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Guess whoooooo~ (Hint: Your only one daughter who's married to two dorks) Hope you don't mind me dropping in a request! Can I request Kid and Law who's crushing on the same girl and they're trying to flirt/impress her? Fluff/Crack probably. Just keep on writing ok? *hugs* -C

Of course my precious space child (づ。◕∇◕。)づ  I could write a novel about these two fighting o(*^▽^*)o *(C/N)= Crews Name *(F/N)= Full Name this got so long wtf

   It had been an interesting day. The famous pirates Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law were both doing anything and everything to catch the attention of a certain lady, Captain of the (C/N) Pirates, (F/N). Both Captains have been trying to woo them in a form of alliance/partnership with her, but since both of them were attempting this fleet it wasn’t going so well.

   Any time the other tried to catch (Names) attention, the other would butt in. Kid would try using his abilities to lure her close but then Law would come waltzing over and chat them up. Then vise versa Law would try talking to them and Kid would come barreling in and take away their attention. It was battle for not only for her but a grudge match against each other. And it was only getting worse.

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Cheeky trip to the Trafford Centre.

Got Skye a tiny backpack for our holiday; so she can carry her own snacks and ted. Then I saw a matching coin purse, and thought ‘why the hell not’. It might come in handy for teaching her about money. And it’s pretty freeking cute.

Sixteen Candles, because I’ve never seen it and it was £3 from HMV. I just had to Forfeit a Starbucks.

Good day ^.^