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Animals happy on a blue Monday

It may be a blue Monday, but at least the animals are happy! These hilarious shots show a variety of euphoric animals enjoying a hearty belly laugh.

The pictures, captured by a host of photographers around the world, prove that a drop of sunshine can transform the mood of all creatures great and small.

A mischievous-looking macaque snapped a selfie of herself posing in Indonesia, while a grinning gorilla is seen creased up as he enjoys life. Another shot shows a raccoon that looks like he’s just heard the punch line of a joke, and a chuckling cheetah was caught throwing his head back midlaugh.

Even those with arachnophobia won’t be able to help themselves from having a smile at the aptly named Hawaiian happy-face spider who was pictured with a grin plastered across his back. (Caters News)

Photo credits: Jay Parker/Caters News, Aram Williams/Caters News, Alice Van Kempen/Caters News

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Peck of the day: These busy birds look like they’re getting right up this buffalo’s nose! The tiny oxpeckers feed almost entirely on parasites found on large mammals - and these ones seem to be having a feast as they cleaned out this buffalo’s nostrils and ears at the same time. Photographer Nico van Amstel took the picture in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.
Picture: Nico van Amstel/Caters