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Photographer Tanya Houppermans captured what she described as a one in a million shot of a sand tiger shark swimming through a bait ball of thousands of fish

Photograph: Tanya Houppermans/Caters News Agency


Ashol Pan.

13 year old Ashol Pan is one of the estimated last 250 Mongolian eagle hunters left in the world. And one of the very few women that are granted the privilege to be trained in this ancient, traditional hunting method. Golden eagles are used mainly to hunt foxes during the winter months.

Some images courtesy of Caters News Agency.


Underwater statues

Under the sea! This incredible underwater museum is a hot spot for adventurous divers. The eccentric exhibition features replica ancient artifacts including Egyptian tombs, old cannons and praying statues, as well as fun, quirky pieces like the Statue of Liberty, aliens and skeletons. 

Divers Michael Weberberger and Florian Feldgrill, both from Austria, took a trip down to the depths of the lake for a look around the unusual museum. (Caters News Agency)

Photography by Michael Weberberger and Florian Feldgrill

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A student designer has used a 3D printer to create an intricate prosthetic arm for one of his classmates, taking 45 hours to print it out.

Evan Kuester, 23, made the arm for Ivania Castillo as part of a design competition at Savannah College, Georgia.

Kuester decided to make the limb for 21-year-old Ivania, despite never having spoken to her before…

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So, Ivania is one of my first and bestest hoop students from when I worked at SCAD.  And now she’s in the DailyMail.  And just graduated a few days ago.  Nice little grad present, Ivania!

You can follow her on Tumblr here and here.


Bird giving a dental checkup to giraffe 

Do you believe that a giraffe also cleans its teeth regularly?

The answer is YES! But it does not use a toothbrush. Instead, it’s a job for an oxpecker to make the giraffe’s teeth cleaner.

Yulia Sundukova, a Russian wildlife photographer, captured photos of a red-bill oxpecker giving a giraffe a dental checkup and picking scraps of food out of its teeth when she was on a trip to Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area this October.

“The funniest thing about it was the way the giraffe was standing, it reminded me of how people behave when they’re at the dentist - it just wanted the visit to end as soon as possible,” Yulia told The Telegraph.

People have admired the beauty and charm of the creatures co-existing in nature and almost immediately the group of photos went viral.

(Photos from Caters News Agency.)


Phoenix flies over Icelandic sky

Icelandic photographer Hallgrimur P. Helgason took a group of incredible photos of aurora borealis in Kaldarsel, Iceland.

The photos show the northern lights forming the outline of a phoenix, which has wowed stargazers. Helgason only used a camera and a tripod to take these photos of the lights.

The photos have been picked up by major newspapers around the world and have circulated widely online.

“Yes, phoenix is taking a flight all over the world these days,” Helgason commented under a post on his Facebook, which has been inundated by fans.

(Photo source: Caters News Agency)


Jurassic Coast meteor shower

As if this beach were not stunning enough, meteors brightening the sky against the backdrop of the Milky Way took it to a whole new level of beauty. When it was announced last week that we would be treated to a meteor shower, there was only one place bricklayer Jack Sargent from Coleford, England, was heading. Sargent, 22, made the trip down to the Jurassic Coast in southern England on Aug. 11, where he captured the meteors soaring past. (Caters News Agency)

Photography by Jack Sargent/Caters News

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Somewhere over the rainbow

These stunning pictures of beautiful rainbows will take your breath away. The amazing images show crystal clear rainbows forming from cloudy skies over spectacular mountain landscapes and mystical waterfalls.

Photographer and computer scientist Michael Fersch took the incredible series of snaps, during trips around Iceland’s Laugavegur trek. (Caters News Agency)

Photography by Michael Fersch

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