catherine has not changed at all
SNEAK PEEK 2: Grey's Anatomy's Big "Japril" Episode Just Might Be an Avery Family Reunion in Disguise | EOnline

For as long as he’s been in our lives on Grey’s Anatomy, Jackson Avery’s father has never been in the picture.

We’ve gotten more than our fill of his mother, the domineering and ultra-successful Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen)—especially with the mess she’s created at Grey Sloan Memorial this year with the whole Minnick debacle—but we’ve never met the man who ran off when Jackson (Jesse Williams) was young, leaving him to be raised by a single mother. But it looks like that all might be changing—and soon.

In this sneak peek of Thursday’s new episode, exclusive to E! News, Jackson and April (Sarah Drew) have traveled to Montana to treat a young patient, but when his ex-wife catches wise to what really may have brought them out to Big Sky Country, she’s none too pleased.

There’s a Berena-supporting letter in the new Radio Times! It says: “The development of the changing relationship between surgeons Serena Campbell and Bernie Wolfe in Holby City over the past few months has been written superbly. But it would be nothing without the sublime acting skills of Catherine Russell and Jemma Redgrave. Applause all round. Will the BBC have the nerve to be difference and give the viewers a happy ending, I wonder? Go on…I dare you.”

Too right!!! Hope the Holby producers see this, plus Catherine and Jemma as they deserve a lot of the credit I think for making this couple so appealing.


Trend Watch: Androgyny

Alessandro Michele’s men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collection for Gucci Fall 2015 and the rise of transgender models has spurred a new wave of androgynous dressing. Although androgynous dressing is not new (e.g. Annie Hall), this recent wave is a reflection of cultural change happening all over the world, one that is more accepting of transgendered people in media, society and everyday life.

So, take your cue from gender-bending models, Mica Arganaraz, Saskia de Brauw and Isabella Emmack, for a fresh spin on androgynous dressing! Think: tailored blazers, boyfriend jeans, button-down shirts and loose slacks.


I did not care for Catherine in H50. Setting aside my feelings towards Michelle Borth/Catherine’s behaviour off-screen/on-screen, I just don’t understand what she brings to the show let alone to Steve’s life. 

Steve reacts to Danny more than Catherine ANY day. Forget that I’m a McDanno shipper, lets just forget that. Even just as friends/best friends, Danny, who Steve has only known for 5 years, knows Steve like the back of his hand. Knows all his insecuities and trust issues and has NEVER used it against him. Let’s look at Kono and Chin with Steve, even they cared more about him and his well being that Catherine did. And even then she lied about his mother, hid things from him about quitting the navy, and lets not forget left him in the hands of terrorists to find a boy. 

I just don’t understand her coming back to Steve like nothing has changed, like she didn’t just leave him for a year to find a child and pretty much left him for dead. And lets be honest I have a feeling she even found Najeeb because of Doris/Shelbourne. 

I don’t like her.  

a racially diverse cast of kickass ladies playing austen heroines in a movie where they travel through time to the 21st century and at first they are overjoyed to discover how much has changed-emma discovers tinder!elizabeth discovers reddit!lydia discovers the selfie!catherine discovers the human centipede!fanny sadly discovers marrying your cousin is a kind of no no!charlotte discovers being 27 doesn’t make her a spinster!-but then they slowly realise the massive problems that still exist, especially for women, and so they spend the rest of the movie trying to figure out how to go back in time to when Noah was around and kindly request him to flush out all the problematics and save the rest of us from this fresh hell

when i made this photoset last night it was, mostly, a fun little exploration of dan’s presentation of himself. it was also a little hopeful. and it’s not even one day after i posted it and it has nearly 7k notes, which is insane and i’m really thankful for the way it has been received.

HOWEVER, looking through tagreader has entirely changed my mind. because while about 50% of the tags that come up have understood the point of the post, the rest really, really have not. first of all, it’s rife with biphobia - one particular tag repeatedly comes up, ‘your gay is showing’ - that clearly shows a level of sheer ignorance and exclusion. bisexuality exists and just because this post shows some examples, imo, of dan’s attraction to males, does not mean he is 100% Gay. this fandom really needs a rethink of this.

(NB: i don’t mean at all here that being bi is preferable to being gay, i am just tired, like many others, of my sexuality being erased)

secondly, the amount of times the DISGUSTING phrase ‘no h*mo howell’ (it is, imo, a slur, which is why i’ve starred it out) has come up in the tags has left me, frankly, ASHAMED. i think this fandom has gone over this a million times and yet it still appears everywhere. the phrase ‘no h*mo’ is clearly homophobic and does not, in ANY way, need to be linked to dan. in fact, it goes against the whole point of the photoset! why has this phrase been allowed to fester? stop it. stop it right now.

and thirdly, no, phil is not there. this is not a photoset about dan and phil. it was about dan. there are thousands of other photosets with dan and phil. mine is about dan. go away.

Everyone has a defining moment in their life; if they are lucky they will have more than one. But sometimes they are not moments. Sometimes they are people. You are a defining person in my life, and I hope there are more to come.
—  11:11pm thoughts// define “defining”

one gifset per appearance → fostering excellence awards, london (17/11/2015)

The Duchess of Cambridge joined Holly Willoughby for The Fostering Net’s Fostering Excellence awards. She met children and young people, foster carers, social workers and care leavers at a special tea party, before presenting three youths with the Fostering Achievement Award, which celebrates great achievements by people aged 16-24 who have been in care. In the foreword to the programme, Catherine wrote: “It is fantastic that we are all gathered this evening to celebrate fostering and the truly transformational care that is a lifeline to so many. The people we will hear about tonight are truly extraordinary and show how good foster care changes children and young people’s lives.”

Kevin Williams, chief executive of The Fostering Network, commented before the event: “The Duchess will be presenting an award to three young people who have shown how far determination, a good attitude, and proper support and stability can get you. Sadly not every young person has a positive start in life, but The Fostering Network, foster carers and all those involved in working with fostered young people throughout the UK will continue to strive to make life better for them.“