• Kasanoda:Hey you! The one who's reading this. We want you to do something for us.
  • Mori:Smile.
  • Kyoya:Smile because you're beautiful.
  • Honey:Because you're amazing.
  • Kaoru:Because you're unique.
  • Hikaru:Smile because you can.
  • Haruhi:Because tomorrow is a new day.
  • Tamaki:Because no matter what you think, someone loves you.
  • ALL:Smile because you deserve to.

A few voices by my favorite voice Actor, Vic Mignogna. #OHSHC #fma #rwby #freeiwatobiswimclub #hetalia #aph #souleater #vampireknight

Top 10 Favorite Characters from 10 Different Fandoms Then Tag 10 People

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This is surprisingly difficult! My babies…

1.) Mulan - Disney fandom

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2.) Saix - Kingdom Hearts fandom

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3.) Steven Stone - Pokemon fandom

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4.) Severus Snape - Harry Potter fandom

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5.) Ghirahim - The Legend of Zelda fandom

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6.) Killian Jones/Captain Hook - Once Upon a Time fandom

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7.) Prince Zuko - Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom

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8.) Hikaru Hitachiin - Ouran High School Host Club fandom

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9.) Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation fandom

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10.) Bernie Sanders - politics fandom

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And I, of course, don’t tag anyone ever because I’m lame and get nervous trying to pick people… so if you feel like doing this, please do. :)