There is very little an omega can do alone.

The social standard demands that they defer to an alpha, any alpha, especially in situations they cannot understand.

That is why Lee has been detained fourteen times this month.

He hates to be called out on his second gender, doesn’t think that has any matter in how he thinks or feels, so naturally he speaks his mind.

The one situation he doesn’t expect involves a pool cue, a lighter, and a very angry alpha.

Omega nights are standard at most clubs, always and forever, which makes it easier for Lee to bat his eyelashes for a quick knot in the bathroom. He’s attempting just that and succeeding, when his flirting is overheard.

Alphas are naturally territorial by nature. Lee knows this and has played off it many times, but some can get more offended than others.

He sidesteps it and attempts to calm the second alpha, but the force in which he’s torn away frightens him more than anything ever has.

The panic sets in as he knows the biggest in the room will be ignored by fear and he digs his nails into the alpha, rushing towards the biggest alpha he can find.

Which is just how Draco wanted it to go.

He hates his job, surely more than most, but he’ll follow protocol and bring the Omega to heel. Then the next alpha who wants him can easily mate him.

He doesn’t expect to feel dizzy with the scent of Lee, the protective drive kicking in at the sight of his distress.

“Help me,” the omega’s breathy plea makes him pull Lee close and scent his neck all involuntarily.

The other alpha is a plant, the company set things this way but still when Lee is touched Draco growls in warning so viciously that the alpha looks surprised.


The word makes Lee shudder, nuzzling him back and bringing down the anger immediately. “I’m sorry I got angry, alpha. I only want you.”

The words are fake but Draco can’t stop his proud reaction, pulling Lee in and mumbling, “I forgive you, little one.”

Draco doesn’t expect to fall in love over the course of the following week while feigning a courting per Lee’s request, the easy smiles and flirting.

Before long he’s more worried about Lee finding out exactly how they’d met and why, determined to tell the truth but fearing it so much more.

Can he convince the untamable omega to mate with him while keeping such a terrible secret?

If he does, can he live with the consequences?

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