detective-rowan  asked:

I was hoping on a headcanon about the rfas reaction to an mc with a therapy cat for anxiety she brings with her to Rika's? If that's okay

First of all, thank you for the request! Second of all, I’m really sorry this took a while (I procrastinate way too much), and I’m also sorry because it’s kinda short and crappy because i didn’t want to go into too much detail to avoid upsetting people? I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you were thinking of, but here we go~

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  • Is worried when you say you have a service cat
  • Because how will you get water for it?
  • What about food?
  • A litter box?
  • Nags Seven to send stuff for the cat to the apartment
  • He’s glad that you have it with you though, because he doesn’t want you to be completely alone
  • When he meets the cat, he pets it and coos at it
  • He’s curious about how it was trained and what exactly it does for you
  • Works with the cat amazingly well when you have a problem


  • A l l e r g i e s
  • Literally, when he goes to the apartment, he tries so hard not to sneeze because you’re in danger and he needs to be your knight in shining armor
  • Immediately after Unknown leaves, he’s sneezing so hard his face turns purple
  • You have to step outside with him so he can settle down
  • Not sure how to cope with your cat
  • He would never ask you to get a service dog instead, but the thought crosses his mind, not gonna lie
  • Takes as many allergy pills as possible whenever you go to his place with the cat
  • Grins and bears it


  • A what now?
  • Good lord, the c-fur
  • She hates the c-fur
  • She’s glad that you have a service animal to assist you, though
  • Checks up on you quite often, and asks how you and the cat are doing
  • She’s relieved that your cat doesn’t shed nearly as much as Elizabeth, when she meets it
  • She’ll pet the cat quite a bit, if you let her
  • Loves that the cat doesn’t roll around on her clothes like a certain someone
  • The cat really likes her


  • Intrigued about the cat’s training, what it does, etc etc (much like Yoosung)
  • More cat projects involving service cats
  • Poor Jaehee
  • Very happy when your cat and Elizabeth get along well right off the bat
  • The cat takes an instant liking towards him
  • Makes sure your cat has everything it could need during the three days you spend at his place
  • You have to keep him from spoiling it
  • He likes to cuddle with you, your cat, and Elizabeth
  • Constantly making sure you and the cat are alright when he’s at work


  • Surprised when he sees you have a cat with you through CCTV
  • He watches you and the cat interact all the time
  • It’s just a tad creepy
  • When he comes to Rika’s apartment and ignores you, your cat is the only thing that keeps you sane
  • You do catch him petting the cat a couple times though
  • The cat helps both of you when things with Saeran and Min Eye get intense
  • After everything with Mint Eye, he likes to pet the cat when he gets stressed or panicky
  • When Saeran gets better, Saeyoung gets a service cat for him
  • Many cuddles at night with you and your cat