Hetalia characters as animals
  • Italy: yippy little dog
  • Germany: German shepherd
  • Japan: lizard
  • America: duck
  • England: alley cat
  • France: poodle
  • Russia: bear
  • China: tortoise
  • Prussia: you know those birds that wake up and start screaming at the crack of dawn? One of those.
  • Austria: spoiled house cat
  • Romano: snapping turtle
  • Spain: big puppy
  • Canada: fish
  • Hungary: hyena
  • The cats all got fatter
  • okay that’s a lot of anime sparkle
  • i think im gonna throw up
  • 60 seconds into the new season and Germany-cat is already flustered and stuttery around Italy-cat
  • France-cat is being fabulous again
  • China-cat is scolding that whippersnapper America-cat again. Will that youngster EVER learn?
  • Germany’s muscles keep getting bigger
  • not that anyone’s complaining
  • Italy’s possessed by the devil again
  • we should probably call his exorcist friends
  • italy stop
  • people dont bend like that
  • and this: