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As she slept amidst the rolling grasslands, Catelyn dreamt that Bran was whole again, that Arya and Sansa held hands, that Rickon was still a babe at her breast. Robb, crownless, played with a wooden sword, and when all were safe asleep, she found Ned in her bed, smiling.
Sweet it was, sweet and gone too soon.

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Ned Stark and Tywin Lannister + parallels (requested by anonymous)
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theswordofglass  asked:

Can I suggest a fic idea? Modern Ned/Cat AU in which Cat is dating Brandon, but told through Lyarra Stark's POV

You asked for it, and here it is. Lyarra Stark watches the relationship of her firstborn son and Catelyn Tully develop over several years, hoping for the best for them, and eventually realizing something that takes her by surprise.

Under a cut because I wrote it–meaning it’s a wee bit longer than a standard tumblr ficlet (but honestly!! SHORT for me!!)

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a song of ice and fire + marriages for love vs marriages for duty
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While I was coming home on bus, I was thinking of GOT AU where (almost)everyone lives happily ever after

Rickard and Brandon are still alive.

Petyr and Lysa love each other, they got married since they were so young because Lysa was pregnant but the baby didn’t stop their lives.

Petyr and Lysa have 3 strong and healthy boys together, Robert is the youngest and weakest but he seems to love drawing.

Petyr loves Cat as if she were his biological sister.

Petyr and Brandon had a fight because the boy found out Brandon cheated on his sister.

Brandon almost killed Petyr but Cat stopped him in a right time. Cat broke up with Brandon because of his behaviours.

Ned, who was secretly in love with his brother’s ex-girlfriend, found a way to win her heart. They got married and had lots of good sex. LOL

Rhaegar planned to leave his wife for Lyanna and their bastard, Jon. But they died in car accident.

Jon was raised by Ned and Cat as their nephew and adoptive son alongside Robb and little Sansa. Jon was a happy boy.

Brandon loves his grandchildren but he continued living as a playboy. He became a rockstar.

The heartbroken Robert met hot and badass Cersei, she couldn’t care less about him but he didn’t give up.

And then one day, they got married because they love each other, not arranged marriage.

Cersei and Cat are bff! They’re always sharing their happiness together and helping each other raise their babes.

Robert developed his love in cooking and also often asked Cersei to try his food. Luckily, she’s still alive.

Robert and Cersei have 3 babes, 2 boys and 1 girl.

Cersei dyed her hair black.

Ned and Robert are bff and business partners, they run one of the biggest television station of Westeros together.

Cat is a writer and college professor. She’s now training Brienne, her new colleague, how teaching job is.

Cersei is a fashion magazine editor. She sometimes asked Sansa to be a model of her magazine.

Petyr is a lawyer while Lysa is a housewife.

Robb, Jon and Edmure are getting married but they agreed to keep it surprise for Cat. (She surely would cry with happiness)

Robb’s girlfriend is Margaery, Jon’s is Ygritte and Edmure’s is Roslin.

Cat, Cersei and their husbands don’t like The Freys much but they think Roslin is a good girl.

Jaime is single but he seems to interested in his younger brother’s new colleague, Brienne.

Tyrion has a good relationship with his father, Tywin. Yeah, because Joanna’s still alive, thanks to medical breakthrough.

Tyrion’s wife is Shae, Myrcella’s piano teacher. The two has 1 daughter now.

Everyone thinks Brienne is a lesbian but only Cat knows her trainee has a crush on Renly.

But you know, Renly is gay, his boyfriend is Loras, Margaery’s brother.

Joffrey is a good boy, his personalities are Jack Gleeson’s. He’s dating Sansa.

Arya is an athlete, she wants to turn pro in the future. No one knows she’s secretly dating with Gendry, a shy swimmer, first son of Robert and his ex-girlfriend.

Bran is a bookworm, he has Samwell his idol. Many young girls like him but he only pays attention to his education.

Rickon is very poppular athlete, a runner. He can also sing well, so no wonder why he drives the girls in his high school crazy.

Brynden is gay.

After 30 years of marriage, Ned and Cat still have lots of good sex, sometimes on the bed, sometimes on the beach, sometimes in the pool, sometimes at the office.



                                                                          1x03 / 2x04

For all of you wandering through the barren desert bereft of good Ned/Cat fic, the fabulous @starkfish has brought us all water in the form of chapter one of a new fic on AO3!

I strongly recommend you go read “these are hard times for dreamers” NOW.

Hopefully the link works. I’m dreadful at this on my phone.

aSoIaF/GoT AU: Catelyn Stark is elected the first female President of the United Kingdoms of Westeros, thereby making history and inspiring a generation. (Also featuring Ned Stark as First Gentleman and Tywin Lannister as Not The President.)

Inspired by lainelannister’s related drabble in which Catelyn is elected president.