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Favorite actress series | Cate Blanchett : “Luminous, statuesque, angular, daunting, thoroughbred. These are adjectives commonly used to describe Catherine Elise Blanchett, the most respected actress since Streep and Fonda. They all fit. A tall (though not as tall as you’d think – 5’9”), striking woman of phosphorous skin, sharp bones and fierce blue eyes, Blanchett has lent her severe beauty, glinting intelligence and, of course, frightening talent to a procession of privileged characters. Yet to describe Melbourne-born Blanchett with only words of frigid reverence is to be myopic. This is an actress who locates the frailties in the most regal of characters, chipping away at layers of class and austerity to find the vulnerability and warmth – the humanity – within”. -  Total Film

  • Me: It's been 10 years
  • Friend: Yeah can you believe i--
  • Me: Since Carol and Therese first had sex.
  • Friend:
  • Me: Ah, good memories.

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☁ - Elise ❥ - Kaethe, Catherine ♯ - Slate, Ivan, Caprica

☁ - For a nightmare. (Ilise)

She turned the letter over and stared at the blank back of it. Turned it back and stared at the script on it.

Had she ever felt this cold before? This… strangely empty?

Hands were stroking her back. Voices were murmuring to her.

…but she felt none of it. Heard none of it.

Surrounded by those she took to bed without a second thought, Ilise couldn’t pull her gaze away from the lines that so neatly spelled out the end of everything she truly loved.

“Your brother is dead.”

❥- For something erotic… (Catherine, Kaethe)

One minute, she had been surrounded. Snarling bandits, all brandishing jagged blades, encroaching swiftly.

The next…

“My lady, you looked to be in a spot of trouble.” Although she couldn’t quite see his face through the glare of the sunlight backlighting him, Catherine could feel his arms around her, supporting her weight without a hint of effort.


“No, my lady, no need for words.” Gentle fingers brushed her hair away from her face and she felt him lift her easily off of her feet. “I’ve you now. I’ll look after you.”

Her head fell back against his arm and Catherine demurely closed her eyes when he bent over her. Although she still felt faint, she knew enough to tip her chin up and he chuckled quietly, touching her jaw with a callused palm before his mouth covered hers.

With the twins securely asleep, Kaethe had snuck away to indulge in a leisurely bath. Spare time wasn’t impossible to get, what with the Wachenfeld household staff all too willing to help her with the children, but she felt better when she tended most of the twins’ needs herself.

It did, however, mean that a leisurely bath was hard to get at times, and as she stepped out of the bath, swathed herself in a towel and roughly fluffed out her hair, Kaethe let out a slow sigh of relief.

No sooner had she blown out the lamp and stepped into her bedchamber than a hand caught her arm. Pulled firmly back, Kaethe lost her grip on the towel.

She didn’t flail for it, nor did she try to elbow the firm chest she was pulled against. Cool breath brushed the nape of her neck. Her wet hair was nosed aside and a mouth glided over her ear.

There were no words exchanged, but really, did there need to be? She laughed when Josef spun her, laughed as his hand sank into her hair and was laughing until he kissed her, already pulling her back towards the bed.

♯ - For plain nonsense. (Ivan, Slate, Capricia)

He’d had his shoe. Where was it now?

There was a plain straw sandal lying to one side of the cobbled path. He toed it over and managed to fit it on his foot. A few steps and Ivan flinched, hopping on the still-booted foot.

When he pried the sandal off, he looked at the bright silver nail jutting from the sole, tip glistening red. Curling his bare toes to keep the wound on his sole off of the ground, he tried to pull the nail from the straw.

It curled around his finger, slithered free of the straw and fell away into greyish dust, coating his hands and clinging as if his skin was greased.

“Gods damn it,” he whispered, looking at the shreds of lace laying across his rough hands. She needed THIS particular dress to go out. She’d been very specific about which one he was supposed to take from the wardrobe.

Why did this have to happen now?!

Slate hastily threw the silken gown across the bed and looked at the tattered lace, dangling free from where his grip had torn it from the seams. Pins. He needed pins. And needle and thread.

He could fix it before Gwena got out of the bath. He could fix it.

Frantically, he pawed through her sewing basket, tossing thimbles and pincushions left and right. All of the thread was crimson or black, not the right color for a pale violet dress, and when he found a needle, the eye broke in his hand.

None of them would stay up correctly on the cake and she was becoming frustrated.

All of the sugared violets had come out perfectly, frosted in sweet snow and with straight, full petals. But she couldn’t get them to sit properly on the chocolate frosting.

It was Lucian’s favorite cake. She had to get it right.

And she’d baked it before. Made it and decorated it before. Why couldn’t she do it now?

The weight of her engagement ring seemed to drag her left hand down and Capricia snarled at the gouge in the frosting. Throwing the fork in a fit of temper, the blonde grabbed the cake and hurled it against the wall.

Looking at the splatter of yellow cake and chocolate frosting, the scattering of sugared violets, the pieces of ceramic now glittering on the floor, Capricia threw a measuring cup full of flour and began coughing uncontrollably from the tickle in her throat.

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Favorite Cate Blanchett movie ?

You mean besides Carol, right? Cause if not, I’m appalled ;-p

I love her in Elizabeth cause she’s the queen of fucking everything against pretty bad odds.

She’s mysteriously ethereal as Galadriel in LOTR.

Divinely androgynous as Bob Dylan in I’m Not There.

And a badass tomboy in Veronica Guerin.

I also absolutely loved her in The Present.

So yeah…I have a lot of feelings about Catherine Elise Blanchett. :)


haha i don’t even know why i find this so funny 

Ok, I need to rant, so sorry about that. Anyway, Syndicate has just been announced and I’m already aboard the hype train :D But what I wanted to talk about was Unity. And I suppose this applies more broadly to the whole series as well. 

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