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Good to be home
  • Good to be home
  • Claudia Auditore/Ezio Auditore
  • Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Ezio: Claudia,

it is good to be home. How is mother?

Claudia: She’s fine. I heard you were returning, but I am glad to see it with my own eyes. The Contessa (Countess) of Forlì is here to welcome you. I had no idea you were so famous!

Ezio: Caterina? Here?

Claudia: Is it finished, then? Is the Spaniard truly dead?

Ezio: Gather the others in Mario’s study tonight. I’ll explain everything there.

Happy birthday Claudia Auditore!

☼ 2 January 1461
† ?


Yes! It’s finally here! The oh so talented Caterina Primrose is finally starting her own theatre troupe! (I haven’t decided 100% on a name yet.)

Posts have been made previously about this, and with the growing excitement, I was inspired to quickly make it happen. I have so many ideas in mind.

This is NOT a guild, so you don’t have to leave one thing you love to go to another, you know? 

When are auditions being held? Saturday, February 18th and Sunday, February 19th at 5:00 pm server (on both days)


OOCLY - The City Hall in the Cathedral Square 

ICLY - Since it’s not really plausible for her to rent the City Hall (it is the CITY hall), it’ll just be in a building somewhere else in the city, due to the fact the city is much bigger in reality than game mechanics allow it to be.

Audition requirements: 

  1. One monologue that your character has memorized (You can obviously just pull it up online)
  2. Your character is required to bring a prepared little piece of music to either play or sing (if you were doing it in real life it’d be no more than a minute). If your character can’t sing, DON’T worry! The troupe won’t be doing too much singing unless we all decide to do a musical. It’s just helpful to know who can and cannot bust out them vocal chords when we do need it. So if the monologue is good, they’ll likely be admitted in!

What sort of things would we be doing?

If your character is accepted to be part of the troupe, we’d choose a play, hold auditions, cast, have little rehearsals every few days, figure out venues, perform at other guild’s events (if we can), perform our own shows, and when we don’t have a major production going on or want to role-play something more than rehearsal - we’ll do fun skits and street improvisation! 

What if my character wouldn’t perform but I’d still like to be involved?

We need Directors. This will enable your character to get their creative side rolling and portray the story how they perceived it with their artistic vision in mind. If we don’t have directors, I’ll be directing all the shows, I’d love to see other people give it a try though!

We could use Playwrights. Original work would be SO cool. 

As a theatre major I can tell you that we need a LOT more than just actors. We need costume designers - yes! If you’re good at those mogs and would like to help, contact me please, omg! 

We also need stage hands, people who can help us fulfill the visual special effects and help with set designing/locations. Stage hands also just generally help the actors backstage. If they need a quick change, or someone to do their makeup/hair for them, stage hands help.

We need ushers! People who will escort and interact with the audience before the show, during intermission, and after! This means you might be collecting the money at the ticket box, or relax at the concession stand as well.

If your character would want to sit back and let someone else take the reigns while they observe and learn, they can audition for the troupe as an understudy! 

If your character wouldn’t be involved at all but supports it, come see the shows, sponsor them, donate clothing for costumes! It’s something that has a place for everyone in the community, and I hope to see you all there. 

Sincerely, the mun, Cam. <3 


I don’t know what I’m doing and there is no one here with me, there is no one here to tell me to quit or get me down the aisle or help me. That is Derek’s job and Derek is dead. And all I have is Maggie who’s full of sunshine and candy and hope and every time I try to tell her that the world is on fire she hands me a marshmallow to roast, so that just leaves you. And you… you are rooting for the other guy. You told me to go and be with Owen and then you turned on me - and now you are not on my side and we both know you don’t like me, but you are stuck with me, here I am, in a wedding gown on the happiest freaking day of my life, in a room with no family and no help and no one on my side, but you. So, what can you do for me?

What can you do for me Meredith?


“You didn’t call me. I am a neurosurgeon, I could have saved him. And you didn’t call me. Who contacted you first? The police? The paramedics? How far away was the hospital? How long were you sitting there waiting for them to declare him brain-dead? How many hours later was it before I was even informed? How many chances did you have when you could have called me? Why didn’t you call me?“


amelia shepherd + violet turner
     ↳ private practice 6x03 – good grief

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The one saving grace is that Sarah Drew is actually being given worse writing than Caterina.

Hahahahahaa poor Sarah Drew. As I said here once, to me April is the one character that I went from fully despising to actually rooting for. The way she is being played by Catherine Avery makes me question if she is still that super naive country girl or the smart, secure woman I’ve once come to admire


sheldon: i realize i might be sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong–– no, actually, no. i’ve earned it. amelia, are you taking drugs again?
amelia: sheldon––
sheldon: yesterday, you hid something from me…
amelia: sheldon––
sheldon: you look like hell and you’re acting, well, frankly, you’re acting like you’re high. i will take you back to rehab right now.

Shape of You -2

Chapter 1

Owen’s POV

“Ok boys here we go!” I said excitedly as we walked into the Irish pub, I had spent many a night in here while at Harvard and quickly recognized the owner behind the bar “Hey Mike! Long time no see!” I grinned at the look of surprise that had suddenly taken over his face. “Owen Hunt is that really you?” he grinned shaking my hand over the bar “Hunt back from tour this calls for a celebration then! Drinks on me tonight for you boys then! It’s not everyday you come back from serving the country, I’m so proud of you Owen!” the boys were now cheering and whistling over Mike’s comments at the mention of free booze. “Hunt! I knew you were going to be useful one day!” Dixon jeered but I didn’t care, I was here to celebrate with my friends and celebrate we would. 

Amelia’s POV

“Hannah hurry up!” I called at her down the street “Why did you wear those heels if you knew you couldn’t walk in them?!” I teased her, even though we both knew she looked great. “Oh haha Shep! In we go then let’s not waste our time staying sober!” she smirked as she held the door to the pub open for me and gestured at me to go in, “By the way Shep, if you don’t hook-up with someone tonight then there is no hope for the rest of us!” Hannah teased, I really had made an effort tonight though. Wearing a black dress that hugged by body perfectly even though it didn’t show cleavage and had long lace sleeve, the back was made of lace meaning it left very little to the imagination but still covered all the areas that needed to be covered; I had paired the dress with a pair of red heels that matched my lipsticks and apart from that my make-up was simple and my hair was how I normally had it. So even though it was no big deal I did feel pretty hot in the outfit I had managed to throw together. As Hannah and I walked up to the bar I noticed, from the corner of my eye, a group of guys a little older than us drinking and doing what seemed to be a never ending stream of shots “They must have a lot of money to pay for all that” Hannah commented noticing what I had been observing, I barely nodded my head in acknowledgement as by then I had caught eyes  with one of the boys in the group. A tall, muscular, red-head whose eyes were so piercingly blue, even after I turned away and paid attention to Hannah once again, I couldn’t get his eyes and smile out of my head. 

Owen’s POV

As I looked up from our table, that now seemed more like a pile of shot glasses than a table, I saw her. She was just standing there by the bar watching us, she was beautiful. Her dress hugged her figure in all the right places and her make-up was simple emphasizing her incredibly blue eyes. I smiled at her and felt my stomach flip as she bit her lower lip in response and blushed a little. “Hey Hunt!” Eddy yelled over the music “Do us a favour and go and pick a good song on the jukebox, none of this shit!” he yelled as the boys cheered him on and carried on drinking beer and doing shots. “Uh sure” I half answered, my eyes still locked on the gorgeous brunette, who now had my full and undivided attention. My gaze followed her around the room, even though she was no longer paying me any attention, and when I saw her walk towards the jukebox I knew that would be my only chance to speak to her. This was my only chance to make a move…

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Dunno if my question was received before but if It did and I asked this twice I'm very sorry. SOmetimes Im paranoid since internet connection at school sucks. Character meme for Suleyman and Zaganos?

I cannot find it, sorry :(. So here goes!


My otp: With Caterina di Rossi, of course. They are my lovely Altair OTP. I just love them ok ;^;

My notp: With everyone who is not Caterina.

My unusual otp:

My crossover brotp: With Nash fom the Suikoden series, for sure! They are so similar in so many ways.

My brotp/friendship otp: With Caterina (the birb) - and I really want him to have this kind of relationship with Mahmut, too.

Character headcanon: He knows a little bit about everything. Seriously, the main is like a walking encyclopedia.

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character

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My otp: None.

My notp: With Mahmut.

My unusual otp:

My crossover brotp: I’m going to go with the obvious and say Seren because poison nicknames. They could have some interesting discussions on government systems and laws, as well as military strategy. On a more “actual brotp” example, I’m thinking Luc from Suikoden I-III.

My brotp/friendship otp: I… don’t have one. I’m actually fairly surprised about this one, I have to say. I probably wouldn’t have realized that without this question.

Character headcanon: I like to imagine that, in spite of his nickname, he knows more about medicinal herbs and how to cure people than about poisons. Doesn’t make his dinner quests any more comfortable, though.

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character

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