Inktober/ Anon Request LadyBug and Cat Noir in fancy attire but still as superheroes! + Bonus doodle

I integrated their Superhero Suits under their clothes, since they can’t come off, they’d have to go on this “espionage mission” with them on under their clothes. When I go about designing something, I try to imagine animating it or drawing it repeatedly, how difficult is it to draw/repeat my design? And so with the designs I tried to keep it simple, so I stick to solid colors and little detail.

I wanted Noir’s suit to have a cat-like flair! (drew inspiration from Gotham’s Penguin’s suit) also I could see him strutting around using his Staff as a cane like the alley cat he is!
Lady I wanted to keep a simple design but add Asian flair, complete with hair buns and a Chinese dress.

Enjoy! 🐞🐱
(Btw if you’ve never listened to Big Band music/Electro Swing/Swing, you are missing out my friend! It inspired the creation of this piece! I love me some roaring 20’s swagger!)

Civil War- as described to me by a 7 year old

“Tony is a Mr. Sassy Pants the whole time. And Bucky comes back but only kinda. The girl with the glowy hands has to be in timeout in her room. And there’s a cat guy and a new Spider-Man, oh and Ant-Man gets really big.  Then Tony and Captain America get in a fight because Tony is bossy all the time.”


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yumememoria’s Free-Arts Friday : 30/9 part 2
Progress: 9/50
         (average 2-3hrs/day)

Heyyy, it’s already Friday here, so here are some finished ones (# by main post’s reblogged turn) :D dayummmm full of catguys *_*

(can’t tag all? ;;) I just put tumblr username for those who didn’t provide character name. I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes/missing stuffs in details or they don’t look like your character, or not similar to the example I gave, there’s good/bad art day and I’ve tried my best (even stalking your blog/lodestone character page for reference lololol though none for some orz) ^^

Hope you will still like them! They’re all fun to draw! Thank you for letting me use them as part of my /experiment/ daily practice :D

I really appreciate your likes and reblogs, they make me stay motivated! <3
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Promo shot for the new sitcom: Elle and the Doc. (Remake of the 70s classic staring Patrick Duffy)

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