its like three sizes bigger than hers, so no worry she has plenty of room in there to stay as far away from the bullshit as possible 


Haikyuu!! fic recs, the sequel


Literally nobody asked for me to do a part two but I’m gonna do it anyway. 

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3


Black and Blue - 97K (WIP); DaiSuga; Daichi’s new neighbor is beautiful, funny, friendly and just a touch mysterious. Naturally, Daichi freaks the fuck out.

Bet On It - 13.5K; IwaOi; Iwaizumi bets Oikawa 6,000 yen that he can’t be nice for a whole week, but isn’t quite prepared for the results.

I sure hope that guy gets fired - 30K; IwaOi; Iwaizumi gets stuck in a time loop a la Groundhog Day, and Oikawa still manages to make his life difficult.

Somewhere to Belong - 38K; KageHina; In return for granting a wish, Hinata the sun god chooses Kageyama to serve in his divine temple for a year.

Unconventional Wisdom - 54.5K (WIP); BoKuroo; A tale of how Kuroo Tetsurou found himself rooming with three other volleyball captains at university.

How Icarus Fell in Love with the Sun - 50K (WIP); IwaOi; Oikawa will have to leave Japan unless he gets married. Obviously the solution is to propse to his new neighbour.

Why Am I Here? - 14.5K; IwaOi; Iwaizumi’s new yoga instructor is stupidly attractive but also incredibly annoying. And he can’t seem to stop going back.

Close to the Chest - 61K; KyouHaba; A Yahaba character study ft. an extremely annoyed Kyoutani, best friend in the world Watari, and loads and loads of good senpai Oikawa.

Stoplights - 48.5K; TsukkiYama; Welcome to Yamaguchi Tadashi’s sexual awakening. Kindly leave your expectations at the door.

Heart(less) and Soul(full) - 19K; IwaOi; The demon Oikawa is assigned the contract for Iwaizumi’s soul, but Iwaizumi is not interested in selling it.

No Touching Allowed - 10.5K; IwaOi; Oikawa is treated to a private performance from exotic dancer Iwaizumi. He has one rule.

imagine nct’s official lightstick having the function to switch between colours for each unit….. and not only can it be done manually, but it could detect the song and the unit performing it, and change accordingly to the colour….. and when all units are performing together it would blink all the unit colours in a loop

Darcy Lewis

I was watching youtube vids the other day where the guys react to Honest Trailers.  They were working their way through the Marvel films.  When they were discussing Thor & Thor: The Dark World, I realized that one of them didn’t recognize Kat Dennings as being the same actress who is in 2 Broke Girls until it was pointed out in the Honest Trailer.  Darcy is not hyper-sexualized in the films like her character is in 2 Broke Girls.  It reminded me of nerd negativity against the new Ghostbusters.

Darcy wasn’t costumed to cater to the male gaze, even though Kat Dennings is a beautiful, sexy woman.

Many comics fans (’purists’) decried the creation of a new character, Darcy Lewis, in the Thor movies/MCU and addition to MCU-related comics.  They busted on her in just about every way.

I think that many female fans like Darcy because she was NOT sexualized in the Thor movies, rather she was featured in a strong, caring female friendship and as a touchstone for the female audience of the Thor films.  She made Thor (the character) and the movies more approachable for many women.

I BELIEVE that if Darcy HAD been sexualized in Thor and Thor: The Dark World… we’d DEFINITELY see Darcy in Thor Ragnarok and male fan reaction to her would have been highly favorable from the start. 

So, I’m prouder than ever to be a fan of the character while I mourn her apparent lack of presence in the upcoming movie (and wish with all my might for at least a cameo).

Long live Darcy Lewis!