There's safety in numbers... usually

Tobias: *tries to warn Maddie about upcoming zombie apocalypse*

Maddie: I’m sure the authorities would warn us if we were in any danger.

Tobias: *suggests Maddie stock up on food and supplies*

Maddie: I have plenty of food.

Tobias: *tries to warn Maddie away from zombie principle*

Maddie: *approaches zombie principle*


Maddie: you want to come back with me? You could stay with us until this is over.

Tobias: that’s okay.


Twilight: She and her friend there both seem pretty friendly!

Zombie: :D *Gestures to the jar excitedly*

Skull: U_U

((Okay, so, I don’t think many people will remember this, but these two characters are from an old blog I used to like that seems to have been deleted. This is the only picture from that blog that I’ve been able to find. If anyone knows where I could contact the artist of it, I would really appreciate it.))


“The audience knows that if the cop had waited until he was sure that this was a zombie and not some dazed citizen, that cop would probably end up as zombie feed. We know because we’ve been educated by an endless parade of sensational zombie franchises, we’ve been trained to accept that hard-nosed, cynical, survivalist mentality that gives us license to commit inhumanity. Consequently, the zombie apocalypse scenario becomes a field day for supporters of ‘shoot first, questions later,’ whether it pertains to the police or to open-carry enthusiasts.”

Just posted my article, Fear the Walking Dead Turned Zombies into Counter-Counterculture.