Nekotalia Facts About the Nations

America: The cat that wants to go inside, then outside, then inside

England: The cat that curls up on top of your book and/or laptop

Russia: The cat that constantly stares at you and sheds everywhere

China: The cat who isn’t affectionate until it sees you with another cat

France: The cat who always rubs against you and gets in your way when you don’t give it attention

Canada: The cat who you can never find, until you realize that it’s in the most obvious place, you just didn’t notice

Romano: The cat who breaks your things and then stares at you while you clean it up

Italy: The cat who always wants more food

Germany: The cat who wakes you up at 6 am for no reason

Japan: The cat that is really quiet and runs around at 4 o’clock in the morning

  • The cats all got fatter
  • okay that’s a lot of anime sparkle
  • i think im gonna throw up
  • 60 seconds into the new season and Germany-cat is already flustered and stuttery around Italy-cat
  • France-cat is being fabulous again
  • China-cat is scolding that whippersnapper America-cat again. Will that youngster EVER learn?
  • Germany’s muscles keep getting bigger
  • not that anyone’s complaining
  • Italy’s possessed by the devil again
  • we should probably call his exorcist friends
  • italy stop
  • people dont bend like that
  • and this: