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After baby Malcolm, this was the obvious choice for upgraded gifs.  And this is definitely a time when I don’t mind being obvious.  Because yeah.

(And since I also don’t mind repeating myself…)

Larry should do us all such favors. And Elly, what could you possibly have been thinking letting him get away?


It’s been far too long since I last looked at you, Larry Blakeson, with your jumpers and your face and your cynicism and your lovesick pining and your early 1990s phone blagging and dark arts knowledge that (when you put on a suit and tie) very much blur the line between you and your tabloid journalist doppelgänger who would one day grow up to be Malcolm Tucker.

Six onscreen episodes of you was just not enough. :(
BLOG - Féministes, nous ne voulons pas du Front national. Nous votons Emmanuel Macron !
L'élection de Marine Le Pen à la présidentielle serait une défaite pour les femmes. Il ne suffit pas d'en être une pour défendre leurs droits. Son programme en est la négation même.

La ministre Laurence Rossignol et des féministes de la société civile signent un appel. 

Les signataires:

Laurence ROSSIGNOL, Ministre des Familles, de l'Enfance et des Droits des femmes

Yvette ROUDY, ancienne ministre des Droits des femmes

Dominique ATTIAS, vice-bâtonnière de Paris

Aline AUBERTIN, présidente de l'association Femmes Ingénieurs

Bouchera AZZOUZ, réalisatrice, présidente de l'association Féminisme populaire

Jérôme BALLARIN, président de l'Observatoire de l'équilibre des temps et de la parentalité en entreprise (OPE)

Laurence BELDOWKSI, responsable de Toutes Femmes Toutes Communicantes (TFTC)

Miren BENGOA, présidente du Comité ONU Femmes France

Djemila BENHABIB, écrivaine

Elizabeth BOURGINE, comédienne

Danielle BOUSQUET, Présidente du Haut Conseil à l'Egalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes, députée honoraire

Zabou BREITMAN, comédienne, réalisatrice, metteuse en scène

Pascale BREUGNOT, cheffe d'entreprise audiovisuelle Ego Productions

Laure CAILLE, secrétaire générale de l'association Libres Mariannes

Sedef ECER, auteure, metteure en scène

Fatima EL OUASDI, présidente-fondatrice de Politiquelles

Julie GAYET, comédienne, productrice

Claude du GRANDRUT, magistrate E.R

Brigitte GRESY, experte des questions d'égalité

Annie GUILBERTEAU, directrice générale de la Fédération nationale des centres d'information sur les droits des femmes (CNIDDF)

Ghada HATEM-GANTZER, gynécologue-obstétricienne, Maison des Femmes de Saint-Denis

Christophe HONORE, écrivain, réalisateur, metteur en scène

Delphine HORVILLEUR, rabbin

Agnès JAOUI, comédienne, scénariste, réalisatrice

Françoise LABORDE, présidente de l'association Pour les femmes dans les médias (PFDM)

Catherine LADOUSSE, co-fondatrice et présidente de l'association du Cercle InterElles

Emmanuelle LARROQUE, CEO - Gender Equality expert Social Builder

Frédérique MATONTI, universitaire

Caroline MECARY, avocate

Marie-Castille MENTION-SCHAAR, productrice, réalisatrice

Blandine METAYER, actrice, autrice

Marie-Rose MORO, universitaire, pédopsychiatre

Françoise MORVAN, présidente de la Coordination française pour le lobby européen des femmes

Sarah OURAHMOUNE, championne du monde de boxe

Marie-Françoise POTEREAU, présidente de l'association Femix'Sports

Audrey PULVAR, journaliste

Nasser RAMDANE- FERRADJ, militant associatif

Bouchra REJANI, dirigeante de société de production audiovisuelle

Michèle SABBAN, présidente du R20 “Accord pour le climat”

Thaima SAMMAN, avocate, présidente du réseau de femmes européennes WIL

Claudine SCHMUCK, présidente du groupe Informatique et Télécom de Sciences-Po Alumni

Fabienne SERVAN-SCHREIBER, productrice de films

Annie SUGIER, présidente de la Ligue du droit international des femmes (LDIF)

Bruno SOLO, comédien, metteur en scène

Martine STORTI, essayiste

Laura TENOUDJI, journaliste

Irène THERY, sociologue, présidente du rapport “Filiation, origines, parentalité”

Salwa TOKO, présidente de l'association Wifilles

Karine TUIL, écrivaine

Pascale VION, CESE, groupe Mutualité

David Tennant - being adorable on Chatty Man

Happy Tennant Tuesday (or whatever day this post finds you)

anonymous asked:

Right all this drama needs to stop, it all started cos some people got added to a group chat, it was funny but then people started saying things that offended people, although I'm still trying to understand why the girls group got involved (apart from catherine) cos nothing was said about them, the comments were aimed at the boys who were taking the piss. Let's just stop with all the anons and comments and just forget about the whole thing cos it was only a joke in the start 😌

Funny joke been called a nobody


Chandler & Co Series 2*, finally the answer to what happened with Larry (and Elly)

I think I know now why Peter thinks he was in Chandler & Co. series 2: his rather brooding passport pictures show up twice AND there’s the infamous voiceover cameo.  Put those two things together and that’s totally the same as actually acting in the episode.  Well, isn’t it?

*oh yes, finally, at long last, and so on et cetera!  With the video proof in the next post that’s coming right up.

So it turns out that the infamous voiceover isn’t in fact an answering machine message as I’d previously thought it was (thereby leaving The Voice of Important Plot Weather as the king of recorded voices), but is actually us hearing Larry’s voice as Elly reads a letter sent by him to explain why she went out one night to pick up some takeaway and came back to find all of his stuff (including his debts) there, but him gone

It’s not exactly a satisfying ending – although it does completely resolve the will they won’t they series 1 cliffhanger – and the part where his pictures are literally put in the bin (not by Elly, if you’re wondering) in case we don’t get that he’s not coming back is not exactly subtle, but at least it is an ending, which is more than can be said about Dee, where there’s not one word of explanation for why she’s no longer there, just a blurry shot of her and her annoying husband and children on Elly’s desk (now located in Larry’s loft, if you’re wondering).

[And so how do you gif something if the main person you’re interested in isn’t physically in the episode?  Why, the answer is simple: put in some important Elly/Larry gifs from series 1, and then add the only sightings of his face in 201, plus a bit from 201 where Elly snuggles with Larry’s most favorite of his many many favorite jumpers and there you go!]