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Private Practice - “The Breaking Point”-  5x09 

Grey’s Anatomy - “ Ain’t That a Kick in the Head “ - 14x04


It was still dark.

Alec sighed and pressed his face against Magnus’ back, pressing a kiss between his shoulder blades. The warlock didn’t respond. Alec wasn’t surprised. Magnus was practically drained after the last twenty four hours, and Alec wasn’t much better off himself.

Even after the fight against Valentine and finding each other after hours of not knowing if the other was alright, Magnus and Alec still had work to do. As a downworld leader, Magnus had to help with the identification of the dead, then he opened a portal so that the bodies could be delivered to their packs and clans, rather than leave them for the shadowhunters to dispose of. Then he had met with Luke and Raphiel, about what Alec still hadn’t asked. Magnus would tell him if he wanted to.

Alec had been busy himself. As the head of the institute he’d had to inform the families of the lost shadowhunters and help transport them to the large open space where their funerals would be held. Reports had to be written, damage control completed. Izzy was the infirmary, Jace was brooding, and the Soul Sword was missing. He didn’t know what he needed to deal with first.

Finally, when all that they could do was done, Magnus and Alec had walked to the warlock’s loft, hand in hand, not speaking. Once there, they had removed their shoes at the door and found themselves in Magnus’s huge bathroom.

Alec had undressed his boyfriend with shaking hands. He checked every inch of uncovered skin for injuries, his fists clenching in anger when he found light bruises where the vampires had gripped Magnus outside the institute. Magnus only murmured soothingly to him that he was fine, his nimble fingers going about removing Alec’s gear. If he found a cut or scrape anywhere, he made it disappear with a warm flash of blue from his fingertips before they stepped into the shower together.

Their touches under the hot water hadn’t been sexual, though. They had simply stood together, watching blood and dirt and sweat wash away. Alec had grabbed the shampoo and went for Magnus’ hair, washing out gel and spray until it was left limp and soft between fingers. Magnus had followed his lead, though his menstruations were to sooth Alec.

Alec had looked up into Magnus’s eyes, still ringed in thick black makeup. Makeup that wouldn’t wash away until Magnus wanted it gone. Alec had asked him, in way that he hoped made it clear it was up to Magnus, to take it off. And he had.

Because tonight they didn’t need to be the head of the New York institute or the High Warlock of Brooklyn. They just needed to be Magnus and Alec.

They had gotten out of the shower and dried themselves off before crawling into bed, Alec in shorts and a T-shirt and Magnus in a pair of Alec’s sweatpants. They laid facing each other on Magnus’s bed, their legs tangled and foreheads touching. They spent the short time before they fell asleep whispering ‘I love you’s and kissing.

Alec didn’t remember falling asleep, but now it was well after one in the morning. He wasn’t really concerned, he had made a habit of waking up in the middle of the night around the same time Jace and Izzy had started sneaking out of the institute years ago. He kissed the back of Magnus’s neck and rolled away from him, wanting a little space under the warm sheets.

Alec nuzzled his face into the cool pillow, then slowly opened his eyes to look at the clock. Instead his hazel eyes locked with a pair of dark brown ones. Alec immediately jolted awake, hands searching for a weapon out of reflex before his brain kicked in. He recognized who those eyes belonged to.

“Madzie?” He asked in a hushed voice as a million questions ran through his mind.

What was she doing here? How did she get here? Did Caterina even know she was gone? Why hadn’t she set off Magnus’s wards? Why was she staring at Alec like that?

“I had a bad dream,” The little girl said, as is Alec should have known. As if she had always came to his bedside when she had nightmares.

“Uh…” Madzie looked at the floor.

“Nana let’s me sleep with her when I have bad dreams.”

Finally, Alec’s sleep addled brain kicked in. Madzie had had a nightmare. She was scared. She was scared and her nana was gone. So she found the next person who she trusted. She found Alec.

Suddenly it didn’t matter that there was no way Madzie should have been able to portal herself here when she had never been to Magnus’s apartment. It didn’t matter that she had made it through powerful wards without disturbing Magnus at all. It didn’t matter that this was completely crazy. All that mattered was that Madzie was scared and she had came to Alec for comfort.

“Do you want to sleep with us?” Alec asked her. Madzie nodded, gnawing on her thumb nervously. Alec easily scooped her up and put her on the bed, between himself and Magnus.

Madzie curled into the pillows and pressed herself against Alec’s side, knotting her fingers in his shirt. Alec wrapped his arms around her and hummed softly in her ear.

He knew that Caterina was going to call in a panic in the morning. He knew Magnus was probably going get overexcited in one way or another. He knew the Clave was going to be furious. But he couldn’t find it in himself to care. Right now, all that mattered was the girl drifting to sleep in his arms.

Everything else could wait until morning.

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can you talk more on what you like about the renaissance and the artists? i find them so fascinating

i answered a more specific one about leonardo alone here, but here are some of my general favourite things about the important figures of the italian renaissance

  • on her deathbed, caterina sforza said to a monk: “se io potessi scrivere tutto, farei stupire il mondo" (if i could write everything, i would shock the world) which i think just makes her the second coolest person in the entirety of italian history
  • speaking of the coolest person in italian history, da vinci took so long to finish the last supper that when the prior complained, leonardo said that the reason it was taking so long was because he couldn’t find a face that was so filled with evil that would fit judas, but if the prior was so desperate to have it finished, leonardo said that he would use him as a model
  • lucrezia borgia was said to have a hollow ring that she used for poisoning drinks
  • michelangelo hated everyone. he mocked leonardo for his failed statue in milan and had a bitter grudge with raphael ever since raphael looked at one of his paintings before it was released
  • leonardo, in turn, wrote bitchy comments about michelangelo in his diaries
  • seriously if someone were to make a show about the renaissance artists, it wouldn’t be some high brow drama, it would be something along the lines of mean girls crossed with the office
  • leonardo: “omg michelangelo, i love your fresco. what inspired it?” 
    michelangelo: “the bible” 
    leonardo: “vintage, i love it!”
    leonardo [after michelangelo walks away]: “that is the ugliest fucking fresco i have ever seen”
  • da vinci himself was really well liked by everyone but he was such a fucking DORK he used to buy caged birds and just to release them and was a chronic procrastinator. he was also gay af and the love of my life
  • machiavelli’s ‘the prince’ is the biggest piece of mancrush literature since plato’s symposium
  • also they were like, all gay, all the renaissance artists except for raphael who was tragically heterosexual. michelangelo wrote really over the top romantic letters to some dude, and da vinci was arrested for sodomy
  • @ historical fiction that tries to make my guys into aggressive womanizers: fuck off
  • so if the artists were the sitcom of the renaissance, caterina sforza is the blockbuster politics heavy action film. she literally occupied the vatican on behalf of her husband by riding across the tiber river on horseback while seven months pregnant
  • she was honestly so fucking savage when the orsis family threatened to kill her children she ‘exposed her genitals’ and said  “do it, if you want to: hang them even in front of me…here I have what’s needed to make others!” and they were so fucking shocked they didn’t dare touch her children
  • i could make a whole post about her, she was so fucking cool i adore her she is incredible
  • moving on, this: “the theory is that people were generally not too enthusiastic about the catholic church’s regular massacres of jews and muslims, because the people they were killing looked like jesus.  pope alexander vi then ordered the destruction of all art depicting a semitic jesus and commissioned a number of paintings depicting a caucasian jesus. his son, cardinal cesare borgia, was the model for these paintings.”
  • cesare tried to kill lucrezia’s first husband and probably did kill her second. he also apparently came to her wedding dressed as a unicorn, the symbol of purity which is just about the most laughable thing he ever did in his life
  • botticelli claimed that the prospect of marriage gave him nightmares

this kinda swayed a lot from being just about the artists, but i hope it was what you were looking for!

Magnus groaned as the pop song he was currently using as a ring tone woke him from what had been a much needed deep sleep. He reached blindly for the phone, cursing as he knocked several items off of his night stand in the process.

“What?” He demanded, when he finally brought the phone to his ear. He rolled over in the bed and reached for Alexander. His fingers found cold sheets at the same time Caterina’s panicked voice filled his ears.

“Magnus, Madzie is missing.”

“What?” He sat upright in bed, his heart starting to beat faster. “What do you mean she’s missing?”

“She was here last night. I tucked her in to bed myself and made sure that she was asleep. But when I woke up this morning to check on her, she was gone.”

“Damn it,” Magnus got out of bed, nearly tripping over his own feet in his hurry to get to his closet. “Damn it, damn it, damn it.”

“Magnus, don’t panic-”

“Don’t panic! Caterina, there is powerful young warlock missing! One who, might I add, was used by Valentine to murder, kidnap, and do God knows what else. She is probably terrified and the Clave is probably searching for her. And you want me not to panic?!”

Caterina sighed., knowing that there was no use in arguing, especially when she agreed. “I’ll check down town. Call me if you find anything? ”

“Of course.” Magnus hung up. He heard ceramic clacking together in the kitchen and froze. Alec was not going to like this at all.

Magnus briefly considered not telling Alexander anything, but shoved the thought away. That wouldn’t be right. Alec cared very deeply for this child, he would want to help look for her. Magnus sighed and walked out of the bedroom, preparing himself for what he was going to have to say.


He stopped in his tracks as he took in the scene before him. Alexander was adding pancakes to a large stack on a platter on the counter. Madzie was sitting on one of the barstools, pouring a large quantity of syrup onto the pancacks on the plate in front of her. Alec looked at Magnus, then turned to Madzie.

“I need to talk Magnus for a minute, okay, Madzie? You eat your breakfast.”

The girl nodded and speared a piece of pancake with her fork before popping it into her mouth. Alec smiled at her before walking over to Magnus and pulling him into their room again.



“There’s a child in our kitchen.”


“Care to explain?” Alec ran a hand through his hair.

“Madzie had a nightmare last night. She told me that she was really scared and that she opened a portal to find me. She has no idea how she ended up here, in this apartment, since she’s never been here before. But she said that she knew she wanted me and that she knew the portal would get her to me. ”

“But my wards…”

“I don’t know, Mags. I think she’s more powerful than any of us ever thought.”

“What are we going to do?” Alec gave him a small smile.

“Magnus, I think you know already.”

Magnus blinked. Was Alec really saying what he thought he was? Did he want to take Madzie in, raise her, with Magnus?

“Are you sure?” Magnus asked.

“She’s very powerful,” Alec said again. “But she’s got no idea how to control herself yet. Who better to teach her than the High Warlock of Brooklyn himself? Plus, she needs people who care about her to raise her. I think we’re the best ones for that.”

Magnus pulled Alec in and kissed him deeply. Alec smiled against his mouth.

“This isn’t going to be easy,” Magnus warned him.

“I know,” Alec told him. “But it’s going to be worth it.”

Magnus hugged him tightly. All of the things he had wanted for so, so long were suddenly coming to him. A true love, a child, a place where he truly belonged.

“Let’s go take care of our daughter,” Magnus smiled.

He made a mental note to text Caterina after breakfast, as he and Alec walked back into the kitchen, hand in hand.


amelia shepherd + violet turner
     ↳ private practice 6x03 – good grief

Ok in the new promo that has Magnus dancing here x we see its with a woman and although I’m a bit disappointed at first glance I began to question who this lady is my bet is on either Caterina or Dot but could you imagine, alright this is the same episode from what I can tell the “I’ll drink to that” line comes from and also the Malec fight.

So imagine Malec fight and Alec goes off probably to the Institute to talk with his siblings and Magnus is at his loft moping and then Dot/Caterina is there trying to talk some sense into Magnus and then the “I’ll drink to that” trying to act cheerful but in reality he’s pissed so the woman tries to get their mind off it because ‘hey remember our dancing days?” so they begin to dance and as they are Alec walks into and sees this but they don’t notice him until they are done and the lady zoom zooms away so they can talk

Cue apologies and understanding, Magnus’ hand on the deflect rune, and then a kiss kiss and there goes the entire Malec plot of the episode

thesarahdrew: Back to school with these lovelies! Let me introduce you to one of my besties who also happens to be a new writer on greys! Say hi to @marlanahope !! She amazing and kick ass and an amazing writer and an even more amazing human! Here we are at our first work party TOGETHER!! And of course I’m so happy to be back in action with my sister @caterinascorsone !! Love these gals to the moon!! @greysabc

More shitty reactions. 2x19

Show: Shadowhunters
Episode: Hail and Farewell
Season: 2b

~ I have a feeling this episode is going to tear me apart
~ I fucking hate Valentine. And Johnathan.
~ Izzy lookin’ good with her whip/staff.
~ I really like the way the demon possessing looked.
~ RAPHAEL!!!! MY BABY YES! And Raphael questioning his best friend / father figure about what’s best is nice. I need more Raphael and Magnus bff scenes tbh
~ I get what the Seelie Queen is saying, but I don’t want her to rule the Downworlders. She can protect them though. Ugh.
~ I don’t like Izzy and Raphael together. I just hate it. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to bring this back. I don’t like it. This is my opinion. And it was about craving blood and I want them to not be in a romantic relationship. I just don’t like them together.
~ Simon having a college then dating realization was joyful to watch.
~ Clary and Jace just love being cock blocks don’t they? No wonder they belong together.
~ “There’s no job too big” *learns what the job is* “That jobs too big” Quality prompt right there
~ Awwwww Magnus and Madzi 💓💓. Caterina is here and I am glad. (Is it a C or a K? I don’t remember)
~ That warlock tied up, tortured. That’s why they side with the Seelie Queen. Because for years of abuse from the Shadowhunters, a few good things can’t block it all out. Especially when a shadowhunter is still causing pain among the downworld.
~ The werewolves look cool.
~ Let’s be honest, the shadowhunters couldn’t win a war against all the Downworlders.
~ I like the way the runes shining gold and white looks.
~ Valentine is a manipulative asshole and a shitty father and he deserves death.
~ Clizzy and Jalec. Brotp teams, I’m all about this.
~ Alec and his bow
~ Pure angel vs pure demon blood. Both raised by the same man. Seems like their skills would cancel each other out and there would be no real winner.
~ This has to be affecting Alec’s fighting. They’re parabatai. He feels when somethings wrong.
~ Ten bucks says Johnathan isn’t dead.
~ Clace is shining this episode
~ Maia doesn’t deserve this
~ Of course she makes a deal with Valentine WHY WOULDJT SHE FUCJ
~ I’m not prepared for the next episode

Bitch if you tell me that the tumor has been growing since before private practice then I’m done. I will never accept that this Amelia I love isn’t the “real” one, that her personality is just a symptom. She does not deserve this (no one does tbh) but cmon, let’s be real here! She’s gone through so much, she’s handling so much right now and she deserves a happy ending and a good storyline.

Also, she deserves someone who loves her and appreciates her passionately. Right now I hate Owen and I want Amelia to have someone on her side and not that douche who played the “what my family thinks of you and us” card. I’m pissed.

Song Ficlets - Tumor Special

This is my own addition to the list, and I am posting it on a Thursday even though I don’t post on Thursdays but today is a special edition. Here is a small dosage of Omelia love and fluff in line with the tumor story-line. I really do hope you enjoy it. Please, please, please however listen to the song before reading this as it really does set the mood for this story

Just the Same - Bruno Major. My own song choice.

“I love you people tremendously” her voice quivered as she sat in her bed looking up at all of us. Seeing the white of her scalp made this all very real for me, this was happening, and there was a chance she may never wak-up. I shook that though from my head and looked around the room. Mer, Maggie and April all smiled weakly, Alex nodded at her and DeLuca looked like he wanted to be anywhere but in that room. “Would it be ok if I spoke to Owen for a minute?” she looked up at Dr. Koracik who nodded gently and patted her shoulder before ushering everyone out of the room. 
“Shepherd, you have two minutes” he informed her before closing the door behind him. Then for the first time since I first saw her scans we were truly alone. 

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