Wellll, Here it is, guys…my new tattoo! This is a long awaited memorial piece done in memory of my first childhood pet cat who was also my best friend! I got my cat Cookie for my 8th birthday. For the longest time I wanted a dog so it was strange my parents decided to take me to the petstore and get a kitten…I was open to the idea and fell inlove with this cute tiny babycat.  His name was based on oreo cookies ofcourse..but the name was generic so we went for the more legit thing, anyways.. One day, I remember he was still in his mid kitten/cat stage, I took him outside to go across the street to my friend’s house(still being an indoor cat) and I guess he got scared by something and started to claw at me, I rushed with him, holding onto him to get him back in my house but by the time I had gotten onto my front porch, he had climed onto my shoulders, clawing at my arms, my neck and eventually into my head..I was more concerned to have my cat put back in my house, rather than myself, at this point pouring blood onto my favourite sweater at the time…and my porch…as this was happening, I was screaming out with my mum on her way home from work, my dad came from his friend’s across the street running as my mum was pulling infront of the house, and it seemed like it was going to be all over for my cat right then and there. My mum took me to the hospital, I had lost alot of blood and had scratches all over me with a very deep scratch on my neck close to my jugular….This was a slight near-death-type moment for me… All I could think about was my cat. When I got home, my dad had let him outside and I was more upset about that than what he did to me, I understood it tho…and instead of having the cat put down, we kept him. He’d come and go as he pleased for food and water, warmth and shelter and would always be there when we’d call him and he would even walk me and my brother/sister to the bus stop and wait for us when it was time to come home from school. Most people would probably be fearful after a cat attack but I felt like I had connected with my cat and all cats after that, and had a better understanding of them more, in a weird way..I don’t really remember being much of a social kid, I’d spend most of my time alone in my own company or drawing and ofcourse with my cat. He helped me through tough times, being a middle child, growing up more or less poor..just living off what we had really, we couldn’t afford vet bills much so after having to live through my cat attacking me, having him  been put outside as an indoor/outdoor cat, getting into trouble with other neighborhood cats and other wild animals, he came home one time badly hurt and my parents werent able to afford an expensive vet bill to save him, as much as we tried to help him ourselves, it was really bad…and after him being about 4 years old, mostly as an outdoor cat, they decided to call animal control and have him put down. To this day I really can’t really forgive my parents, tho I know he was suffering and all, but he was my best friend and I’m so thankful him being there as long as he was, regardless to how brutal some of it was, I loved that cat more than anything and I’m stoked to have his memory not only in scars. Today I can remember him as he was, and be proud to have overcome my past and still have such an appreciation and love for theses amazing animals!…not to mention, this is also a re-worked version of a logo-design for my favourite band Citizen. I have been more than inspired by their music and lyrics in alot of ways that can be hard to describe how I can relate…but to stay in solitude, it really spoke to me, as an artist, I drown myself in my own thoughts. I really do enjoy my time spent by myself, I mean don’t get me wrong I do love other people’s company and do sometimes feel lonely if I am alone for too long, but to have that sense of appreciation to live with myself and love myself and grow from myself in a personal and artistic way and to be so inspired by my surroundings, I find that so self motivating and powerful. I also do take from my past with my times spent alone with my cat and even including all of my other cats I have had in my life and still to this day, cats are independent creatures as it is, and the theories I have behind these concepts and my beliefs are alot more in depth than what I’d like to share for the time being but that is it, in a nutshell. ( :
I love my new tattoo and I am still in awe over how great it turned out, I really connected with my artist as she is a fellow cat lover and I couldnt’ have found a better artist to recreate two things I love, into one as great as this! 
Rant n a half but this is it! ( : enjoy ! 

We know you’ve been pining for more Hustle Cats, and your wishes have been answered! We’re going to continue the character introductions with the wonderful dreamboats that Avery can date! 

Starting off the pack is:


Landry is the second-in-command at A Cat’s Paw, though it’s debatable whether he was actually appointed this title or if he assumed it for himself.

Landry is quick to make friends, and his warm and sunny disposition will make almost anyone smile. He adores and dotes on the rest of the staff– perhaps worrying about them and their lives a little too much sometimes.

Landry is great with his hands and takes great pride in the things he builds. He loves nothing more than tackling a challenge head-on, but sometimes he can be overzealous in his problem-solving. He has a terrible habit of taking on more than he can handle, and though it usually works out for him in the end, there’s surely only so much strain he can balance on his broad shoulders.

Hello again, Cat Hustlers! Today, we continue our character introductions with the big boss himself:


Graves is the brilliant but absentminded proprietor of A Cat’s Paw. He has a fickle interest in the day-to-day of running a business, so he’s neglected a lot of important aspects of management that would otherwise make the cafe a lot more successful than it currently is.

Much of Graves, and what he does, is a mystery. It’s often hard to tell if this is part of a carefully manufactured image, or if he’s actually up to something.

One thing is certain, though: Graves loves the cats in the cafe more than anything else. He will do anything within his power (and sometimes outside of it) to make sure they are happy, healthy, and comfortable. His employees, though…not always as much. It doesn’t seem like he works out of any sense of malice, though– Graves is just that forgetful.

We meet again, lovely Date Nightos! Every week, we have the urge to call a character “one of our favorites,” but that applies to all of them! This week, we’d like to introduce you to one of our seven favorites:


Mason is A Cat’s Paw’s chef. To most in the cafe, Mason is a woman of very few words. Her stature and gruff demeanor scare most out of talking to her, and she likes it that way. Mason sometimes has trouble expressing herself, and doesn’t always realize her reputation makes different statements than she intends.

For all of her scowling, Mason loves her job. Cooking is a great passion of hers. She loves baking above everything else, though she would never admit it to you directly.

We meet again, Hustle Friends! I hope you’re ready for a new mystery date, because it’s time for the next catfriend!

Today, we’ll be talking about:


Finley is Social Media coordinator/waitstaff for the cafe. She adores her job because she loves the Internet. Really though, there isn’t much that Finley doesn’t love– she’s full of joy and isn’t afraid to show it. She fearlessly barrels full-tilt into all of her passions, which can change at the drop of a hat.

Finley also manages the social media/videos for the Internet sensation Jelly Donut, a cat who performs tricks while balancing a donut on her head. Occasionally Jelly Donut comes to the cafe for publicity events, and this may be one of the only reasons A Cat’s Paw gets customers in the first place.