First Picture is based on a Cat Chiller (Chater) someone gave me (Paci) and I thought to just make a Flower Cat Pile, Thanks to the fact we all have discord, we started a small pile of a few, the second picture is made by Paci with @ask-pots (Caots) @ask-paciflowey (Catci) Are the second people in the pile, next we have @theforgetfulflower (Nyami) drawing their flower as a Cat. The next one is @howdypoutypals (Pawper) After that we have @ask-letep-the-loved (Catep) Next we have @illtrytobegood by @lovelyladyartist (Catnip)

Feel free to join in the Flower Cat Pile If you want to make one of your own, that is part of the point of it! Just make sure to check to see if others have done it as well.

Buddyfight 100 alt episode titles

Ep 1: We took like 20 or 30 episodes to announce the apocalypse for the previous season and 20 minutes to do the same now

Ep 2: A kid shooting lightnings wants to eat a dragon

Ep 3: Card Dracula (enters stage left)

Ep 4: Paruko gets possessed

Ep 5: Gao is tired and Tetsuya wants to help

Ep 6: If you wondered where the criminal triplets are then here you go

Ep 7: That’s not how you play this game, cat

Ep 8: [pretend i watched this one] Local demon shows off his many forms as a demonic elf kidnaps a dragon grandpa

Ep 9: Tasuku gets an upgrade

Ep 10: I think we had school today… Nah

Ep 11: Motorcycle dude and his gang of giant fight lizards

Ep 12: How To Buddyfight For Three Days Straight With No Breaks And For Some Reason Not Be Thirsty, Hungry Or Sleepy: a guide by Gao Mikado

Ep 13: Lightning kid takes the matters in his hands, like about time

Ep 14: Giant centipede gets resurrected

Ep 15: Tsukikage has a brother apparentely

Ep 16: Drum gets hacked (again)

Ep 17: The disrespect is real

Ep 18: Bully meme squad can’t catch a break and Asmodai is a troll