Wouldn’t you say this is worth a bumpy ride of 60+ miles lasting about eight hours?! Zoom in to see how tiny the white SUV (bottom right) is by comparison! The Cathedral Valley drive in Capitol Reef National Park has to be one of the most awesome drives in the world! - Harry #TempleOfTheSun #TempleOfTheMoon #OffRoad

  • istefpayne Getting lost in the gorgeous #sunset skies over the monoliths in Upper Cathedral Valley, @capitolreefnps in #Utah. That the geologic beasts stand so strong against the colorful sky system is my fave. 😍

A new lady has arrived in Dragon Valley…
Judithea bunch!

A nun, a put the fear of god in you abbess. Strict, hard working and extremely antisupernatural, she believes she was put here to bring in all the poor souls who can be converted and to drown those who won’t!

I could not resist after the bio for Boobmerta mentioned Judithea Bunch. I had to! She’s going to live at the library/cathedral in dragon valley where she can preach, torment and hide bodies in the cellars 😂

St Trudpert’s Abbey - Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

St Trudperts is a former Benedictine monastery at the foot of the Black Forest. The church features crosses from the 13th century, and the library houses texts from the early 12th century, although there is evidence that the Abbey was established much earlier than that. After being abandoned numerous times due to various wars, the Abbey is now run by the Sisters of St Joseph of Saint-Marc, who have greatly restored the building. 



Get to the Sierra Nevada mountains now! Enjoy the amazing mountains as they transform during Spring. The flowers are blooming and the weather is beyond gorgeous. The waterfalls in Yosemite are at or close to peak right now because of the snowmelt. Some of the waterfalls will be a trickle by August. Avoid the crowds and go on a weekday if at all possible. The crowds often quadruple on the weekends. I have another post I’ll put up shortly with some camping tips.