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Request: I love your writing so glad you opened requests! :)  Could I ask for a Finnick X reader with “You’re the only one I trust to do this.” please? xx

Title: Love can be found in the strangest of time

Pairing: Finnick x Reader

Fandom: Hunger Games

Witer: Jupiter

The Games were cruel.

If there was one thing you had learned from you time in the Arena, it would be to not trust anyone around you, because before you would know it you would end up with a knife in your back as the other person would claim their victory. You had seen it multiple times on the TV, when you were still in your District with your family, and you had even see  it happen  in person. Because you, (Y/n) (L/n) from District 4, were the winner of the 69th Hunger Games, survivor of the Deathly Dessert. You had seen more death and destruction than anyone else from your District, and it were those memories from fallen candidates that had made you strong. The innocent person you had once been was gone now, the memories of a better time fading away with every life you had taken. That was what the Games did to you, they turned you into a killer.

‘But even killers and survivors have weaknesses,’ You realised as you groaned from the pain, your eyes sliding towards the knife that was sticking out of your middle. The spot around it was now covered in thick, red blood as you tried to stop the flow by pressing your hand against it. It wasn’t the first time you had suffered from an injury while being in the Arena, but that didn’t make the pain any less. You silently cursed yourself as you thought about how you had lowered your guard for a minute, just in time for another Tribute to stick a knife in your side and giving you an unpleasant surprise while doing so. It had been a stupid mistake, a mistake a Victor like you shouldn’t have made. But these weren’t the usual Games anyways. These were the 75th Hunger Games, which meant that you were now surrounded by Victors from previous years instead of greenies who had never even hold a knife before. And that exact the reason why you should have been more careful.

'You could have died back there,’ You thought as you pressed your hand a bit tighter against your wound, flinching while doing so. 'You would have died, if it hadn’t been for Finnick to show up just in time.’

It seemed the odds had been in your favour for once. The moment the tribute had stuck his knife in your side, his other hand grabbing your waist to prevent you from running away, your friend and ally Finnick Odair had come back just in time from his search for food and had thrown his trident straight into the back of the man. If he had only hesitated for a second, you would have been dead. But this was Finnick you were talking about, a man just as dangerous as you and every other trained candidate in here. But talking about Finnick…Why was he taking so long?

’'Finnick!” You called out, making sure your voice wasn’t loud enough for unwanted guests to hear. As you tried to sit up a bit straighter against the tree Finnick had placed you against before he had left to grab some bandages from your temporary resting place, you tried to focus your eyes on your surroundings to see if you saw a glimpse of your friend in the green vegetation around you. With a sight, you realised he was nowhere to be seen yet, and you really hoped for him to hurry up. Because with every second passing, you felt your body become weaker and weaker from the blood loss, and you decided to call out for him once more, your voice filled with irritation this time.


“Alright, alright! Calm down, princess, I’m on my way.”

You sighted in relief as you heard his familiar voice coming from behind the trees. Not much later, Finnick Odair stepped out of the green background, with a white bandage in his hands. He flashed you an apologising smile as he walked closer to you, even though his eyes were filled with worry at the sight of your with blood covered sight. In an attempt to lighten up the situation a bit, you threw him an annoyed glance.

“Leave it to Finnick Odair to take his time when his friend is laying here with a knife sticking out of her side. Thanks a lot, by the way.”

Finnick shook his head at your sarcastic comment, wondering how you managed to keep your wit even in a situation like this, while he kneeled down next to you.

“Sure, don’t thank the guy who put his ass in danger while trying to get bandages in order to save your life. Way to win a guys heart, drama queen.”

You tried to stick out your tongue as a response, but the movement your body made while doing so only caused a new flash of pain to rip through your side, causing you to whimper once again. You saw how Finnick’s eyes filled with worry while you did you, and you tried to flash him a small smile to tell him you were alright. Sadly enough, you smile only turned into a grimace as you flinched when you felt another sting coming from your wound.

“Just take the knife out of me already,” You told him eventually, while biting your teeth. The longer the thing would stick into you, the harder it would to heal eventually. From his place next to you, Finnick nodded as he reached his hands closer to the knife, trying to find the best way to pull it out without any unnecessary harm.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked you in a soft voice, his eyes filled with concentration as he placed the bandage next to him. “This will hurt more than anything else, are you sure you can handle it?”

You huffed in offense as you let your eyes glide over his posture. “Oh please, you do realise against who you’re talking to, right?”

Finnick let out a tense chuckle as he pulled back his hands, his eyes locking with your (e/c) ones again. The teasing glare had disappeared, leaving only a serious glare behind in his beautiful orbs. His glare made you aware of the seriousness of the situation, and you gulped nervously before opening your mouth again, your voice sounding more tense than before:

“Just do it.”

Finnick took a deep breath at your words, his long hands reaching for the knife once again. His next words however, caused a new feeling to flash through your heart.

“I don’t want to hurt you, (Y/n),” Finnick spoke in a soft but tender voice. His eyes looked down at the knife sticking out of your side, and you saw a glimpse of uncertainty in them.

“Finnick,” You said, your voice hoarse but soft. “If you don’t do this, I’ll die. It already hurts like a bitch anyways, so much damage you won’t do. Please…You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

Finnick’s eyes snapped up at your words as he noticed the seriousness of your voice. With a sight, he nodded in defeat.

“Alright than,” He whispered, giving you an apologizing look. “Be very still, princess. Here it goes…”

Slowly, his hands took hold of the knife, pulling it slowly but steady out of your middle. The sudden feeling of the sharp blade slashing through your flesh once again caused a whole new level of pain to rip through your body and you let out a raw scream of agony, as you tried your best not to move. Your scream caused Finnick to flinch a bit, but his trained hands didn’t tremble as he slowly pulled the knife out of your body, before quickly throwing it away and reaching for the bandage.

Silent tears ran over your cheeks as you bit your tongue in order not to scream again. The knife was out of you, but now the blood could flow freely. Luckily, Finnick was quick and in a swift motion he wrapped in bandage around your middle, stopping the blood from flowing out of your wound. In around a minute, your waist had been wrapped in a white bandage, even though it felt like hours to you. When Finnick was finally done, you let out a sigh of relief as you let your head rest against the three, while closing your eyes. It was over, thank god.

It was Finnick’s soft voice that caused you to open your eyes again.

“(Y/n)?” He mumbled, as he softly placed his hand on your cheek and leaned in a bit, causing a blush to rise to you face. “I’m sorry for hurting you, but you’re going to be alright now.”

You were finally able to give him a small smile back, looking into his beautiful eyes. Suddenly, you were aware of how close the two of you were right now, as you were even able to feel his warm breath on your face. Your eyes flicked to his soft, plumb lips for a moment as you felt butterflies in your stomach, something that felt a lot better than a knife.

“Thank you,” You whispered gratefully, not able to speak out loud. You saw how Finnick smiled at your words, a beautiful smile you had grown to love, before he suddenly leaned in and kissed you. His lips felt as soft as you had imagined them to be, and you couldn’t help but kiss him back immediately. His lips tasted a bit salty and even a bit bloody because of the things the two of you had crossed paths with, and you were sure your face wasn’t any better, but despite that it was a perfect kiss.

When the two of you finally pulled apart, you were both panting from the lack of breath, but your eyes were shining for the first time since you had entered the Games. As you gave Finnick a small smile, you didn’t care about the fact that there were probably multiple camera’s watching you. Maybe the two of you were even projected on a huge screen in the Capitol, who would know?

It was the shot of a canon that ripped you out of your fairytale like situation and brought you back to the reality of the situation. Finnick took a hold of your hand and helped you to get up, which you did with a grim face because of the pain. Finnick gave you a look of concern as he squeezed your hand, scanning your surroundings while doing so. You gave him a nod, indicating you were alright, and he answered with a smile. In a swift motion, he grabbed his trident from the ground as he started to lead you forwards.

The situation surely wasn’t perfect, and the Games didn’t become any less cruel, but at least you had now found an anchor to which you could hold on when things got rough. And yes, you were aware that you might lose him, but right now he was with you and that was all that mattered. So with a small smile on your face, you forgot your pain as you followed Finnick back into the woods, away from the place you had been sitting minutes ago.

“Alright, let’s go.”

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The signs as Catching Fire/Mockingjay characters

Aries- Johanna

  • hothead
  • screams at everybody
  • thinks he has control of something
  • nobody likes
Taurus- Snow
  • stingy
  • selfish
  • want all people’s money
  • buy a lot of food then don’t eat everything

Gemini- Katniss

  • kiss one
  • kiss another
  • can’t decide who she’s going to kiss
  • nobody knows if she’s against or behalf them

Cancer- Peeta

  • annoying crybaby
  • stay with me pls
  • crying
  • tears
  • sensitive
  • tears

Leo- Finnick

  • pretty
  • pretty
  • know’s he’s pretty
  • reminds you he’s pretty
  • look, a mirror!
  • cool guy
  • nice
  • good friend
  • loyal
  • interesting
  • cute
  • sensual
  • hero
  • amazing boyfriend
  • hunky
  • pretty

Virgo- Cinna

  • organized
  • really cool gig
  • organize everything
  • organize things even when he’s going to die
  • discreet

Libra- Effie

  • fucked up but still shining
  • try to ease other people’s sadness
  • throws glitter at everything to make them happy
  • tries to be a leo

Scorpio- Gale

  • assface all the time
  • tells 24 hours per day he has been betrayed
  • reminds all the time katniss kissed peeta
  • constantly rub it in she doesn’t want him
  • constantly rub it in she wants peeta
  • fucking jealous
  • full of ghosts and jealousy

Sagittarius- Caesar

  • thinks he’s funny
  • nobody laughs
  • annoying optmist 
  • positive against life’s misfortunes

Capricorn- Coin

  • thinks she’s the best
  • realize she’s not the best
  • pretend she’s the best anyways

Aquarius- Beetee

  • crazy
  • the smartest kid in the class
  • big nerd
  • quirky

Pisces- Mags

  • cute
  • human sciences
  • does art
  • I bet she would do signs posts
  • looks fool

Book Photo Challenge - July Day 26: Black and white

I had this photo taken for last month, but I didn’t get to post it, so I though why not make it black and white…and then it hit me! I’m so glad of how this turned out. I strongly believe that in a black and white world, books would bring colour, escaping the real world for moments of happiness.