Get that mini fridge set up now, I don’t need their food to melt.

Darcy Lewis

I was watching youtube vids the other day where the guys react to Honest Trailers.  They were working their way through the Marvel films.  When they were discussing Thor & Thor: The Dark World, I realized that one of them didn’t recognize Kat Dennings as being the same actress who is in 2 Broke Girls until it was pointed out in the Honest Trailer.  Darcy is not hyper-sexualized in the films like her character is in 2 Broke Girls.  It reminded me of nerd negativity against the new Ghostbusters.

Darcy wasn’t costumed to cater to the male gaze, even though Kat Dennings is a beautiful, sexy woman.

Many comics fans (’purists’) decried the creation of a new character, Darcy Lewis, in the Thor movies/MCU and addition to MCU-related comics.  They busted on her in just about every way.

I think that many female fans like Darcy because she was NOT sexualized in the Thor movies, rather she was featured in a strong, caring female friendship and as a touchstone for the female audience of the Thor films.  She made Thor (the character) and the movies more approachable for many women.

I BELIEVE that if Darcy HAD been sexualized in Thor and Thor: The Dark World… we’d DEFINITELY see Darcy in Thor Ragnarok and male fan reaction to her would have been highly favorable from the start. 

So, I’m prouder than ever to be a fan of the character while I mourn her apparent lack of presence in the upcoming movie (and wish with all my might for at least a cameo).

Long live Darcy Lewis!

So apparently this guy at school, whom I already despise, believes that using tarot cards attracts/invites demons because “anything of the occult invites demons”. Thoughts?

Magic Story: “Born of Aether” by Alison Luhrs

Chandra has found that her mother is alive, but Pia has been captured by the Consulate. In search of a lead on where she might be, Chandra and Nissa are brought to a gala of the socialite Yahenni. But the aetherborn Yahenni has problems of their own. Check out today’s Magic Story, “Born of Aether” by Alison Luhrs, part of the Kaladesh storyline!

Die Young art by Ryan Yee

If you have Ghost…

…you have everything.  At least for some fans that’s exactly what being a fan of this band is like.  Unfortunately as with everything else, being really involved in something that means the world to you always comes with caveats and inevitable negativity.  Just scrolling through comments on social media can be a disheartening experience.  I see so many people calling fans, especially female fans, derogatory names and belittling them in every way possible.  Having a  connection to a particular type of music, to a band, to a band member even, doesn’t make you a horny teenager whose sole purpose is to worship a body on stage regardless of its substance.  Having strong emotions or even a crush on a musician shouldn’t make you a target for ridicule.  Since when is human attraction and enjoyment of someone’s creative work a cardinal sin?  I’m not talking about rare instances of genuine stalkers or people who become a danger to themselves and others.  I’m trying to understand why it’s supposed to be such a shameful thing to really, truly be engrossed in something meant for an audience to enjoy to its fullest.  It makes no sense.

For me, being a fan of Ghost has helped me focus my mind and has saved me a lot of grief.  I hadn’t been able to go to a concert in six years because of illness and seeing this band play live after such a long absence from enjoying live music was profoundly uplifting.  Over the years Ghost’s music has brightened some very dark moments for me, and has led me to discover a whole group of other musicians that have brought more great music into my life.  Yes, I am an adult, and yes I am married and have a (somewhat) regular life.  But a part of me is and always will be a kid surrounded by posters, albums, guitars, memorabilia, band t-shirts, and stacks of ticket stubs.  I find Papa, and the person underneath the mask, to be charming and attractive.  My husband and I laugh about it together.  Why should I feel bad about being happy?

I recently saw a comment someone had made on IG about whiny fan girls, “…It baffles me how such an overtly Satanic band has fans like The Beatles did. (…). It sucks for true Satanists.”  Is it just me, or is this the epitome of what Ghost has repeatedly said they’re not about?  Not to mention the fact that the first cover they released was a Beatles song…  The band isn’t composed of Satanists, nor does it spread a message condoning Satanism.  On the contrary, they’re pretty outspoken about the fallacies of all organized religions and have been very clear that their goal is to entertain.  They create performance art through their Rituals.  Yes, they have a strong interest in the idea of Satan and his role in particularly Western society, but that is far from being a Satanist.  And this band is also very far from being elitist.  Again and again they have said, we are here to make people happy.  We want to make you laugh, to forget the world sucks for at least a while.  So why are there fans who are so adamant about making others feel bad for doing exactly what the band hopes for?
Customer Reviews for G'Day Chef, 7 reviews

G'Day Chef Reviews - Catering Services, Mobile Service - see all 7 customer reviews and contact details.


Customer Reviews for G'Day Chef

1. We were delighted with not only the food but the way in which you displayed and served it, and your very helpful staff. All very professionalOur guests commented very happily on it all.

2. “Fantastic Catering Companies , I am very thankful to owner of Gday chef who provides high quality catering and serve the best foods ever.  I am very delighted to eat here. plz visit here.”

3. “I would like to thank you and your team again for the magnificent food you provided for our wedding. So many wedding guests commented on the quality of the food. All of the staff were so very professional , efficient and very polite .

If we ever have another function that requires catering we wouldn’t hesitate to make you first point of call!

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How to Interview a Caterer - Questions to Ask

1. Are you a full time caterer?

2. What kind of experience, background and education do you have?

3. Have you handled events of my type and size before?

4. How long have you been a caterer, and how many events have you catered?

5. What makes you better or different than another caterer?

6. Do you have all the necessary licenses and health permits?

7. Are you properly insured?

8. Do you provide food tasting?

9. Is there a fee for such tasting?

10. How many people can i bring along with me to the tasting?

11. What time do you arrive to setup you equipment?

12. Hours of service:

13. What equipment do you provide?

14. Do you bring backup equipment?

15. What is the staff to guest ratio?

16. What is the staff dress code?

17. If buffet style is offered, are servers provided or will it be self serve?

18. Do you have liquor license?

19. Is there any extra charge for bartenders? How much?

20. Who is supplying the liquor, water, ice, etc?

21. Is the Champagne toasting service included or is it an extra charge?

22. When is the final headcount due?

23. Does the headcount include wedding professionals at the event (Dj, photographer, etc)?

24. Are there special prices for children?

25. Is deposit required? How much?

26. When is the deposit due?

27. May i made partial payments?

28. When is the final payment due?

29. What is the overtime charge?

30. Is the setup and clean up included in the final price?

31. What are the costs for alcohol and beverages?

32. Do you provide linens, tables, chairs, glassware, silverware, etc?

33. What are the refunds/ cancellation terms?

34. What is your leftover policy?



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You may also have seen the Unifine food and bake ingredients flyer in your Caterer magazine publicising their French Macaroon Mix - mix with hot water for 4 minutes and bake for 20 minutes - and all the colourful things you can do with a macaroon!
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