cathedral catholic high school

Track Meet: UCHS @ CCHS

At my first track meet as a Varsity thrower, I’d say I performed admirably!

Here’s how the day went:

  • Woke up
  • School lol
  • Left school at around 11.00. Panda took Joel, Phuc, Gab, and me to Five Guys. Had a pretty amazing burger. Yum.
  • Went to Bookstar and read. I saw Hark! A Vagrant! and Go the Fuck to Sleep! I must say those are some fantastic books.
  • Headed to Cathedral Catholic High School.
  • Showed up and sat there for a while.
  • Started competing around 2.45.
  • I threw and swagged it out, throwing 100’ 8,5"! A great day for me, beating my previous personal record by 12’ 2,5".
  • Got 6th place out of 9, though.
  • Disappointed I couldn’t help much for my team, I headed back up and started to get warmed up for shot put.
  • Track meet was then cancelled due to an outbreak of MRSA.
  • Ended up going with Gab and her padre to Jamba Juice and Rite Aid.
  • Traffic on the way home.
  • Got home.
  • #swag

The greatest thing about the CCHS community is it’s ability to rally together during times of uneasiness. You don’t see this kind of thing everyday, students and faculty gathering together in prayer to ease burdens and suffering. The power of prayer cannot be underestimated. With confidence I know that our faith community offers its most genuine support to you. May you make a full recovery and feel the healing presence of God.