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For the homie @blueblursims. He’s BGC w. Dine Out hair. He does have one piece of CC and it’s totally optional, it’s NoodleSim’s Ramen sin made non-default (found here). Feel free to change his outfits, name, personality, etc (or not even use him at all). My username on Origin is sailorpapaya, enjoy!


I might go on a small hiatus here soon, since August is just around the corner and I have a lot of things to do aside from getting a check up about my constant sickness. :P I might pop in like once in a great while to post like a picture but that’s pretty much it. I am going to put a hold to all rps for now til I get things settled (I am so sorry for the ones I promised for replies I will reply today and tomorrow). I will be closing my ask and submission boxes probably tomorrow or on Monday. So if you want to ask my little misfits anything, do it now while it’s open or you want to show me something do it now. (╯﹏╰) I will finally post those comics since I had to edit it some of the erm…. Vulgarity in it. (I got to carried away) so You guys can see the Whispertale Comic, Possibly a Plaguetale and Pyromania comics, Tales of Pandora(Fnaf), and Blue in wonderland comic. (OwO;;) they will be posted on my sideblogs @whispertaleau-spirits
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Or they will be posted at my DeviantArt. O3O;;

Some these comics are going to be rated teen or 18+ since some do contain high violence, vulgar language, etc. So it will be in filtered blogs. (There’s only two that are 18+)

Um.. I think this wraps up everything (?) Sorry for a long post and sorry for shitty grammer ×_×

I, too, liked to shit on stuff other people liked when I was sixteen because let’s face it teenagers are fabulous assholes but honestly I just wanna look at pretty fanart without people busting into the tag like “I HAVE AN OPINION AND I WANT TO HAVE IT AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE” like


As you grow, you will begin to understand that not everything is black and white, you can enjoy problematic media, even while acknowledging its problema…nia… Yeah okay problemania, without suddenly becoming problematic yourself, because

(1) you are aware of the line between fiction and reality, (2) you no longer care as much about internet peer pressure (and yes, tumblr’s brand of social justice IS a very toxic form of peer pressure), and (3) you are not an idiot.

Of course you don’t watch The Matrix and think that shooting people is okay because they’re trapped inside a computer simulation. Of course things in the real world don’t turn out like in Disney movies. Of course you don’t read Royal Assassin and then start a letter writing campaign demanding to know who Taylor Swift’s catalyst is. Of course you don’t read a gay romance novel littered with yaoi tropes and then think people act that way in real life.

It’s a story, it’s fiction, and it’s important for you to realize that. YES it’s problematic, but goddamn it so is everything. Ender’s Game is a fantastic book written by a guy who thinks homosexuals should be imprisoned on an island somewhere. J R R Tolkien apparently forgot black people exist. Robin Hobb hates fanfiction. Taylor Swift won’t answer any of my letters!

What makes the story toxic or not depends solely on how YOU choose to interact with it. When I rec cap prince to people, I tell them “be warned there are some pretty gnarly things going on in these books, but it has a really entertaining story.” Then– and this is pretty important– I DONT go out and subjugate the nearest brown person, because that is not the part of the story I identified most with.

(Okay, I subjugate Sabra a LITTLE. but she likes it.)

Tumblr wants you to reject imperfect stories the same way it encourages you to reject imperfect people. Stick your head up out of the fog and realize how dangerous that is. How long until they come for whatever makes you happy? How long until they come for you?

Don’t read or watch things you don’t like, or that make you feel uncomfortable. But there’s no reason for you to police others, and no reason for them to police you. Let it go. Go find something that makes you happy and hold onto it.

Also get the hell out of my tag.