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Lola and Narcisse’s marriage is in ruin. She knows he is not there when he’s laying besides her. His throughts are elsewhere and she loves him too much to ask why. It kills her inside to know she’s not the strong independent woman, advisor, she used to be. All that just because she fell in love and is afraid of losing another husband. So she lives her life in the castle with her queen and her son. 

One day a knight from spain arrives with the looks of a pirate and the heart of a lion. He is quite handsome and intrigued by the sad look on the lady’s face. But he tells himself to stay away, she is married after all and he is honorable. That is until he sees her husband with Catherine de Medici which makes him understand her sadness. So he takes the risk to get to know this gorgeous lady with the haunted smile. She deserves more, so he thinks. She is a strong one - He can tell from watching her with Queen Mary. So he  wants to bring a radiant smile back to her beautiful face. Lady Lola is quite happy with the attention, feels drawn to him by whatever reason and opens up day by day. He brings out a side in her that has been burried for a while. 

They just match beautifully. Even if it is just for a short while. 

Dear Alex,
Don’t be an asshole and listen to Jo, let her finish, before saying any of your asshole-y words.

Dear Jo,
Just tell Alex already, come on, maybe your husband will get prosecuted too and grey’s can turn into a show about trials, that’d be fun.

Dear Meredith,
Tell Maggie you slept with Riggs, you just told her you won’t lie and then you lied after literally 2 minutes. Also, the least you can do is root for omelia, hours ago you were telling amelia she might be right and we can have more than 1 love, stop being so bipolar.

Dear Riggs,
Slow down, okay? And maybe stop being that attractive.

Dear Amelia and Owen,
CONGRATULATIONS BABIES and now give us actual babies, it’s time, you’re moving too fast already, and everyone on grey’s got babies at the v wrong time, you could too.

Dear Japril,
Continue being cute, don’t screw it up, thanks.

Dear Catherine,
I used to love you, stop being a stuck up bitch.

Dear Arizona,
You should be there to help Alex. I miss you. Hope you’re having fun in NY

Dear Bailey,
Nothing, I love you.

Dear Ben,
Man, stop being so irrelevant ???

fantasy book recs, as told by my dash

a couple days ago, i asked people to rec fantasy book that were written by women and starred a woman protagonist. since finding these sorts of books is something of a Recurring Problem for me, i figured i’d make a list of all the books! i organized as best i could, let me know if something’s goofy!

author recs
ilona andrews (my rec– wife/husband writing duo)
leigh bardugo (my rec)
n.k. jemisin
shannon hale
kameron hurley
ursula leguin
anne mccaffrey
robin mckinley
tamora pierce
lj smith
patricia c. wrede

high or historical fantasy (alphabetical by title)
the firekeeper saga | jane lindskold
girl of fire and thorns | rae carson
graceling | kristin cashore
a great and terrible beauty | libba bray
the grisha trilogy | leigh bardugo (my rec)
howl’s moving castle | dianna wynne jones
the naming | allison croggon
princess ben | catherine gilbert murdock
the queen’s thief series | megan whalen turner (not a lady protag, but lots of awesome ladies)
seraphina + shadow scale | rachel hartman
six of crows | leigh bardugo (my rec)
sevenwaters series | juliet marillier (my rec, dark/triggering themes for book one: daughter of the forest)
snow like ashes | sarah raasch
the sunbolt chronicles | inistar khanani (my rec)
thorn | inistar khanani (my rec)
the water trilogy | kara dalkey

bel dame apocrypha series | kameron hurley (dark themes/graphic)
brother to dragons, companion to owls | jane lindskold
deathless | catherynne valente (folklore)
deerskin | robin mckinley (warning: dark themes)
the elements: descension | lauren drube (available on inkshare)
the hero and the crown | robin mckinley
the hundred thousand kingdoms | n.k. jemisin
the fifth season | n.k. jemisin (rec’d multiple times!)
parasol protectorate series | gail carriger (steampunk)
the spiritwalker trilogy | kate elliot
the study series | maria snyder (warning: dark themes)
the tombs of atuan | ursula leguin
uprooted | naomi novik (warning: sex/violence)

urban fantasy
the darkest part of the forest | holly black
the lynburg legacy | sarah rees brennan
the mortal instruments/infernal devices | cassandra clare
shadowfalls (born at midnight) | cc hunter
shatter me series | tahereh mafi

alex craft series | kalayna price (my rec)
the broom closet mysteries | marianna roberg (irish mythology + paranormal)
the edge series | ilona andrews (my rec)
kate daniels series | ilona andrews (my rec)

honorable mentions for dudes writing lady protags who don’t suck
the craft sequence series | max gladstone (urban fantasy/adult)