Caterpillar of the Pink Underwing Moth also known as the Imperial Fruit Sucking Moth (Phyllodes imperialis)

This insect uses its skull like markings to ward of predators. Found in north-eastern Queensland, Papua New Guinea, northern New South Wales, the Solomon Islands, Venuatu and New Caledonia.

It’s a fairly rare species of insect, not a lot is currently known about it.

Image Credit - Lui Weber

out of spoons & out of money

i’m tori, an out-of-work depressive genderqueer college student in arizona, and, like most people who inevitably end up doing so, i never expected to have to write one of these. i certainly didn’t expect the situation would get so dire so quickly, but life happens. life happens hard.

i have literally no money. (see screenshot of my bank account above.) no money for gas, which means i can’t get a job right now, much less keep it (which would be difficult even under normal circumstances tbh). no money for rent, which is due by the end of the week (and i still owe some from last month). no money for food or other necessities, which i’m going to run out of soonish. (i’m already out of a lot of the things that keep me in a decent mental space.)

basically, i need $375 by thursday to continuing surviving and have no way of getting it at the present moment.

here’s how you can help:

i do tarot readings & custom sigils through my etsy.

also now on etsy: i have lots of experience editing and can proofread/line-edit your essay (article, novel, etc.).

i want to open commissions for art & short fiction but i realllly don’t have the spoons for any extended creative endeavor right now. if you want 50-150 words of fluff, a quick doodle, or a snippet of poetry (i specialize in dirty limericks) i can probably pull it off. message me & we’ll work something out.

(of course, you could also flat-out send me money if you were feeling generous.) my paypal is vicimgd2@yahoo.com don’t do that paypal’s being a jerk.

i’ve just set up a GoFundMe page, so that’s another option

even if you can’t help yourself, please spread the word. i honestly don’t know what i’ll do next week if i can’t pull the money together.