I didn’t become a great cook/baker overnight… I spent the first two years that my husband (then boyfriend) and I lived together studying cookbooks, recipes, watching tutorials and Food Network every chance I got. I became so good that I began baking for parties and catering events, all from my own kitchen!

All of this drive came from the central theme of wanting to do my best to please my man ❤️

Die Canapés (a type of hors d’œuvre) are a popular party food in Germany. You might find them at work functions or on buffets, at house parties and the like. There are countless variations, and many local caterers to choose from - oftentimes, local butcher shops will offer “Partyservice”, making these and other party foods for pickup or delivery. They’re almost always savory and include some form of baguette, bread roll, or toast, topped with cold cuts of meats, cheeses, smoked fish, caviar, foie gras, fresh herbs, and assorted vegetables. A more rustic, everyday version is called Belegte Brötchen - regular-sized bread rolls topped in similar ways.

Please fire me. My boss decided today that he wants to have a massive media-frenzied event for 500 people on Saturday and I have to coordinate everything by myself.

I saw a post with someone bragging about how they were at work and someone ordered diet coke and this person purposely gave them full sugar coke and this was supposedly hilarious

To all you out there who work in positions like this person, please please don’t do this

My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes. He drinks diet coke because the lack of sugar means that he doesn’t need to inject himself with insulin before having a drink

If he, or any other diabetic, was served coke instead of diet coke it could KILL HIM

So yeah, if someone asks for diet coke, GIVE THEM DIET.