cathedral interior


                                          The Sound Of Heaven

1. Baroque organ, St. Jacob’s Cathedral, Innsbruck 

2. Kaliningrad, Russia, Pipe Organ

3. Vienna Synagogue,Vienna Austria

4. Granada Cathedral, Granada Spain

5. Pipe Organ at Lezajsk Basilica Poland

6. Malaga Cathedral. Malaga Spain

7. Jordi Bosch Cathedral Palma De Mallorca Spain


                                        The Sound Of Heaven (Part 2)

1. La Mezquita, Cordoba Spain

2. Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, Passau Germany

3. Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire England

4. Berlinerdom, Berlin Germany

5. Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney Cathedral

6. Roskilde Cathedral, Zealand Denmark

7. San Giovanni Laterano, Rome Italy