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Algunas capturas de “Flores en el Ático” que me encontré. Necesitaba publicarlas, luchar contra la nostalgia que me produjo una saga tan hermosa.


Let’s say that the relationship with directors it’s not always easy. I’ve worked with female directors and I see them more like allies. The male ones tend to idealize you and project their thoughts on you.
Léa Seydoux

Léa Seydoux directed by women filmography:
Mes Copines dir. Sylvie Alme - 2006
The Last Mistress dir. Catherine Breillat - 2007
Dolls and Angels dir. Nora Hamdi - 2008
Lourdes dir. Jessica Hausner - 2009
Dear Prudence dir. Rebecca Zlotowski - 2010
Sister dir. Ursula Meir - 2012
Grand Central dir. Rebecca Zlotowski - 2013
Comprendí entonces el secreto que llevaba tanto tiempo tratando de penetrar, ese botón secreto que hacia surgir el amor… El deseo físico sexual. No era simplemente el espectáculo de cuerpos desnudos… Dependía de los ojos. El secreto del amor estaba en los ojos, en la manera que tenían las personas de mirarse unas a otras, en la manera en que se comunicaban y se hablaban los ojos cuando los labios estaban inmóviles
—  Flores en el Ático - V.C Andrews
[Why I Love] - Chpt. 6

Negan x Addison 

[Summary: Addison knows that one of Negan’s wives is cheating on him. Carl shows up at the sanctuary killing two of Negan’s men.] 

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“I only want Negan!” Carl yelled. He was sick of all the bullshit that Negan had done to his group; Killing his friends, hurting Daryl, taking Addison, and after hearing nothing for weeks he decided to take matters into his own hands. 

Negan whistled, catching his attention as he walked behind the truck. “Damn, if it ain’t Rick Jr.” Carl held the aim of his rifle straight at him. “Tell me, did you pick that gun cause it looked fucking cool?”

Carl didn’t respond but stared him down, ready to pull the trigger. “Kid, I ain’t going to fuckin’ lie to you, you scare the shit out of me” 

One of Negan’s men jumped forward to grab the gun. Carl shot him down, then Dwight tackled him from the side, taking the gun from him and pointing it at his face. “Don’t even think about it, kid” He said taking his weapons off him. 

Negan walked over, “It’s alright Dwighty boy, it’s alright.” He looked down at Carl extending his hand out. “There we go” He said pulling him up, and patting him on the back. 

“What are you going to do to me?” Carl asked nervously.  

“Oh hell no! You don’t get to walk in here like Rambo and turn around and start acting like a fucking pussy” He took a few steps closer to Carl, pointing his finger at him. “You’re a badass; you ain’t scared of shit, so don’t be scared of me.” 


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I was replaying Catherine the video game yesterday and I had to make an AU about it. Vincent would be Vincent, Doll would be Catherine, Phone Guy would be Katherine (shut up, I think it fits), Mike would be Orlando, Jeremy would be Tobias, Fritz would be Johnny and Boss would be the Boss (obviously).

mysticbaconslice (please tell me you’ve played this game)

Les Amis and stuffed animals
  • Enjolras - he has a rooster that courf gave him as a joke but it has a permanent place beside his pillow, he also has a stuffed animal replica of his childhood cat, it looks just like him, fluffy yellow fur, bright blue eyes, and a vaguely pissed off expression, but enjolras swears it is the sweetest looking thing ever
  • Combeferre - he was the kid who dragged a giant multicolored blanket around with him everywhere and he still has it, his grandmother knitted it for him and he loves it more than anything, he tried to pretend the first week of college by folding it up at the end of his dorm bed but after seeing courf and enj with their stuffed animals (and being extremely sleep deprived without it) he dropped the act and went back to sleeping with it
  • Courfeyrac - care bears. So many. He has all different sizes and as many different colors as he can find. He also has a plush of every animal companion from every disney movie ever but care bears are his passion he knows their real names but has named several after his friends, whenever a friend is sick or sad courf happily brings them the bear named after them
  • Joly - he and bousset went together and made a build-a-bear dinosaur that is dressed up like a doctor, it keeps other stuffed animals company when they need to be fixed up, joly is the resident teddy bear doctor among the friends, he also has an old raggedy bunny that he cuddles with when he feels sick
  • Bousset - a teddy bear from his childhood that has nearly as many scars and boo boos as he does and of course doctor joly is always more than happy to help patch it up, it looks a little bit like chuckie’s bear from the second rugrats movie, a torn ear, different colored button eyes, arms and legs that have fallen off and been sewn back on more times than he can count
  • Bahorel - is extremely proud of his stuffed animal collection and his lady that he got from disneyland his freshman year of college is his pride and joy, he is 100% the type of person who tries to hold every single one of his stuffed animals at once while he sleeps so no one feels left out (toy story messed him up)
  • Feuilly - never had many toys growing up in the orphanage and didnt have much spare money to spend on a luxury like that but for his first christmas with the whole group his secret santa (it was totally enjolras) got him a white tailed eagle plush (the national bird of poland) and when feuilly lived with bahorel for a while he was given a tramp plush to go with bahorel’s lady
  • Jehan - a mix of the softest largest most cuddly animals ever (bunnies kittens and teddy bears bigger than bahorel) and home made fabric dolls that are mildly terrifying (think scrump from lilo and stitch) it’s a mystery how they manage to find room to sleep on their bed
  • Grantaire - he was never huge on stuffed animals but sleeps with a pillow in his arms curled up around it, of course he still has a large collection of small keychains with plushies on them from his friends, sometimes when he is having a bad day his friends will bring all of their stuffed animals over and form a huge comfortable cuddle pile until he feels better
  • Marius - his grandfather thought stuffed animals were too childish and ridiculous so marius never had any growing up, of course this didnt settle well with courf who immediately ran to build-a-bear (leaving a befuddled marius standing in his living room) and personally made him a puppy with love (the two frequently buy the puppy new outfits together) and marius burst into tears when he saw it for the first time, it sleeps with him and cosette every night
  • Cosette - her doll Catherine sits on her dresser, she no longer sleeps with it but loves to know that it’s still watching over her (and marius is the only teddy bear she could ever need because cosette absolutely sleeps like an octopus)

When Fantine discovers that she cannot take Cosette with her, Fantine asks Madame Hucheloup to take care of Cosette. Madam Hucheloup is delighted to care for Cosette, and fawns over her. She braids Cosette’s hair with flowers she finds on the road, and offers small sips of coffee while they giggle over the adventures of Cosette’s doll, Catherine. Sometimes, Cosette will take over the Musain because she wants to learn what Madame Hucheloup knows, and eventually, because she finds it fun to be in the hustle and bustle of the cafe.

When Fantine next meets Cosette, Fantine fears that Cosette has forgotten her, but Cosette, having read all of her mother’s letters, greets her Mother Fantine with an embrace.