catherine be quiet

So there’s a youtube family that I watch called bratayley, they vlog their lives every single day and I’ve been watching them for like 3-4 years. Seeing the kids Caleb, Annie and Hayley grow up. They’re wonderful kids, and they seem like such a great family.

They have now announced that 13 year old Caleb HAS DIED. I am beyond shock. He just passed away in his sleep or something. I cannot believe that beautiful, funny, sweetheart of a boy no longer exists. And I keep thinking of his sisters, how are they coping with this they are 10 and 7 years old! The most wonderful girls, to put this kind of grief into their small lives is horrible. And his dad who he shared a baseball interest with. Now he’s gone. I keep thinking about them trying to wake him up, finding him dead and I just cannot. This wonderful family, and their wonderful son who would have grown up so great. Jesus Christ how is this real.

I needed to vent about this. I am sick to my stomach that Caleb is gone. It is truly unbelievable.

I just got home from the color run, and I’m proud to say that I ran the whole 5km without ever stopping or walking 😃 even when they threw green powder straight into my face and I was blind for a couple of seconds. The whole run took about 20 minutes haha. I have now showered and I’m pretty sure my hair has not been colored at all. I’m pretty disappointed about that actually lol. But it was fun :).

so my family and I were gonna go on a road trip today and we drove for a bit until my aunt had to get gas and she accidentally filled the car with diesel, and well…we didn’t get much further after that

while waiting for help me and my cousins played in the kid area of a remote Burger King and now we’re on the train back home

so what was supposed to be an all day excursion ended after two hours

jesus fucking christ jennifer is nominated for an oscar again! she sure knows how to pick her movies doesn’t she. her career is just unbelievable, she gets nominated for everything and always wins, it’s going so fast. i’m like is she really that good in american hustle? it’s silver lining all over again. it’s just so crazy.

So apparently queen Amy Poehler has a brother that lives in Sweden cause he married a Swedish girl, and he and Amy have co-created a tv show called Welcome to Sweden which Amy is guest appearing in along with Will Ferrell!! the show is produced by a Swedish company but has also been picked up by NBC to be shown in America.

He and Amy have also started a production company named Syskon, which is the Swedish word for siblings. 

I’m sorry but i just think this is really cool.