Cathedral of the Transfiguration

(not my photo, click for source)

I pass by this at least once a week on my way to the office but I’ve never noticed it until about a week ago when I took an unintentional detour and got half-lost one morning. it’s now the highlight of my drive everyday because I seriously cannot stop staring at it (which is totally a driving hazard - 404 drivers beware! >8D). it’s so gorgeous and it stands out so much because there's  NOTHING next to it, just flat empty land, though I believe the Cathedraltown development is still going on in the nearby area.

one day I will bring my camera and purposely get lost again. WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME? :D

EDIT: also! look what I found! NIGHT VIEW <3

EDIT II: @starz&hopex: it is empty now but I’m not sure if it’s finished on the inside. apparently, the bishop ran out in 2009 after land disputes so it’s not even technically a cathedral although it boasts being the only cathedral in North America to have been blessed by a pope.

Just enabled “let people ask question”, got a question asking my favorite spot.  Quickly posted the answer: Cathedraltown.

For the past year or so, I have been spending time in Cathedraltown, Markham. Enjoyed working in the area.  Love the neighbourhood (still under development). The new urbanism concept, Georgian design, area planning with the backdrop of the Cathedral of Transfiguration are inspiring.

Here is one of the photos TheTeam snapped during the summer 2010.  I will post more images of this stunning place.