Barry the young entreprener

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This is Barry. He claims to be 26 and a young property developer worth millions. He makes offers of gifts and is forever sending photos of luxurious watches and things on twitter that he ‘owns.’ The thing is, they always look like pictures he’s found from Google. 

I’ve tried to find the photos he’s posted of himself on Twitter  via Google by cross referencing, but I can’t find them anywhere.

On numerous occasions I’ve tried to make him call me, when I call him it always goes to voicemail. Once it actually rang but with an English dial tone when he told me he was in America on a business trip.

We use whatsapp to communicate with each other. We spoke for a while but then I started asking to Skype. He claimed he’d added me but the request never came up and he got angry with me for continuing to ask. Same with sending pictures. I used to ask him to send me pictures of stuff he claimed he was doing. e.g. 'in the hot tub’ then he wouldn’t reply for ages when he would usually respond immediately.

We arranged to meet a few times but each time he came up with an excuse. For example, he claimed he bought a new car but had a car crash then uploaded a photo on twitter to make it seem legit.

He claims to be this multi-millionaire but is always online on whatsapp. I know that when I’m working I rarely get time to whatsapp! 

He also speaks a bit 'texty’ e.g. 'R u ok’…. for someone who is meant to be an important entrepreneur you’d think he would have gained some class and manners and realised that’s not how you speak…. I for one coming from what you might call an "upper class social background” know that it’s not a common way of speaking.

At first he would make sexual advances in messages but I would become angered and not speak to him and quickly he stopped and we would just speak about normal things in the end. 

I’m desperate to find out who this man really is as I see him favouriting on twitter all the time, always girls tweets. He never actually speaks to anyone, which I also pulled him up on. Anyone he does speak to I have contacted and said they have never actually met him.

He used to inbox me for months pestering me until I finally started speaking to him, so I’m worried how many other girls he is also preying on. 

please help me find who this Barry Spartan really is!“


Here is the person behind the “Gabe/Gabriel/Voxberg/Wagner” catfish account. Her name is Gabby Varga. She lives in the Queens/Brooklyn area of New York City. She is a criminal mastermind, a master manipulator and an exquisite liar. Anything and everything that she says is a lie and will go to great lengths to weave an elaborate story to try to trick you. IF YOU COME IN CONTACT WITH THIS PERSON OR ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY KNOW HER PLEASE EMAIL US IMMEDIATELY AT She is dangerous and extreme caution should be used when coming in contact with her.

Here is a list of the known phone numbers that are being used by Gabby to catfish:

1(914) 346-7317 (main)

1(202) 803-8534 (false number from an app)

1(202) 709-3286 (false number from an app)