cateye eyeliner

I like to imagine Bull and Dorian alone in their tent, weeks into some expedition in the Hissing Wastes or any other place - away from their luxuries and normal hygiene and perfumes and most importantly, maybe, mirrors. Dorian completely trusting as he lets Bull put on his kohl for him, lining his silver eyes perfectly, waxing his mustache just so and sealing the fine dusting of powder on his eyelids with a kiss.

(and if bull applies a wing to his liner far more flawless than dorian ever could do it himself, nobody mentions it)

Any Chance I Can Get You To Stop Staring At Me? (Pete Dunne X Reader)

You walked into the building where the United Kingdom tournament was being held with your close friend Finn Balor as ambassadors for the WWE in this tournament. You being the current Raw Women’s Champion after beating Charlotte, and  Finn, well you  weren’t to sure why Finn was actually there considering he’s from the Republic of Ireland which isn’t even a part of the United Kingdom but it was nice to have a good friend there, especially when you knew nobody in the tournament itself. Triple H greeted you at the door and pulled each of you into a hug before leading you through to meet the 16 guys who were competing. Finn, of course, knew most of  them. After meeting  each of them in turn until it came to the last three. 

‘Hey Y/N, this is Trent, Tyler and Pete. Representing the British Strong Style’ Finn said introducing you. 

‘Hey guys,  it’s nice  to meet you all’ You said smiling at the three impecibly dressed men. The two with facial hair smiled politely as I shook their hands and the third who had slicked back blonde hair and one singular stretched ear  however smirked and took your hand kissing the top of it making you raise your eyebrows unimpressed. 

‘And it’s a pleasure to meet you sweetheart’ He said still smirking. 

‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you kid’ Triple H said ‘She’ll hand you your ass on a silver platter before you can process what’s happened.’ 

That made the other two and Finn all laugh whilst Finn nodded agreeing with Hunter.  

‘Hunter’s right, your ass wont ever feel the same again’ Finn said and you chuckled nodding. 

‘You would know’ You said Finn nodded. 

‘I would, now boys if you’ll excuse us, we need to get ready’ Finn said leading you away to the room set aside for the pair of you to get ready. After locking yourself in the bathroom you pulled on a maroon skater style  dress, black and white converse hi-tops and a leather jacket before walking back through to be  greeted with a shirtless Finn Balor making you chuckle when he jumped. You sat down and quickly did your make-up which consisted of a black smokey eye, cateye eyeliner and a maroon lipstick to match your dress. And after you’d  finished getting  ready you walked to the entrance and waited. You could feel a pair of eyes on the back of your head and you turned to see one of the  guys you’d spoken to  earlier. The one who kissed your hand. The one you found incredibly attractive. He winked when he noticed you looking over at him and you turned back shaking your head. 

‘Somebody likes you’ Finn said nudging you and you sighed. 

‘Good for him, I don’t even know his bloody name’ You said and Finn chuckled. 

‘That’s Pete Dunne’ He said and you nodded. 

‘I knew he was either Pete, Tyler or Trent’ You said and he smiled at you. You could still feel his eyes in the back of your head and looked back to see him still looking at you. ‘But if he could stop staring’ You said shaking your head. 

‘You should be used to that. What with all the guys back in the states staring every time you walk by’ Finn said and you chuckled. Your entrance music cut you from your  thoughts and you entered the main hall arm in arm with Finn. After the whole speech you left to go backstage to come eye to eye with none other than, you guessed it, Pete. He smirked and winked at you before you shook your head and walked off.  You refused to give in. And no matter where you went during the day, except when there was matches, you could feel his damn eyes on you and you were getting more and more frustrated with Mr. Dunne.  Until you snapped and marched straight up to him. 

‘Is there any chance I can get you to stop staring at me?’ You asked even though it sounded more like a demand. 

‘Well there’s a few things I can think of’ He said with a smirk and a wink causing your temper to sky rocket. You scoffed turning to walk away before glancing back out of the corner of your eye to see where he was stood, held the bottom of your dress and executed a perfect Super Kick to his jaw making his eyes widen slightly at your outburst whilst Triple H and Finn stood by and tried to contain their laughter. 

‘Count yourself lucky I’m not wearing heels’ You spat as you stormed over to your friends who were giggling like school girls whilst Pete watched you walk away.