First Picture is based on a Cat Chiller (Chater) someone gave me (Paci) and I thought to just make a Flower Cat Pile, Thanks to the fact we all have discord, we started a small pile of a few, the second picture is made by Paci with @ask-pots (Caots) @ask-paciflowey (Catci) Are the second people in the pile, next we have @theforgetfulflower (Nyami) drawing their flower as a Cat. The next one is @howdypoutypals (Pawper) After that we have @ask-letep-the-loved (Catep) Next we have @illtrytobegood by @lovelyladyartist (Catnip)

Feel free to join in the Flower Cat Pile If you want to make one of your own, that is part of the point of it! Just make sure to check to see if others have done it as well.