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This is, AGAIN, @ames-78‘s fault. I REPEAT, I am not good at singing (and that’s the understatement of the century!). HOWEVER, pounds are being donated in honor of this courageous gesture that involves exposing my ridiculous self (I might delete these later because I might need a job one day). Forgive me, my friends, but OVER £7700 (I kid you not) have been donated so far. 3 HOURS TO GO.

Also, the new chapter of Playing House - The Christmas Episodes is OUT AND ABOUT.

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History » Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr was the 6th and last wife of Henry VIII. She was born around 1512 in Kendal, and in 1527 at the age of 15 married Edward Borough. He died in 1533, and in the following year she married John Nevill, Lord Latimer, of Snape in Yorkshire. During the Pilgrimage of Grace the Nevill family was held hostage by the rebels.

Following the death of her second husband she was employed in the household of Mary, Henry’s daughter by Catherine of Aragon, where Catherine was introduced to the King. She began a relationship with Thomas Seymour, brother of Henry’s previous wife Jane Seymour, but when Henry proposed she accepted him instead and Catherine and Henry were married on 12 July 1543.

Queen Katharine was nearly universally liked. She was learned, with a keen intellect; she was virtuous, a great conversationalist, and she treated everyone with respect and warmth, regardless of station. Catherine brought a quiet family life to the aging king, and was responsible to reconciling him with his daughters Mary and Elizabeth whom he had previously disowned, and developed a good relationship with his son Edward. She was appointed regent in 1544 while Henry went on his last unsuccessful expedition to France. Catherine was deeply religious and although brought up a Catholic she embraced the new protestant faith and had strong reforming convictions. These brought her into conflict with Bishop Stephen Gardiner and Thomas Wriothesley who tried to turn Henry against her, but she survived.

Henry died on 28 January 1547, and she became a widow for the third time. She was now free to marry her former love Thomas Seymour. Childless after three marriages she became pregnant for the first time at the age of 35, but after giving birth to a daughter she died of complication following the birth at Sudeley castle on 5 September 1548.


Northanger Abbey: Catherine Morland [ISFP]

Fi: Catherine is rather quiet and self-contained. She is sweet but doesn’t easily share her emotions with others – her ideas, yes, but not her innermost feelings except under stress. Catherine makes decisions according to how she feels in a matter; she changes her mind about riding out because she thinks she may have been slighted; she’s very concerned that others think well of her and hurries to apologize for her mistakes; she explores Mrs. Tilney’s rooms because she wants to see them, in spite of them being forbidden.

Se: She is excited by such things as cricket and horseback riding. Catherine likes exciting things – she gets a rush from reading romantic gothic fiction. She is rarely bored, since she can make up thrilling things to think about in the present moment. But she is also practical and observant – she quickly sees Captain Tilney’s interest in her friend.

Ni: Her imagination conjures up elaborate, dramatic visions of peril in which she is the primary heroine. Catherine is a dreamer; she comes up with grand ideas and lives them all out in her head. She often knows what will happen later, without conscious current awareness of it (she knew her friend and Captain Tilney would become lovers and jilt her brother). When presented with a mysterious current situation, Catherine works backward to what happened to Mrs. Tilney – she’s wrong, but she still reasoned back to the source.

Te: Not asking questions gets Catherine into trouble. She struggles to be wholly rational, but when left on the crossroads in the middle of the night, she successfully manages her own journey home. She soberly realizes how silly she has been, and seeks to amend her mistakes. Catherine is a woman of action, who decides what she wants and sets out to see it.

My 15 year old cousin just texted me asking if she can borrow my Harry Potter books cause she’s started reading them! PROUD MAMA FEELS

Then she reveals she has also read Divergent and she wants to borrow Insurgent and Allegiant and I’m like TAKE MY BOOKS, READ THEM AND THEN COME TALK TO ME

So there’s a youtube family that I watch called bratayley, they vlog their lives every single day and I’ve been watching them for like 3-4 years. Seeing the kids Caleb, Annie and Hayley grow up. They’re wonderful kids, and they seem like such a great family.

They have now announced that 13 year old Caleb HAS DIED. I am beyond shock. He just passed away in his sleep or something. I cannot believe that beautiful, funny, sweetheart of a boy no longer exists. And I keep thinking of his sisters, how are they coping with this they are 10 and 7 years old! The most wonderful girls, to put this kind of grief into their small lives is horrible. And his dad who he shared a baseball interest with. Now he’s gone. I keep thinking about them trying to wake him up, finding him dead and I just cannot. This wonderful family, and their wonderful son who would have grown up so great. Jesus Christ how is this real.

I needed to vent about this. I am sick to my stomach that Caleb is gone. It is truly unbelievable.

I just got home from the color run, and I’m proud to say that I ran the whole 5km without ever stopping or walking 😃 even when they threw green powder straight into my face and I was blind for a couple of seconds. The whole run took about 20 minutes haha. I have now showered and I’m pretty sure my hair has not been colored at all. I’m pretty disappointed about that actually lol. But it was fun :).

jesus fucking christ jennifer is nominated for an oscar again! she sure knows how to pick her movies doesn’t she. her career is just unbelievable, she gets nominated for everything and always wins, it’s going so fast. i’m like is she really that good in american hustle? it’s silver lining all over again. it’s just so crazy.