cathal parked

There’s something about Colin Morgan – he looks into the soul of his character, the story he is a part of, and gives you a piece of artistry that makes you think THIS. THIS is what acting is all about. He has an instinct for seeing what a person is made of, and the curiosity and knack for asking the right questions – and in addition to all that, the wisdom to know not every question has an easily-told answer. These are some of the things that make him different – I’d say that those qualities are what make him the actor that he is, rather than the reverse… he is that rare person who can sell the idea that acting is art. He’s not a performer - he is an *artist*, and that is a very different thing. He brings a depth and nuance to his work that few young actors do, because he is looking inward, revealing and discovering layers within layers, wheels inside wheels. It’s not something done for people, for an audience - we just get to witness this extraordinary interaction between person and idea that creates a kind of third space, the acting that is really being. And that is our privilege…  I think Colin Morgan is special even among his own kind. Watch him.

On Colin Morgan’s acting as Cathal O’Reagan in the Irish movie Parked filmed in 2010 via a review of the movie by a viewer on Amazon *

Thanks to @suntse for making me aware of this review and to all the wonderful poeple who made the gifs I used in this post.

Colin Morgan Mega Voice Sampler

I was inspired to create this by colinsvoice’s audio clip that showcased some of Colin’s different accents. After obtaining her permission to use her idea, I’ve compiled even more clips from varied sources into this mega-sampler.


  1. Colin Morgan - Audio Commentary, Merlin, 5x02
  2. John Leary - Catherine Tate Show Christmas Special
  3. Ariel - The Tempest, Shakespeare’s Globe
  4. Nothing to Confess - The Arches (RSAMD)
  5. Merlin - Merlin, Episode 3x12
  6. Colin Morgan - Titanic Centennial Commemoration Special
  7. Gary - Step in Time, 24 Hour Musicals, Old Vic Theatre
  8. Sean MacDiarmada - The Rising Movie
  9. The Dolma - Merlin, Episode 5x09
  10. Roger - Cry Babies, Audio Program BBC 4
  11. Cathal O'Regan - (singing) Parked
  12. Colin Morgan - American Accent (Interview)
  13. Calum MacLeod - Island
  14. Victor Richardson - Testament of Youth
  15. Colin Morgan - speaking French, Merlin Video Diaries, Series 1
  16. Jimmy Minor - Quirke, Elegy for April, (Episode 3)
  17. Jethro Cane - Doctor Who, Midnight, Episode 4x10
  18. Chris P - The Studio (RSAMD)
  19. Skinny Luke - Mojo, Harold Pinter Theatre
  20. Prince Hal - Audition Video, Henry IV
  21. Merlin - Dragonlord voice, Merlin, Episode 2x13
  22. Carlos - Our Private Life, Royal Court Theatre
  23. DS Tom Anderson - The Fall, BBC 2, Episode 2x06
  24. Newton Pulsifer - Good Omens, Audio Program, BBC 4
  25. Cathal O'Regan - Parked
  26. Colin Morgan - Commentary, Addicts Symphony, Channel 4
  27. Merlin - Dragoon the Great, Merlin, Episode 3x09
  28. Ariel - (singing) The Tempest, Shakespeare’s Globe
  29. Colin Morgan - Audiobook Excerpt, Falling Out Of Heaven by John Lynch
  30. Gary - Step in Time, 24 Hour Musicals, Old Vic Theatre