catherine de valois


You: Mother, please stop it.

Catherine: Just wait a minute. I just need to put this curl back a little more-

You: I’m sure a suitor won’t mind if there’s one little hair out of place!

Catherine: All I am trying to do is create the best possible future for you.

You: I know and I am grateful.

Catherine: As you should be. Now come on. We wouldn’t want to be late.


Henry/Catherine in Narnia or whatever this place is, requested by anon

Mon Chèr (Sequel to Mon Cœur), A Henry V one-shot


FANDOM: The Hollow Crown/ Shakespeare’s Henry V

CHARACTERS: Henry V (Hal) and Catherine of Valois

SUMMARY: Harry returns from war to find that Kate has a surprise for him.


TYPE: One-shot

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Author’s Note: I forgot to put the chapter in the queue! Oh shit, oh shit, sorry!

So, according to the timeline of the Hundred Years War, I could not have the two things I wanted the most: Catherine telling Harry she was pregnant, and Harry being there when Henry was born. I looked at the timeline long and hard, then basically said ‘fuck you’. So the whole timeline has been royally fucked up, and let us just consider that instead of dying in August, Harry made it home in, like, June or something, okay? If Shakespeare can ignore key historical details for literary license, then dammit, so can I. I am only following the Bard’s example. Oh, also, spoiler alert: Harry doesn’t die, because I love him a lot more than good ol’ William S. did.

And I found a livejournal detailing royal childbirth in medieval times, which I might need later. Thank you @purplexparadise, for the French line in there… x

Catherine was living in a nightmare.

Her present circumstances were such that sleep was a fond memory of the past, and she dared not close her eyes for fear of invoking ghoulish visions of blood and gore and battlefields. Instead, she spent all her days praying, and her nights tossing and turning in bed. The court was filled with people who saw her with hatred and contempt, but she persevered. She was no longer a child but a queen, and she was well aware she was not well-liked at court. Instead of pandering to wealthy nobles in an effort to woo their support, Catherine spent her days gathering gossip from her ladies-in-waiting.

Thomas, the Duke of Clarence, was dead, and her husband was on the warpath.

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