catfriend  asked:

congrats on finishing oban!!! i always smile when i see someone watch the series bc i've been watching since i was 9 or so. it really deserves more fans : )

Oh man, what a crazy ride that was! I never saw the show in its heyday, and I kind of can’t believe it took this long for me to watch it, but I’m really, REALLY glad I did, because it’s frankly one of the best cartoons I’ve seen in a while!

The art is really cool, the races are exciting, the characters are fun and engaging, and the plot is some A+ drama. I was hugging my pillow while watching Molly’s every interaction with her dad, ESPECIALLY near the end.

Bottom line: ALWAYS trust a French/Japanese co-production to be really good!

catfriend said: HARVEST MOON WAS AND IS MY LITERAL FAVORITE GAME i hvae this one and the male one, and more of them. GOOOOD i love this game.

i had the male one on my old gamecube when i was like 9 and it was my LIFE but i only ever played that one??? idk why but i loved it a lot so i was happy with it

i always wanted to go past the mountains too but i think i lacked the gba game required for it or something >:’(

im just wondering which one of these dudes is going to give me a bad ending after i marry them omg