Happy Birthday to this cinnamonroll even if you start as a stranger you become our baby the baby of the Familia with a thunder heart. Even if you can be a stupit cow sometimes you are a part of the Familia whether in the anime or in the fanbase. I know that he will do anything for the Familia (or for mama and food xD) anyway Happt Birthday to our little baby

anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you could write just a bunch of stupid things that the adult did or just things that they are horribly bad at. I love your stories <3

Thank you!

-Levi once plunged Varia Mansion into complete darkness after an accidental static shock (caused from him touching a metal doorknob) creates a powerful backlash of static electricity

-Squalo has a habit of closing car doors on his hair

-Ryohei can’t make a pot of coffee to save his life. It always turns out sludgy, watery, or way too bitter, no matter what he does

-Haru thought she got locked in the outdoor shed and broke the window in order to get out. Turns out the door was only stuck and needed a good push

-Byakuran accidently left a bag of marshmallows in his car on a hot day, resulting in a very sweet, sticky mess

-Gokudera knocked over an ambitious soup can display with his grocery cart in his haste to get the shopping done, resulting in him paying for over two dozen broken cans

-Shamal once got catfished on an online dating site. Gokudera’s still trying to get the full story out of him

-Kyoko broke the entertainment room’s plasma screen TV after she threw a video game controller at it, an instinctive reaction to be being spooked by a moment in a horror game. She’s not allowed anywhere near virtual reality systems

-Bianchi mistook “Can you pick up Tsuna on your way home?” for “Can you pick up tuna on your way home?” She returned a few hours later with fresh fish

-Lal Mirch thought she overheard Colonnello describing the looks of another attractive woman, and she immediately tries to figure out who he’s talking about without letting him find out. Eventually she confronts Basil, and learns that she arrived and left at the wrong points in the conversation–Colonnello was talking about a car, not a girl

-Lussuria got distracted by his soap opera while he was ironing, creating a blackened mark on one of Xanxus’ shirts and activating the smoke alarms

-If he’s in a rush, there’s a good chance Tsuna will run into the sliding glass door leading to the backyard, and more than once he’s gotten a bloody nose from these accidents