For Henry had not just rejected her, he had turned his back on the Pope and the very tenets of the Catholic faith that had shaped their mutual devotions. Convinced Henry was heading for damnation, Catherine elected to suffer in his stead, praying that God would forgive him. Watching her supporters go to the stake, or the block, she lived her final years in the expectation of following them and was prepared to embrace the opportunity of becoming a martyr”.

- Amy Licence, Catherine of Aragon: An Intimate Life of Henry VIII’s True Wife