cathedral of florence


La cupola del Brunelleschi con la neve da lucesucarta
Tramite Flickr:
Firenze 19/12/09

Florence Cathedral- Italy

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is the main church in Florence. Construction of this Gothic style icon began in 1296, and was completed in 1436. The cathedral is not only one of the biggest churches in Italy, but one of the biggest in the world. 

The exterior of the building features marble panels, in shades of pink, green and white. The cathedrals Crypt is the burial site of Pope Nicholas II and Pope Stephen IX, as well as Filippo Brunelleschi, who designed the Cathedrals famous dome. 

It’s annoying as hell seeing that factoid about Oxford University being older than the Aztec Empire and people being like whoooaaaa duuude like holy fuck that’s about as interesting as pointing out that Oxford is older than the Renaissance. And what’s even fucking worse is that there’s some post floating around on this website where someone mixed up the Aztecs with the Maya and misled a bunch of people into thinking that Oxford is older than Maya civilization!

  • The first Maya cities developed around 750 BCE, just around the time of the legendary founding of Rome.
  • Around 500 to 300 BCE, Maya society increased in complexity, with cities gaining monumental architecture and the first written records appearing. At the same time, Egypt was experiencing its last gasp as a politically independent civilization.
  • Around 250 CE, Maya culture was reaching new heights, with the complicated Long Count calendar in widespread use, far-flung trade routes developing, city-states engaging in alliances and rivalries, and an enormous artistic and architectural output being made, rather akin to Renaissance Italy. At the same time across the Atlantic, the influence of Christianity was increasing and the Roman Empire was in chaos.
  • Around 900 CE, the Classic Maya period came to a close, with cities being abandoned, dynasties being overthrown, and political organization collapsing, possibly caused by warfare and environmental factors. The Roman Empire was long gone in western Europe by now.
  • Oxford University was founded in 1096 CE. In Mesoamerica, the Toltecs flourished at their capital of Tollan.
  • The Mexica people entered the valley of Mexico around 1250 CE, two decades after the crowns of Castile and León were permanently united, and during the height of Gothic architecture in western Europe.
  • Tenochtitlan was founded by the Mexica in 1325 CE, a couple decades before the Black Death hit Europe.
  • The Aztec Empire did not begin until 1428 CE, around the same time the Inca Empire was founded, and just before Joan of Arc’s brief military career and subsequent capture and burning at the stake.
  • The Great Temple of Tenochtitlan was built in the middle of the 1400s CE, just as Brunelleschi was engineering the dome of the Cathedral of Florence and the Wars of the Roses were ravaging England.
  • Tlatoani (or emperor) Moctezuma II conducted his successful military campaigns in the first two decades of the 1500s, just as Pope Julius II undertook campaigns in central Italy and commissioned the rebuilding of St. Peter’s and the Sistine Chapel.
  • Martin Luther began what became the Reformation in 1517, just three years before the fall of the Aztec Empire to a coalition of Mesoamerican subject peoples and a small contingent of Spanish troops.