5SOS "Punk" BSM : You Fall For Another Boy/They Hate Each Other At The Time *Requested*

*(All boys are “Punk” in this. I’m not good at writing Punk so we’ll see how well this goes :) )

Calum: Your older brother Ashton was to be home at any minute, so you were doing your hardest to get his bandmate and your boyfriend, Calum, out of the house before he got back home. “Calum, he’s going to be pissed at you!” “Don’t care.” The tattooed dark haired boy responded and you stomped your foot causing him to do a short laugh which only angered you more. “Calum Thomas Hood, i mean it. Ashton is going to kick your ass when he sees that you’re here with me. He already doesn’t like the idea of me dating boys, if he found out i was dating you,” You did a quick shake of your head. “I don’t even want to know what he’d do to you.” “He’d kick my ass.” He responded and you were going to yell at him again but the door opened, interrupting you. “(YN), i’m home.” You sigh. “I know. Calum’s here too.” “Why is he here?” Ashton stormed into the room, all angry and tense and you put a hand on his chest to stop him as Calum stood up. “I’m dating her. You got a problem with that?” You stood in between Ashton and Calum and saw them both trying to be the bigger man in the room and it made you feel so small in the middle of two giants. “Will you both just knock it off.” “(YN), to your room.” Ashton said in a voice that you didn’t want to argue with so you headed up the stairs, where he was pointing when Calum held you back. “No, she doesn’t have to go. I want her to stay with me, Irwin.”

Michael: “That’s going to be the death of you.” You commented as Michael drug another cigarette out of his pocket and put it between his lips, the lighter coming soon after to light it. He shook his head. “It doesn’t have the courage to kill me. I’ll die from something serious, not this pissy little thing.” You shook your head at your boyfriend, the cigarette in between his lips, the piercings shining ever so slightly when they hit the light just right, his crazy hair color which was almost different every day. “Michael, does Luke know we’re dating? I mean, i thought you guys hated each other, became friends, then hated each other again, but, when he finds out i’m dating you, i’m just scared for you.” “Don’t be.” He stood up strong and put his hands on both sides of your head. “I’ll be fine, i’ll always be fine. Nothing will hurt me.” You shook your head. “You’re not invincible Michael, you’re just a punk ass who got the sweet little nerd girl in school.” He had a slight smirk on his face. “If you do recall it didn’t take much to get you to want to be my girlfriend either, it took me just one time and an offer to see a movie with you that no one else would go with you to see.” You giggled slightly. “Yeah, thank you for that again.”

Ashton: Sitting in the tattoo parlor while he got yet another tattoo, you looked through the catelog at different ideas. You had no intention of getting one necessarily but if it so happened, you wanted to be prepared. “Done and ready to go!” He came back to the waiting room with a huge smile on his face, his new tattoo showing briefly from under his ripped tank. “Like it?” He asked and you put the book away and inspected it. “Doesn’t look like it hurt, looks nice, wait, is that my name?” You looked up at him as he said nothing and you further inspected it. “Ashton Fletcher, that’s my name. You got my name tattooed to your body. You know that’s permanent, why would you do that?” The smile never faded from his face. “(YN), i know we’ll be together forever, that’s why i got it. I don’t get things unless i know they’ll last forever.” You crossed your arms when he said that and he reconsidered his words. “Okay, maybe not every time, but like ninety five percent of the time, that’s how it is.” You sighed and walked out of the parlor. “And before i said anything, i saw you looking at the book yourself, you looked interested. Care to get my name tattooed to your body?” “Oh yeah that’ll make Calum happy as all hell, Ashton. You two hate each other and i’m dating you, having your name tattooed to my body will just make him all fuzzy inside, don’t you think?”

Luke: “Oh yes people are so scared of you.” You sneer as you push past your boyfriend and purchase tickets for the movie you wanted to see. Luke stood back, smoking a cigarette, stomping it on the ground and putting his arm around you, letting every other guy around know that you were his and they shouldn’t get close. “Stop it Hemmings, you’re not some ass when we’re alone, why the hell are you like this when we’re around people. Stop it.” You demanded and Luke just ignored you and went ahead of you into the theatre and you apologized to the many people around before finding him towards the back of the theatre. “Sure you want to be near me?” He asked with the same sneer you had earlier. “Luke, stop it. I get it, you like to be punk, and i like that about you. But you don’t have to be an ass about it. Be who you are but still act like a nice normal person, you can manage at least that.” He said nothing. “You’re trying to prove that you’re a better, "punk”, then him aren’t you?“ You asked using the quotation marks in the air and he continued to say nothing. "Luke.” you groan out and he finally looks at you. “Okay fine, i want his approval to date you, alright? You have to be a big bad asshole if you want to date a pretty girl like you, (YN). Those are his words, not mine.” You gave your boyfriend a small smile. “Don’t listen to his words, he’s an ass and i hate him for that, don’t be like him, be you.”


After Joker meets Batman for the first time, he and Harley have this little discussion where it’s clear that he isn’t talking about who she thinks he is. -From the Arkham Origins game-

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you should make tote bags!! if ur into that tho but if u did I would sooo buy one!!

i actually have tote bags in my catelog that i can print on whenever i want, i just have never done it yet! people tell me that its a bad idea because nobody buys totes anymore but i DON’T CARE TOTES ARE COOL AND VERY LATE 90’s INDIE I’M TRYNA BRING IT BACK